How to Transfer WhatsApp to new Sony Phone

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The need to transfer WhatsApp messages or media items including pictures and videos may arise out of following possibilities or necessities:

• Moving on to a new phone, may it be Sony or any other phone

• Transferring WhatsApp contacts/messages to secure backup

Since Sony smartphones including the latest models are all Android based with a layer of Sony-themed skin as an interface. Therefore by and large transferring anything or everything of WhatsApp app from any phone to any model of Sony phone is comfortably possible like an Android to Android transfer. In this article, transferring WhatsApp to new Sony smartphone is discussed as simply Android/iOS to Android transfer of everything WhatsApp deals with.

Part 1. How to Transfer WhatsApp to Sony with One Click

One simple solution is just shifting all your WhatsApp contacts, messages, pic etc. on to SD card, and use this card to virtually transferring WhatsApp data physically inserting the data loaded SD card into slot of new phone. Subsequently that can be restored and hence WhatsApp transfer to your new Sony set can easily be accomplished. But still you may find it difficult to transfer data in batch from Android-to-Android like an app and SMS. There is possibility of incomplete transfer due to space/speed or any such issues.

When you are looking for a comprehensive solution, most recommended and time tested software that guarantees a reliable and quick to do, is dr.fone - Phone Transfer from Wondershare. This is in fact a professional tool used transferring everything from phone to phone.

How to transfer WhatsApp from Android/iPhone to Sony

Step 1. Install dr.fone and run it. Choose "Switch" from primary window.

How to transfer whatsapp to new sony-phone to phone transfer

Step 2. Connect both devices to computer using USB cables. As soon as your devices are recognized both phone - Android/iphone input phone and your Sony smartphone will be listed on window.

How to transfer whatsapp to new sony-connect phone

Step 3. Select all you want to transfer and then click "Start Transfer". Here if you want to transfer Whatsapp, choose the "App Data". You will be able to see data transfer progressing. It will not take long.

How to transfer whatsapp to new sony-start transfer

This program is like one-click transfer of data that can help transfer all your WhatsApp to your new Sony as well. You can try it for free and adopt it to admit its versatility, ease of use and as the best solution available.

Part 2. How to Backup WhatsApp Chats via Email

A rather simple method to save Chat history (Text messages) is just by sending all your conversations via email. Now that it can be done either on daily basis or when required. Steps involved are listed below:

1. Go to WhatsApp main menu (home page)

2. Click Options

3. Click Settings

4. Click Chat History

5. Select Send chat history

This way WhatsApp chat history will get attached to email as .txt file. You can send it as an attachment via email. However there is limitation of up to 10,000 messages that you may send at one time. Secondly another point is that your chat history exported as .txt file cannot be restored. However there are technically available work-around ways to meet restore issue.

To export chat history to either individual or a group:

This can be done using Email chat feature, in following steps:

1. Open chat for group or individual

2. Tap menu button

3. Now tap More

4. Click on Email chat

5. And choose to attach or not Media


In this article a guide line is presented to users who either, are using Sony smartphones or intend to buy Sony’s product, regarding WhatsApp data items as to how they may transfer WhatsApp to Sony by:

  • Top of the list professional WhatsApp transfer tool i.e. MobileTrans
  • Or using email feature/sending via email

    In view of limitations, the number of messages, and restoring back of TXT file problem, when sending WhatsApp conversations via email, it can be construed that dr.fone - Phone Transfer should be used preferably unless you are looking at cheaper solution (that is via email) and bulk of your data is not demanding. As described above Sony in fact is just treated (for being so) Android based smartphone therefore any simple approach can be convenient.

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