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With new technology, how we lead our lives has changed as well. Many today are living a life of “touch and swipe” with the advent of the smartphones. And everybody loves WhatsApp - the chatting and messaging application used by millions across the world. It offers features such ease of access and connectivity, user friendliness, free services, high quality and even audio and calling services to attract the needful attention.

However, it might pose some dangers too. For instance, parents nowadays, due to their hectic lives, are not able to pay attention their children’s activities. They are unaware of the direction of the use of the WhatsApp by their children. This is why you might want a good spying app that can help you in tracking and monitoring the activities of your children. These Whatsapp hack tools work great and can help you read all Whatsapp messages on another person's smartphone easily- and it doesn't matter whether they are using an Android device or an iPhone. With a Whatsapp hack tool, everything is easy.

Part 1: The Top 5 Whatsapp Hack Tools

Let us have a read on some of the top WhatsApp hacking tools and software:

1. mSpy

whatsapp hack tool download

This is a highly reliable WhatsApp hacker tool and software available for iOS/Android devices including the various operating systems for PCs including the Windows and Mac OS. The software is very user-friendly and offers hassle-free operation for the users who can easily track the WhatsApp messages and even call logs on their personal dashboard provided by the software.

Available for: $29.99

Download Link:


- Highly efficient software for hacking messages from WhatsApp and other popular messaging apps like Line and Viber.

- Easy to install and costs less than competitors.

- Can check recorded calls, check the GPS location of the user as well as track the phone usage.

Cons: Might pose some privacy issues for certain groups of people.

2. Flexispy

whatsapp hack tool download

Another highly functional WhatsApp messenger hacking software which is available for Android, iPhone, Symbian and Blackberry devices. The monitoring reviews as offered by the users are great.

Available for: $149.00

Download Link:


- Extensive features that includes everything from live tracking of calls to accessing messages from popular apps.

- Can even export messages from the phone.

- Efficient functioning with user-friendliness and can be used for multiple devices.


- A really costly option.

- Cannot be downloaded for the PCs and some tracking cases noticed synchronization delays.

3. SpyBubble

whatsapp hack tool download

Another high-quality WhatsApp messaging hacking software tool to be used for the Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows and Blackberry devices. They have unique features for tracking WhatsApp messages.

Available for: $49.95

Download Link:


- A very user-friendly with better efficiency and can be downloaded and used for a variety of smartphone devices.

- Track everything from calls, messages to GPS location in simple steps.


- It cannot be downloaded and used over PC.

4. Highster Mobile

whatsapp hack tool download

Another tracking software tool for the WhatsApp messages which can be downloaded and used on Android and iOS devices. This also offers a user-friendly platform for easy hacking of the WhatsApp messages.

Available for: 69.99

Download Link:


- Highly efficient software for the tracking purpose of the WhatsApp messages and messages from other popular paltforms.

- Can even help users to listen to live calls.

- Other features like GPS tracking and access media including pictures and videos.

- Can be easily downloaded and used for multiple smartphone devices.


- Cannot be downloaded and used on PC.

- Additionally, it missed out as much as 10% of the WhatsApp messages.

5. The Truth Spy:

Another WhatsApp hacking software tool to be used for smartphone devices like Android and iOS. This works well for iPhone devices to track the WhatsApp messages.

whatsapp hack tool download

Available for: $16.99

Download Link:


- Efficient WhatsApp and Viber message tracking software for the Android and iPhone devices.

- Has phone call recording features and can access data from Skype, Hangouts and more.


- Might suffer from several bugs during the functioning.

- Can only track few messaging apps.

Part 2: Alternative: WhatsApp Hack Software for PC

Though there are many WhatsApp messaging hacking tools and software available to be used for the Android and iOS devices, yet there stands a limited number of hacking tools for the PCs. One such software which provides hacking solutions with much ease for the PC as well is “mSpy”. This is highly efficient software offering the monitoring and tracking of the WhatsApp messages for the several smartphone devices including the PC operating systems like Windows and Mac OS. It can be easily downloaded on the PC and can be implemented using the following simple steps:

1. Download the software

Users can download the software onto their PCs or Smartphones and can install the software.

2. Using the Dashboard

whatsapp hack tool download

Upon installation, they would be asked to log into the software to use the different features. Users are assigned their personalized dashboard upon which they can view their device as well as the account information. This dashboard also displays the synchronization modes and the location tracker status.

3. Seeing the Device Info

whatsapp hack tool download

A separate dashboard is available for the PC displaying its information on the screen along with the view of different browsers in use.

4. Using the Geo Fencing Feature

There is a separate dashboard for the location tracking system known as the “Geo-fencing”.

whatsapp hack tool download

5. Access Messages from Popular Messaging Apps

whatsapp hack tool download

The viewers can have the information of the complete record of the tracked WhatsApp messages over their dashboard. And it's not just Whatsapp that you can access but all popular messaging popular platforms includign Viber, Line and more.

These top 5 Whatsapp hack tools can help make the process a lot easier for you. However, if you want the complete solution, we would suggest you going in for mSpy. It is a great option to use and doesn't cost much as many of its competitors too.

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