Identity Theft Protection Reviews: 5 Best Identity Protection Services

With seemingly every other service being available online, your use of bank accounts and credit/debit cards over the internet to pay for the services have increased in sync. Identity theft protection reviews are becoming necessary to protect your valuable information and deter the miscreants.

If you are wondering: how transacting online is making identity theft prevalent, then here is a quick peek.

  • You might be buying things online and entering your card details to make payments.
  • A similar looking site may dupe you by churning off your money and capturing your account details as well as personal information like phone number, email ID and address.
  • You might even enter your PII somewhere and the fraudster would pick that up to make debts on your name, claim your free flyer miles, or claim your health insurance as well.

ID protection reviews help you pick an identity protection service to keep you and your data safe from unknown dangers.

About identity theft protection services

Preventing identity theft proactively is tough, as identity being stolen by miscreants can’t be stopped completely. Hiring an identity theft protection service can seamlessly monitor your personal information and credit card expenses.

When there is any dubious activity relating to identity theft, they would need restricted power of attorney to assist you in restoring your identity. The identity protection reviews would help you understand where should you secure your personal information security and take measures to maintain it optimally.

Here are the most important phases in identity protection services reviewing that you need to keep note of, while hiring an identity protection service.

Credit Monitoring

Using credit reporting agency (CRA) the credit activity is tracked by credit monitoring during identity protection services reviews. These services alert/warn you when your credit is checked by a lender for auto loan, a new credit or loan in your name is opened, when you get a late payment notification from the creditor/collector, public declaration of bankruptcy, altered personal information/credit limits, or legal judgment against you crops up.

Identity Monitoring

These services cross-reference databases which collates your personal information. Incorrect or new information in the database is a sign for identity theft. The monitoring services are alerted, if you get new court/arrest records, new orders for cable/wireless services/utility, online back market website activity, cash or check request, payday loan application etc.

Identity Restoration

Identity Restoration services work on your behalf by acquiring restricted power of attorney from you. You need to provide them a copy of the initial police report and provide them the complaint copy filed with the FTC as well. As they have contacts with legal people they will do everything to help in resolving your identity theft issue. They deal with the legal people and hence save a lot of time to fetch information and records in your support.

Identity theft Insurance

Identity theft insurance takes care of few costs incurred relating to identity theft. Your money spent to reclaim financial identity and fixing credit reports can be reimbursed. It might include phone calls to legal help and the policy specialists would guide you to restore your ID. Reclaiming identity is a task, as the culprit might have used them to commit crimes and other fraudulent activities. You can add an identity theft insurance to your homeowners or renters insurance policy, or buy a standalone policy.

5 best identity theft protection services

Here we have featured the top 5 identity theft protection service reviews as well as identity theft protection comparison between them.

Complete ID

Complete ID is deployed to monitor a wide range of identity factors covering a vast defense point range. The Austin, Texas based firm runs parallel to evolving technologies to ensure utmost identity theft protection against major threats. The software assures you of fraud detection, status monitoring and insurance and recovery for breach/abuse of identity.

The Costco identity theft protection reviews from Complete ID are very affordable for members with a wide range of benefits under one roof. Costco, being a large market player in the USA ranks better in identity theft protection in comparison to other counterparts. The customer service desk of Costco is not so impressive and people face problem while logging in or out of the websites.

The Costco identity theft protection reviews suggest that Costco Complete ID is not only the best in identity theft protection services, but the features available and the reputation of the company are lucrative for members.

identity theft protection reviews - Complete ID


  • Costco Wholesale Executive Members pay $8.99/month (Child Protection with additional $2.99/month)
  • Costco Wholesale Gold Star Members pay $13.99/month (Child Protection with additional $3.99/month)
  • Non-members pay $19.99/month. Personal information and SSN is required.

Unique features

  • The Child Protection.
  • Keeps you aware of registered sex offenders in your area.

Monitoring services

  • Equifax, Experian and TransUnion bureaus all monitored for inquiries, delinquencies
  • Monitors and notifies when your data being illegally traded or sold online is discovered.
  • Monitors 3 e-mail addresses, social security number, 3 phone numbers, 10 credit/debit cards, 5 bank accounts, drivers license number, passport, 5 store/membership cards and two medical ID numbers.
  • If your bank account has been opened with your personal information

Theft insurance

If you are a member you get insured up to $1 million with $0 deductible.

Reports delivered

  • Sex offenders living in or moving into your area or tries to register with your address for fraud.
  • Notifies changes made if any to the account


During ID theft protection comparison, you can take IdentityForce as another option. It encompasses the basics of identity theft protection at an affordable cost under the UltraSecure+Credit plan.

Using this power of attorney and credit monitoring is allowed from 3 major bureaus as well as monitoring personal information through email and mobile alerts. When a new pay day loan applied or a bank account gets opened using your name, you will be notified. The monitoring and restoration services are darn cheap.

identity theft protection reviews - IdentityForce



Unique features

  • Affordable Family options
  • Useful and intuitive dashboards
  • Social Security Number tracking
  • Lost wallet assistance

Monitoring services

  • Credit records
  • Sex offenders
  • Payday loan
  • Court records
  • Identity monitoring

Theft insurance

Insurance available only for selected plans

Reports delivered

Analyzes credit reports 4 times a year


The Platinum plan from ID Watchdog enables you to get notifications and alerts at a low cost along with bank account monitoring and credit score. It also offers retroactive protection services and assists you in identity theft protection for thefts prior to your subscription.

Even if you receive a bogus transaction on your credit reports or an arrest warrant you can subscribe to ID Watchdog and get these charges removed against you.

identity theft protection reviews - IDWatchdog


Platinum plan is $20/month (alerts and notifications)

Unique features

  • Credit bureaus monitored(Equifax, Experian, TransUnion)
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Maximum ID-theft assistance up to $1 million

Monitoring services

  • Third-party crimes and data breaches committed on your name are notified
  • Credit bureaus

Theft insurance


Reports delivered

New credit reports on a yearly basis


Identity protection reviews point to LifeLock if you are up for a sleek and efficient mobile app to carry out identity theft protection exercises on your mobile. Though, the similar services are also offered by the website as well.

You can use the app to resolve any pending issues directly without the trouble of making a call. You get notified about third-party data breaches and fraudulent activities committed in your name. It ensures and additional level of security. Even a representative online can help you receive notification through phone calls.

identity theft protection reviews - LifeLock



Unique features

  • Exceptional app
  • Extensive notification
  • Monetary loss coverage up to $1 million
  • Maximum ID-theft assistance up to $1 million
  • Credit bureaus monitored (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion)

Monitoring services

  • Bank account
  • Card account
  • Credit bureaus
  • Investment account

Theft insurance


Reports delivered

New credit reports yearly

Identity Guard

Identity protection services reviews suggest that Identity Guard is a reliable option for hiring an identity theft protection service. It offers credit scores from 3 major bureaus. The reports are updated every month.

You get a wide range of utilities such as credit-score analyzer, anti-keylogging and antivirus software. If you lost wages due to identity theft, it also covers the lost money and wages. In order to protect your personal information, Identity Guard is going to adapt to IBM’s Watson AI platform. It doesn’t monitor your bank accounts or credit-card activities though.

identity theft protection reviews - Identity Guard


  • $24.99/month
  • $30/month (2 adults unlimited kids)

Unique features

  • Credit bureaus monitored (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion)
  • Two-factor authentication for mobile apps only
  • Monetary loss coverage up to $1 million
  • ID-theft assistance up to $1million

Monitoring services


Theft insurance


Reports delivered

New credit reports on monthly basis

VPN: prevent identity theft more cost-effectively

According to most identity theft protection reviews, using VPN can effectively enhance identity theft protection for you. For online transactions using any internet browser, it is advisable to do that through VPN as it doesn’t reveal your identity online.

Using this network, you can not only transact online and browse the internet anonymously, but also work faster and in a secured way. VPN encrypts all the data you transfer online, so there is no way for the fraudulent parties to sneak into your personal details.

When you choose VPN services, NordVPN is one of best:

  • It ensures that you get a scalable and secure internet even while accessing public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Some advanced VPNs even enable you to control web traffic using mobile apps, and supports identity theft protection for multiple devices at a given time.
  • You can even download Firefox and Chrome proxy extensions as well as make use of intuitive services on Mac and Windows systems.
identity theft protection reviews - cost-effective alternative

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