How to Unblock Websites at School

In this article we are going to explain how to unblock any website at school. But, you must take care not to violate school rules and browse inappropriate content. Check out only those websites that you need for your school work, or popular social media networks.

Why websites are blocked in school

There are numerous websites which most schools and libraries block. If you are a school student, you might have tried to browse a certain website but it didn’t open. School authority and administration put restrictions on those websites for various issues. To unblock those websites at school, you must understand the issue first.

The web is full of good and bad content, so the school protects the children from potentially harmful content by blocking the sites. Preventing young children from accessing pornographic/inappropriate content accidentally is also a reason.

Apart from that some websites are banded due to the culture, customs and beliefs of a country. Keeping that in mind, the country’s authorities prevent the sites to be unblocked at school. They instruct the ISPs to ban the websites.

How to open blocked websites using NordVPN

Why a VPN can help open blocked websites at school

A VPN can let you unblock sites at school, because of its unique features. It masks your identity and enables you to browse the blocked websites anonymously. Like a moderator between the server and your IP it hides the restricted sites from the ISP. This in turn unblocks any website at school and makes them accessible.

With a VPN, there is no threat of malicious software or online identity theft while transacting online. Open Wi-Fi are usually unsafe, but through VPN you stay low key and protect your data.


NordVPN is one of the most popular names in the market that encrypts your online activity and prevents hackers’ attacks. Be it accessing censored contents, removing annoying/snoopy advertisers this VPN is a genius in handling them.

Moreover, you can safely unblock blocked sites, social networks, as well as stream websites. The VPN also enhances the performance and speeds up the work as well. Unlike its counterparts NordVPN offers you a galore of services like dedicated IPs, proxy browser extensions etc.

We will see how to unblock all websites at school with NordVPN, soon after knowing the advantages.

  • With this VPN you can securely unblock all websites at school sans any malware or Ad-wares. It blocks all the dubious entities in that session and helps you protect your device data and identification as well.
  • Scammers won’t be able to get hold of your IP or personal details, as it gets masked by the VPN. You stay low key and make the best used of the services to protect information.
  • It offers VPN apps, dedicated IPs, and proxy browser extensions to prevent online data leakage and identity theft.
  • It blocks annoying Ads and dubious software, from reaching you for utmost security while using public Wi-Fi.
  • You get to control 6 devices from different platforms with one NordVPN account. It doesn’t need to be a single OS. From Android to iOS, Mac or Windows systems, this VPN has got it all covered.

Let’s see how to unblock websites at school on chrome or other web browser after setting up NordVPN:

Step 1: Download the software

Go to the NordVPN website for downloading NordVPN on your system. Tap the ‘Download’ button and allow the software to get downloaded on your computer. Browse the ‘Downloads’ folder thereafter. Locate the downloaded software within this folder. If it’s a Windows PC, then you should pick the NordVPN Setup.exe file.

download vpn app to unblock websites at school

Step 2: Install NordVPN

Once you have downloaded the software, tap the popup window that follows. Select ‘Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ checkbox and click ‘Next’. This is only for first time users. Hit ‘Install’ afterwards to get NordVPN installed on your computer.

install vpn app to unblock websites

Step 3: Setup NordVPN

As soon as the installation process is over, you can see the VPN icon on your computer. Click to launch it and tap ‘Allow’ when prompted. Now, key in the NordVPN account credentials and then hit ‘Login now’.

You will automatically be connected by tapping the ‘Quick Connect’ icon found on the top corner of the window. When the connection is established successfully, the country pin glows green.

unblock websites at school: vpn setup

Now, you can browse locked websites that got unblock. Useful websites at school can now be easily accessed.

Use TOR browser to unblock websites at school

Let’s see how to get websites unblocked at school using TOR browser, in this part of the article. TOR is a freeware that you can unblock sites at school or any other place. It offers network surveillance along with privacy of browsing the internet. Numerous volunteers all over the world run a distributed relay network.

As a result, TOR routes your online activities through the relays for places where the sites are unlocked. TOR simply allows you gather a huge number of proxies from which you can anyone and browse the internet.

Let’s know how to unblock any website at school using TOR browser –

  1. Go to the TOR website and download TOR Browser Bundle. Extract/Install the software and tap ‘Start TOR Browser’ or ‘Run Tor browser’.
  2. unblock sites at school using TOR browser
  3. Now, you are required to connect to the Tor Network, do this by tapping ‘Connect/Configure’ button available on the upcoming window.
  4. connect to network
  5. After successful connection has been established with the relay network, a portable Firefox version gets launched. You can use it to unblock websites at school and avail the blocked content from the web.
  6. unblock sites at school: TOR setup

Note: This Firefox version comes with HTTPS and No-Script in order to safeguard your identity.

Use Firefox Portable to unblock websites at school

When you are unable to use special browser extensions to unblock sites at school, Firefox Portable (a USB stick) can be of great help.

In situations where you can’t install extensions over existing web browsers, you need to choose a portable browser, which you can install from a USB stick. The software must run independently, without alerting the school computer. This will help you route majority of the internet traffic using a proxy address.

Now that you are briefly aware of Portable Firefox software, how about learning how to unblock any website at school? Well! In this segment of the article, we are going to give you a sneak peek into Firefox Portable. Let’s see how to unblock websites at school not on chrome but on Firefox Portable.

  1. In this process, you need to find out a reliable proxy server having anonymous data traffic. You can visit or some other site to find proxies. From your search results view proxies blocking websites after sorting the list with ‘Anonymity’.
  2. unblock websites at school using firefox
  3. When you get the desired proxy IP, note down its IP address along with port number. After obtaining the proxy, it’s time to install a portable browser on your USB stick to guide the traffic through it.
  4. Now, download Firefox Portable and save on the USB flash drive. Connect the USB drive and launch the installer file. Upon prompted, select ‘USB drive’ in place of installation directory.
  5. set up Firefox Portable to unblock websites
  6. When the installation process gets over, you need to launch Firefox Portable. Go to ‘Options’ and then browse for ‘Advanced’ menu for more. Hit ‘Settings’ under the ‘Network’ tab and choose the ‘Manual proxy configuration’ option.
  7. Feed the port number and IP address of the proxy. You have to hit ‘OK’ thereafter. As soon as you tap on the ‘OK’ button in this menu. The Firefox Portable browser will utilize the anonymous proxy. When you use this method, you can effortlessly unblock sites at school.

Final Comments

From this article, we have observed that NordVPN is too simple to configure on your system. It is very user-friendly and intuitive to be used by anyone. Whereas the other methods seem a bit lengthy and time taking. If we were to pick a solution for fixing website ban issues in school and access the internet purely for developmental work.

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