How to Find Wi-Fi Password on My iPhone? [Safe & Fast]

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Are you aware of how to find a Wi-Fi password on iPhone? In case, if you are looking for an effective method to find out the network passwords in your iPhone, then this guide assists you a lot. It is a common happening that the gadget forgets or hides the network passwords for security reasons. To know more about the credentials, you need to make some clicks for optimal recovery of the Wi-Fi password. When you check your phone under the Wi-Fi connection, you can witness a huge list of Wi-Fi connected devices. Some of them may be active while the rest displays the earlier connected network.

Most of the Wi-Fi connections are protected with passwords to avoid anonymous access. In this article, you will get valuable insights on the method to find the Wi-Fi password and the introduction of an effective tool to recover the passwords wisely. Finally, a short synopsis on the best way to witness the Wi-Fi password on the Mac system using the iCloud backup. Scroll down for more details on this topic.

Part 1: Find Wi-Fi password iPhone [one by one]

Here, you will be learning the practical methods on how to find a Wi-Fi password on iPhone one by one in a comfortable manner. To explore the Wi-Fi passwords, you must navigate through fewer clicks to reach out for the desired credentials. In the case of an iPhone, it does not have built-in options to retain the connected Wi-Fi passwords for future use. It displays only the currently connected Wi-Fi network on its settings screen. Take a quick look at its stepwise process in finding the Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone conveniently. The below procedure works only for the Wi-Fi currently connected.

Step 1: First, unlock your iPhone and hit the "Settings" icon. Then, choose the displayed Wi-Fi. Now, click the encircled "i" icon nearby the Wi-Fi name.


Step 2: From the expanded items, copy the router"s IP address to proceed. Next, open the web browser and paste this IP address on the address bar of the browser. You can use either Safari or Chrome browser to carry out this task. Tap the "Go" button to navigate to the next page. You will witness a message stating that "Your Connection is not Private". Do not panic on witnessing it. There is a built-in security system is available in the local network.


Step 3: Next, press the "Advanced" button to move on with the further processing activity. Now, here you must enter the router"s username and password. Note that the user"s name and password of the router are different from the Wi-Fi. Do not confuse with these credentials. Finally, press the "Wireless" option in the left panel and you can see the associated Wireless settings in the right screen displaying essential data like network name, password.


Using the above instructions, you can identify the Wi-Fi username and password in no time. Follow them carefully to overcome unnecessary issues. Hereafter, no need for any worries or panic if you had forgotten the Wi-Fi passwords. You can recover them with few clicks using the correct platform.

Part 2: Batch view saved Wi-Fi password in 1 click

If you want to recover all the passwords available with your iPhone, then Dr Fone – Password Manager is the perfect program. This tool works efficiently on iPhone to get back the hidden credentials for future use. It has a simple interface to work comfortably without any difficulties. All the controls are explicit for quick recovery. You need not have to spare more time in this password hunting process with your phone.

The Password Manager module assists in getting back the passwords from your iPhone at a faster rate. There are surplus functionalities available with this application. The Password Manager is one of the salient features to recover the lost credentials quickly.

Before going into detail about the password recovery process, here is a short synopsis of the features of the Dr.Fone - Password Manager (iOS) tool.

The Outstanding Features of Dr Fone- Password Manager

  • Quick recovery of all the passwords available with the iPhone. The fastest scanning procedure leads to the speedy recovery of the hidden passwords on the device.
  • Implement a secure method during the password recovery process.
  • Restores crucial passwords like bank details, Apple ID accounts.
  • You can also recover Screen Time passcode, Wi-Fi passwords, Mail and Website login details.
  • There are options to export the recovered passwords to any external storage for future use.

The above features help in the quick recovery of the desired passwords on the iPhone. The process is simple and you can recover the data in no time.


Here are the detailed instructions on how to use Dr Fone – Password manager module to recover the lost or forgotten passwords efficiently. Surf them patiently and learn in-depth on the optimal usage of this program.

First, download the app from the official website of Dr Fone and install them in your system. During the download process, make a note of the version compatibility. If you work with Windows systems, then opt for its Windows version else go with the Mac one. After the installation, launch the application. Choose the "Password Manager" option on the home screen of the application. This option is exclusively available for the iOS platform.


Connect your iPhone with the system using a reliable cable and tap the "Start Scan" option to trigger the scanning process. The Dr Fone app scans the whole gadget looking for important credentials. Within few minutes, you will find a list of passwords displayed on the right panel of the screen. The data are well-organized and displayed in a structured format for quick access.


Now, you can select the desired password from the list and hit the "Export" option to move the discovered passwords to another storage system. During the transfer process, the passwords can be converted to any format according to your needs. You can save the recovered password on any external storage device for future reference. It is advisable to opt for the best storage location for quick access when required.


The above image displays the batch view of passwords available in your iPhone. From the list, you can export the desired ones quickly. You will obtain a complete set of passwords in a well-structured manner for quick access. Thus, you must be clear on the working process of the Dr Fone app. It is an outstanding program to recover passwords optimally. It is the safest way to recover all the passwords on your phone. You can try this application without any hesitation. Choose the Dr Fone app to satisfy the needs of your gadget.

Part 3: See Wi-Fi password with Mac [Need iCloud backup]

Do you want to learn how to find a Wi-Fi password in the Mac system? This recovery process requires an iCloud backup. You can follow the below content to discover the perfect method to satisfy your needs.

Step 1: First, select the Apple icon and choose the "System Preferences" option from the expanded items.


Step 2: Next, choose an iCloud option from the list. To recover the Wi-Fi password, there must be a backup created earlier before carrying out this process. Practice creating a backup with iCloud at regular intervals by working on its update automation settings.


Step 3: Choose "KeyChain" from the displayed items. Now, open the "Launchpad" and type "Keychain Access" in the Search bar. In the Keychain screen, type in the Wi-Fi username and hit the "Enter" button. From the listen to Wi-Fi names, choose the correct one to witness its related settings. Tap the "Show Password" option to disclose the password.


To reveal the password, you must enter the Keychain password to ensure authenticated access to this credential. The Wi-Fi password is available for ready to use and you can enter them to connect to your Wi-Fi network.


Thus, this article had given your insightful ideas on how to find Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone. You do not have to panic anymore even if you had forgotten or lost the Wi-Fi passwords. Use the above techniques to recover the passwords in no time. The Dr-Fone – Password Manager application provides a secure channel to restore all possible data in your iPhone without any issues. Choose the Dr-Fone app to discover the Wi-Fi passwords and other vital credentials flawlessly. The secured scanning process enables this application to reveal the hidden passwords on the gadget. Use this method, to access the passwords at a faster rate. Connect with the Dr-Fone app, which provides a complete solution to your phone needs. Stay tuned to discover the new horizons of Dr-Fone application.

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