7 Ways on How to Prevent Identity Theft Online

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You might be wondering why identity theft prevention is that big issue today. This is crazy but when you find out what criminals can do just because they have access to some basic information about a person, it would freak you out too. It is terrible that you became a victim of identity theft but now you might have to live with the consequences and deal with it.

How can you prevent identity theft if you are active online all the times? Just because of your activeness on the various platforms available on the internet worldwide, you get exposed to various risks.

Some harmful effects of id theft are listed below:

  • Job prospects: people can get rejected by their employers just because of a credit report mistake. And the mistake was due to the consequences of an id theft issue. This is a huge bummer in your career.
  • Financial toll: a thief’s activity in your bank account, credit files or tax payments, can lead to serious troubles. The id theft can clear your funds from your accounts. The recoveries of those funds are also a subject to company and market risks.
  • Mark you as a Criminal: a simple theft of id and use of that id in some criminal activity will give you a criminal record. And it is really hard to clear out a criminal record in which you were never involved.
  • Hurt your Social Image: when someone steals your id and you don’t know how to avoid id theft. Then the thief can take advantage of your social accounts and influence the people in a bad way.
  • Physical toll: it is often seen that identity theft led to the manifestation of physical disabilities or failure of the system in some people. It can create a huge burden on your mind that will ultimately lead to body issues.

Do you want to know: how to prevent identity theft from happening? Here’s the deal that would solve your problems.

Use a VPN to access the internet

At first, you should know what exactly VPN is.

What is VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It acts as a tunnel between multiple devices to secure them from interference and snooping like activities. The VPN encrypts the internet traffic of the user and guards their online identity.

NORDVPN service

With the use of NordVPN, you can avoid identity theft. It encrypts the online activities of a person and their private information for security against hackers or other risks. Among the various solutions present today, NordVPN is one of the best identity theft protection services.

identity theft prevention - vpn

Why Choose NORDVPN?

  • Stay secure online. The cutting-edge technology will shield your online activities. It will block the malware sites and applications, and hackers too. Furthermore, it can also block ads for id theft prevention. The NordVPN has a military grade encryption technology with CyberSec and Double VPN.
  • Know that your data is always private. NordVPN is a robust network that gives protection to your IP address. No one will be allowed to see your website history or download history. It has strict no logs policy, an automatic kill switch, a DNS leak protection, and an Onion Over VPN feature.
  • Enjoy the internet with no limits. Access the internet without any restrictions and fear of breach of your private information. It provides servers and locations, streaming, SmartPlay with lightning speed.
  • Feel safe on any device. Up to 6 devices can be secured with one NordVPN account. NordVPN provides VPN apps, browser proxy extension, dedicated IP address on multiple devices.
  • Get assistance 24/7. The services will guide you on how to prevent identity theft They will also provide a customer service portal to help you with NordVPN operations and working.

Stop in front of Phishing Website

Phishing is a fraud, attempted to extract the personal information of a person. This information includes username and passwords of various bank accounts or social media accounts. The main motive is to extract the funds from the user.

identity theft prevention - keep away from phishing

Phishing website masquerades as a trustworthy entity to steal a person’s identity. They are the criminals that have a perfect knowledge of advanced technologies and know how to use them against someone. They play with your brain like inception. So, how do you prevent identity theft?

The various basic guidelines for identity fraud protection:

  • Stay aware of the techniques that are popular in phishing.
  • Before you click on a website page, make sure that it is a trusted website.
  • Install an Anti-Phishing toolbar for quick checks on various websites you visit.
  • Verify the website’s security before you give them your financial information.
  • Use effective Firewalls and be aware of pop-ups.
  • Use antivirus software and never share your card or personal details on the internet.

By implementing these basic steps for id fraud prevention you can avoid a real threat.

Too much Personal Information on Social Media. Stop It.

Sharing too much can cause a lot of trouble for you. If you will keep sharing your personal information and whereabouts all the time, then how can identity theft be prevented.

identity theft prevention - exposure on social media

Here are some tips to prevent identity theft:

  • Don’t post your Geolocation and Check-Ins.
  • You might give away some confidential information without even realizing it. So avoid posting information via public channels.
  • Don’t brag about your lifestyle as it will attract the potential frauds and thieves.

Use Different Passcodes for Different Accounts

Sometimes a person gives it a thought, what can you do to prevent identity theft.

Well, the answer lies in your habits of using the internet services. There are a lot of people who think that it will be easy for them if they have the same passwords for all their account.

Yes, it will be easy, not just for you, but for the hackers too.

So, in addition to an identity theft prevention program, choose different passwords for all your account. You can write them down someplace safe, but it is better this way.

identity theft prevention: diversify passwords

Do not Shop on Seldom-Heard-of e-Commerce Sites

The various online shopping portals present on the internet are not liable. You have to understand this fact. You might have heard the names of some websites, but all the sellers present on the websites are not authentic. So, the best identity theft protection method is to stay away from these sites.

Secure your Wireless Network

Do you want to know what to do to prevent identity theft?

The good news regarding the prevention is that you can do it manually just by yourself. Just follow the steps to prevent identity theft by securing your wireless network:

  1. Open the Router Settings.
  2. Create a different and unique password for the router access.
  3. Change the Network’s SSID name to avoid confusion between your personal network or public network.
  4. Make sure that you enable Network Encryption. Use the methods like WEP, WPA, or WPA2 to increase the security of the Wireless Network.
  5. Filter the MAC address on your network.
    MAC address is also unique similarly to the IP address. Every device has a different MAC address. Hence, if you filter the address, your network will know that it is your device trying to connect. It will be able to detect spoof addresses also. The identity theft prevention companies make sure that MAC address is in use while connecting a device to a network.
  6. Reduce the range of your Wireless network. When the signal range is short, external devices won’t be able to connect to it without your permission.
  7. Make sure that you upgrade your Router’s Firmware. An update is provided for the firmware after some time. You can find the latest version on the manufacturer’s website. The old one is stated in your router’s dashboard.

These are all effective ways to avoid identity theft and prevent your personal information to get in unsafe hands.

Watch out when Downloading Things from Websites

Knowing how to prevent id theft is very important. Instead of taking a hint of the websites from where you download your content, perform the steps:

  1. Properly assess what you are downloading.
  2. Before you hit download, have a look over the website. The basic sites are the one that has a virus hidden in the links.
  3. Take a look at the context too. The context is the key to know how to prevent identity fraud.
  4. Always give a check to the file size. If you are downloading an mp3 and it is a file of 100 MB, then it might be a virus used for breaching purpose.
  5. Watch out for the file extensions. The executable files don’t usually contain multiple extensions.
  6. When you download an authenticated program, you will usually get a license warning. Furthermore, if the program is not licensed, then it is most probably a threat for your Computer and your Privacy. This will clearly give an indication of how to avoid identity theft while downloading any content.

Now you know what is identity theft and how can it be prevented using various effective methods.

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