How to Connect to Public VPN on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS?

If you want to have a secure browsing experience in today’s world, then you should get a public VPN. Unlike a dedicated VPN, a public VPN service can be openly used by us. All we need is an access to the public VPN server to do this. In this guide, we will teach you how to connect to a Virtual Public Network on different platforms like Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows. Let’s get it started with!

Part 1: How to connect to public VPN on Windows?

To start with, let’s discuss how to connect to a public VPN service on Windows. The process is quite similar for all the versions of Windows, though we have taken the baseline of Windows 8 in this tutorial. To connect to a Virtual Public Network on your Windows PC, follow these steps:

1. Simply go to the Start menu or the Search bar and look for VPN. This will automatically display results regarding the setup of a new VPN.

setup a virtual private network on windows

2. As you would click on it, it will launch a dedicated wizard to setup a new VPN connection.

3. Here, you would have to write “” for the value of Internet Address. Our destination name is “PublicVPN L2TP IPSec” as we are setting up an L2TP IPSec protocol.

create a vpn connection

4. Once you will click on the “Create” button, your VPN would be initiated. Though, you won’t be able to connect to this public VPN. It will be listed under the available networks. Just right-click it to enter its properties.

available networks on windows

5. Now, go to the Security tab and set the type of VPN as the protocol you have opted (in our case, L2TP).

vpn properties

6. Also, go to the Advanced settings button and type “” as the key.

advanced settings

7. Return to the Security tab and enable the “Allow these protocols" option. Also, select the "Microsoft CHAP Version 2” from the list.

Microsoft CHAP Version 2

8. In the end, go to the Networking tab and make sure that the option for IPV6 is disabled.

disable ipv6 option

9. Additionally, select IPV4 and visit its settings. Enable the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option and provide the value of

Use the following DNS server addresses

10. Save your changes and go to the list of available networks. Now, you can connect to your VPN by providing the username and password allocated to you.

connect to public vpn on windows

Part 2: How to connect to public VPN on Mac?

Just like Windows, it is quite easy to connect to a public VPN server on Mac as well. The process is quite identical for all the versions of Mac, except some changes in the interface. You can use a public VPN service on Mac by following these steps:

1. Go to System Preferences and select the Network options.

mac system preferences

2. To create a new connection, you can simply click on the “+” icon.

create a new connection on mac

3. This will launch a new pop-up. The interface should be chosen as “VPN”. You can also select the kind of VPN you want. We have selected L2TP over IPSec.

select vpn for interface

4. The service name we have listed is “ (L2TP)”. For PPTP, it could be different. Once you are done, you can click on the “Create” button.

5. Now, you can view the VPN you have just created from the list of available networks. Select it from the left panel and choose to Add Configuration from the right.

add vpn configuration

6. Provide the name as “” and click on the “Create” button.

enter network name

7. Great! Now, you need to type “” for the value of Server Address and provide an Account name as well.

select server address and account name

8. Furthermore, you have to visit its Authentication Settings and provide the password that you have been allocated. The shared secret value is “”.

authentication settings

9. After saving your changes here, go to its Advanced Settings.

network advanced settings

10. Under the Session Option, enable “Send all traffic over VPN connection”. You can also enable Verbose logging from here as well.

send all traffic over vpn connection

11. In the end, you can simply save your changes by clicking on the “Apply” button and connect to the Public VPN without any trouble.

apply changes to public vpn on mac

Part 3: How to connect to public VPN on Android?

One of the best things about a Virtual Public Network is that you can use it on your smartphones as well. Connecting to a public VPN server on an Android device is pretty easy. All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. To connect to a public VPN on your Android device, just go to its Settings > More > VPN. From here, you can tap on the “Add VPN Network” option.

add vpn network on android

2. This will open the following pop-up message. Here, you need to provide the correct details for the respective values. Set any name for your VPN and select its type. It can be L2TP, PPTP, etc. We have select L2TP over IPSec.

edit vpn network

3. Additionally, the server address would be “” while the pre-shared key is “”.

4. After filling all the entries, just tap on the Save button. Now, you can see that your VPN has been created.

5. To connect to the Virtual Public Network, just tap on it and provide your account details.

connect to public vpn on android

Part 4: How to connect to public VPN on iOS?

The public VPN service is also available for all the leading iOS devices as well. It has an extensive support for every major generation of iPhone and iPad. There are two ways of connecting to a public VPN server on iOS. We have listed both of them here.

Method 1:

1. To manually connect to a public VPN on your iOS device, go to its Settings > General > VPN and choose to add a VPN configuration.

add vpn configuration on ios

2. Now, you can just select the type of protocol you wish to use and provide the correct value for these parameters.

3. The server would be “” while the secret would be “”.

select server and secret

4. After saving your choices, your VPN would be created. Simply turn it on to use it as per your needs.

Method 2:

1. You can also install readily available public VPN profiles on your device. Firstly, click here to download the profile on your device.

2. Once the profile is downloaded, tap on the “Install” button. Confirm your choice by tapping on “Install Now”.

install public vpn profile

3. To complete the setup, you need to provide the Username and Password for the Public VPN service you are using.

provide public vpn username and password

4. Once the profile is installed successfully, you can go to your device’s VPN settings and connect to the public VPN you have just created.

connect to public vpn on ios

In this way, you would be able to connect to a public VPN server on your system or mobile. It has an extensive compatibility with all the leading Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can simply go to the official website of Public VPN and obtain your username and password from there to connect to a Virtual Public Network. Go ahead and use a public VPN service on the device of your choice.

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