Detailed Guide: How to Bypass Blocked Websites

You might have faced this issue at least once in your life.

While trying to browse a website you were prompted that the site has been blocked. And bypassing these blocked websites seemed impossible for you as you didn’t have the right answer to this problem at the first place.

Parents, teachers, employers, and local authorities have a good will for you. They want you to grow in a safe environment without any malicious thing interrupting online or offline. So these restrictions might be a part of protecting you, rather than restricting you.

But you really need to bypass blocked websites in some cases.

Do not worry. This is just the right place that discusses how to bypass blocked sites 100%.

When I need to bypass blocked websites?

Here are some obvious situations in which you will find the websites you need are blocked.

  • Schools and libraries block most sites to prevent students from watching obscene or inappropriate content over the internet.
  • Parents putting restrictions on the home network to filter porn or violent content sites. They often try protecting kids from online identity thieves and pedophiles.
  • Employers blocking websites to prevent distractions at work as people might spend more time on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.
  • In some countries, specific websites are banned due to restrictions of the local law or some other aspects. Though, some of them might now be against law, but being from a same company would have been banned together.
  • Few websites are locally blocked due to copyright issues as well.

Although, these reasons are strong enough to ban various websites but there are times too when one needs to access some useful sites. For example, imagine you need to cook a meal when parents are away, but you don’t know how to cook. YouTube might be a great guide, but as it is blocked you can’t do anything.

Well, there is actually nothing to worry about. You can always know how to bypass blocked sites. Using proxy websites and VPNs are few of the best ways to unblock sites and bypass the restrictions.

How to bypass blocked websites using VPN

If you are thinking how to bypass blocked sites, then we would recommend VPN as the best bet. VPNs ley you connect to public Wi-Fi anonymously and keep your browsing activity masked. When your IP gets hidden while browsing, you can ditch the scammers and even access websites from abroad. Encrypted data transfer with a VPN ensures safety as well as better performance and speed.

When it comes to website bypass blocked websites, NordVPN is a top contender in that. It does beyond unblocking sites, bypass restrictions and access the internet. It also lifts the annoying Ads from snoopy advertisers and allows you to browse censored content as well.

Moreover, NordVPN helps you access blocked social media sites and stream websites all the while being anonymous. You get dedicated IPs, multiple device protection with a single login and so on.

Let’s learn about advantages of NordVPN, and then proceed with websites that bypass blocked websites.

  • NordVPN deploys high-end technology to bypass blocked websites while browsing public Wi-Fi networks in home network or abroad.
  • Talk about dedicated IPs, VPN apps, and proxy browser extensions, it has everything to protect your data online.
  • You are safe from scammers and fraudsters as it protects you by keeping your IP and online activity anonymous.
  • Consuming your favorite content abroad is no longer costs you any bandwidth with NordVPN.
  • You can safeguard 6 devices across platforms at once, using a single NordVPN account.

Let’s go through the detailed set up guide for Nord VPN and then see how to bypass blocked sites –

  1. Browse the NordVPN official website and tap on the ‘Download’ button for downloading NordVPN. After that go to ‘Downloads’ folder and find your OS specific software. If you have a Windows system, then click on the NordVPN Setup.exe file.
  2. bypass blocked websites: download vpn app
  3. Once you have downloaded the software, you need to tap the popup window. Select the ‘Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ checkbox and click ‘Next’ button thereafter. This is for first time users only. After that tap on the ‘Install’ button.
  4. bypass blocked websites: vpn setup
  5. Right after you finish the installation, hit the NordVPN icon on your screen and click ‘Allow’. Key in the credentials and tap ‘Login now’.
  6. Connect to VPN by hitting the ‘Quick Connect’ icon from the top corner. You can see the country pin glow green upon successful connection.
  7. use the vpn to bypass blocked websites

Now, you can bypass any blocked sites and enjoy seamless internet browsing.

How to bypass blocked websites using proxy websites

Another way for accessing the web is using proxy websites that bypass blocked websites. These proxy websites open your blocked websites easily, as the ISP can’t catch what’s happening within. Make sure that you search for the right proxy website before proceeding.

In case Facebook is blocked in your school or office, you can follow the given steps to unlock it.

Browse ‘’ and then add the proxy Facebook URL there. After that select ‘Unblock Facebook’ and you are good to go.

bypass blocked sites - proxy websites

VPN vs. Proxy: Which one’s better?

While finding websites that bypass blocked websites or methods to unblock a desired sites, VPN and proxy sites are the top contenders. The major differences between them are:

  • VPN is more secure and allows you browse the exact website you want. But, in case of a proxy website, you need to find the websites that bypass blocked websites and then unblock it. If you can’t find the proxy, then it won’t work.
  • VPN is faster and more safe, whereas you never know what encrypted or malicious/viruses might be attached in a proxy website.
  • You can browse any website anonymously with VPN, but for proxy you only find that you are tracked somewhat online.

Final words

From the above article, we conclude that though both the processes are helpful in bypassing blocked sites. VPN grabs more brownie points. Ease of use, safety, performance, and anonymity are few of the best traits when you sign up with a trusted VPN like NordVPN. You can effortlessly unblock sites bypass to browse the web or carry out financial transactions, without any risk.

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