All Things You Should Know Before Using Personal VPN

VPN is like creating a virtual personal network within a network just to ensure that you have added security and invisibility like sitting in a bulletproof car on a ship. VPN tunneling involves the use of strong layers and scales while accessing the internet by putting every data being transferred in an encrypted packet within another packet so that its contents are securely sent and received and remains inaccessible to prying eyes and snooping fingers.

Part 1: Why we need personal VPN?

Sometimes when people hear the word VPN, they think it is something meant for internet and cyber geeks. But if you ask me, I believe every internet user might have a need for a Personal VPN. A personal VPN service has several benefits and is important for everyone who takes security as a priority.

1. Safety from online Thieves: Having access to a personal VPN server can help prevent an internet user from identity thieves and internet bad guys. Without a personal VPN service, it is possible and in fact quite easy for online thieves to have access to key logs from your computer while browsing, that is they can steal passwords, pins, and usernames of any of your online accounts that they wish to access and can probably suck you dry if funds are involved.

2. Prevent Government Spying: Personal VPN service helps to prevent authorities from spying on your personal and private activities on the internet and getting your location because it facilitates anonymous browsing. It also protects users while accessing P2P file sharing torrent websites since some associations frown and detest P2P torrent sites.

3. Keep Snoops away: Personal VPN servers can prevent eavesdropping on your VoIP calls or even Skype video calls. As well as can prevent unauthorized access and spying on your social media voice or video conversations with the use of a Personal VPN.

reasons for personal vpn

Part 2: Things we need to consider before using personal VPN

First of all, it is important to know that all personal VPN servers are not built the same, there are diversity and difference from a VPN service provider to another like server location, speed, the range of coverage, bandwidth and so on. For different internet users, their need for a Personal VPN varies with online activities. As much as there would be some similar feature to be considered, the qualities an Online gamer for example needs from a Personal VPN service provider would be different from what a basic internet user requires. We would be looking into a few things to consider before selecting a VPN service

Speed and Stability: We all know how frustrating a slow internet can be, the speed of VPN servers vary with a service provider, with a stable connection without disconnecting at intervals hereby thwarting your online activities.

personal vpn speed and stability

Server Locations and Security Protocols: Security protocols are the protocols which a personal VPN service provider uses to encrypt traffic passing through their servers which includes IPsec, PPTP, SSL/TLS. Another important thing to consider is the location of personal VPN servers and the number of servers owned by the service provider. To know if they are locations that you want to mask your IP with or if they can access the blocked sites you want to use.

personal vpn server locations and security protocols

Anonymity and Logging policies: You must be sure that a VPN can provide you with the option of surfing the web as a complete ghost with anonymity service, that is, you are under the absolute cloak of their Personal VPN servers with no IP or locations. A VPN service should also be one with No logging policy, that they do not store online activities.

Number of Concurrent connections: You can also consider the number of devices that can be connected to a single VPN account depending on the number of devices you want to connect at a time without having to log out one device to log in another

Price: A VPN user should also consider the amount you are willing to pay for a Personal VPN service if you are willing to pay at all. There are good free VPN services although with restrictions, but if they do cater for your VPN needs, you can stick to them. And if you are going for paid services, be sure to choose one that is worth the price

Part 3: 5 top-rated personal VPN services

There are several Personal VPN Service providers available on the internet today, probably too numerous to mention, but there are definitely some at the top of the ladder that has been used by some users and rated by experts to be good enough for consideration

1. NordVPN

NordVPN has one of the most amounts of servers amongst VPN service providers with a wowing over 2000 servers in 61 server locations which facilitates its surfing speed. NordVPN has a no logging policy, although they keep session logs, but no IP or location logs. It can take up to 6 concurrent connections of different devices with its user-friendly and quality Mobile and desktop clients.

personal vpn - nordvpn

2. ExpressVPN

This is no doubt one of the leading names in the VPN business with over 1800 Ultra-fast VPN servers located in over 148 different locations in 94 countries around the world. ExpressVPN offers a top 24/7 live customer assistant service and also support 3 different devices at a time. Although it is a little pricey, it is a reliable source of VPN service

personal vpn - expressvpn

3. IPVanish

This is also a top-class VPN service that has been around for a while. Although it does not offer a free trial for its services, it still has a reasonable monthly access price. It has an excellent download speed and it has a strict NO log policy. IPVanish has over 950 servers located in over 60 different locations with a whooping 40000+ IP address.

personal vpn - ipvanish

4. Hotspot Shield

This is one of the cheapest VPN services available in the Open internet market and also offers a free 7 day trial period and lifetime license offer. It also has a unique feature just as the name goes, it can be used over a hotspot connection to other 5 devices without reducing its great download speed. Hotspot Shield has about 2000 at over 20 different locations.

personal vpn - hotspot shield vpn

5. Windscribe

Windscribe is one of the few VPN service providers that give unlimited connection across different devices no matter the number. it has both Windows and Mac operating system clients and also mobile clients. It is probably the best free VPN service for basic users with a 10GB monthly data cap for its free plan. It has an average speed of about 350 servers in 50 locations.

personal vpn - windscribe

A Personal VPN service can serve as a break out of restriction tool for its user. Since all data sent and received through a Virtual personal network cannot be read or intercepted, it, therefore, takes away all restrictions like the inability to access a certain website over a public Wi-Fi or school network because it has been restricted by the internet provider. A Personal VPN can also remove IP location-based website restrictions from websites like Netflix, with a Personal VPN, you would be able to access websites that are originally restricted in your country. So, going through the article enriched you with all relevant information about personal VPN with top 5 person VPNs to choose from to have the best protection while surfing the internet.

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