Complete Guide to Home VPN for Beginners

Well, nowadays, we are highly equipped with technology especially when we are working in an office. However, there are many circumstances under which we have to work at home for personal or professional reasons. At that time security questions arise against Cyber data leakage, and hence a secure Home VPN comes into force. This provides you with all related equipment that will enhance your browsing experience without worrying. You can access internet service for office work at home and avoid any Cyber attack that might cause data loss. Well, some are not well aware of the existence of Home VPN service. To give a glance, we are writing this article. Have a look to know more about Home VPN server and how to setup VPN to Home network.

Part 1: Why you need home VPN?

Home VPN service is specially designed for securing your home-related browsing experience. In case of office, you will be having numerous PC’s which configures with various VPNs. For your personal use, you will be having only one PC or laptop right? If you are worried about your privacy and security – definitely we have the solution for you. Yes! It’s none other than VPN to the home network. This for your personal use and it is easy to setup with proper guidance.

Reasons which lead us to opt for home VPN.

  • The home VPN gives you the tunnel protocol to encrypt your data that restrict the hackers to access the system.
  • If protected with VPN service you can even use a public Wifi connection.
  • You can access the personal VPN among other countries IP address also without any data loss.

Further, you can connect with the home network from anywhere to share the files with your partner.

Part 2: How to setup the Home VPN using the VPN routers?

In this part, we are going to learn the process of setup the Home VPN service using the VPN routers. This process is easy to implement and you have to choose the router which is inbuilt already.

Step 1: You have to choose the VPN with inbuilt VPN  router software

Since router being a networking device to define the best possible router for the internet connection, so you most probably have the router which is already in-built by VPN software. The home router will be very simple and elegant to use. It won’t be much complex like the office routers.

vpn router for home

Step 2: Router setup process

You have to setup the router process by connecting the Ethernet cable to the modem. If you are new to setup the connection, then the Internet service provider will ensure the new credential details by confirming the connection. This kind of routers will be easy to setup and complete the process within few minutes.

Next step is to setup DDNS and the VPN to the home network. Let’s see!

Step 3: DDNS Configuration

Usually, the internet service provider used to give the dynamic address. This dynamic address will be used to change at the time of restarting the router. Sometimes, you may get the issue in a domain name such as DDNS.

Simply click the DDNS tab and tap yes immediately. You will get an option “Enable the DDNS client” and select the DDNS service. If you use ASUS as the main service then select it. If you don’t have the service create one and then move on to

Open the website and register for free Dynamic DNS account. Now you have to choose the hostname. For VPN you should have only one hostname and for others, you can have three. You have to keep your domain active for that you need to login to the

You will get the link for the confirmation. Just click it. Now from the ASUS configuration, you need to enter the username and password. Tap the apply button. You can see the DDNS name in the map of network using the ASUS software.


Step 4: The final stage is setup the VPN

Open the ASUS configuration software and search the VPN bar. Click the VPN and OpenVPN. Now, select the “Enable VPN server” and enter the username & password.

You can use this account for 16 users and alter the settings of the VPN by clicking the Menu. Choose the “Advanced settings” simultaneously check the details for Push LAN to clients, Direct clients to Redirect internet traffic. Just give apply to all.

You will need a certificate to connect the VPN. Tap the export button and save .opvn file. It will connect the VPN to the home network and to the router.

basic configuration for vpn router

Step 5: You have to connect your device to the VPN

Download the OpenVPN connect to your iPhone, iPad or Android. You will receive the file .opvn and it will ask you to select the app. You have to select the OpenVPN. Enter the username and password and toggle the save button and again toggle disconnect below button.

Now you can test whether the VPN is connected or not by Wifi if you use the home network.

connect to home vpn

Note: Your VPN is connected using the VPN to home network and router.

Part 3: How to setup home VPN with VPN server software?

In this part, we are discussing about setting up the home VPN with the help of home VPN server software. This process has few steps to follow:

Step 1: You have to create the home VPN server

In your system, click the “Network Connections” and start the process by typing “ncpa.cpl”. Click the “Enter” or “Result”.


Step 2: In the window of network connection, you cannot see the full version of the window. Either, you can press the “Alt” key to view the full screen. From the full screen, you will have the option “File” at the top of the left side window. Select “New incoming connection” option.

New incoming connection

Step 3: Setup home VPN

Search the home VPN and type the domain address. Click “Connect” option. You can even setup with the username and password for proper legalities for home VPN server.

setup home vpn

Step 4: You select the remote user accounts and if you want to make sure of the security – you have to create the new account with proper limitations. You shouldn’t use home VPN logins which you have set as a primary account. Create the new account “Add someone” and give the password. Once if the user account selected tap the “Next” button.

create new account for home vpn

Step 5: Once if you click the next, you will be directed to another screen with the term “Through internet”. This process helps you to connect home VPN connection.

through the internet

Step 6: This stage, you have to select the incoming protocols such as Internet protocol version. Allow it to access.

internet protocol

Step 7: Your operating system will get configured in few minutes or seconds. Now your VPN for home use is setup with the help of VPN server software.

setup home vpn with software

For your secure connection, we recommend you to use the VPN for home use. This home VPN server consistency will help you the most in both present and future internet access usage securely. Above we have given a complete guide about Home VPN and its setup process, go through them to have home internet security. Try your best!

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