Best Wifi Password Finders for Android and iOS

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Passwords are your secret keys to access the digital world. From accessing emails to searching on the internet, passwords are required everywhere. Like other sacred things, you need to keep them secure and confidential. Because of our jam-packed schedules, we all tend to forget our Wi-Fi passwords often and lose sleep over them. The good news is that some really useful apps can help you recover the lost Wi-Fi passwords with ease.

wifi password finder

We have enlisted the best and most convenient password recovery apps and the procedures to use them for getting your passwords back. These software apps work on Android and iOS. They will also help you to locate the free Wi-Fi access systems at airports, hotels, and other places with ease. We also tell you how to solve other regular issues faced by iOS users. This includes monitoring credit card transactions to retrieving screen passcodes. Scroll down for this interesting information and minimize your visits to the service centers.

Wi-Fi password viewer for Android & iOS

Android is extremely popular and advanced mobile phone software compatible with almost all Apps. Here is the highly sought-after password recovery software apps for Android phone users.

  1. Wi-Fi Password Key Finder by Enzocode Technologies

wifi password key

The Wi-Fi password recovery app by Enzocode technologies is a great help to internet users. It assists you in securing the lost passwords or connecting to the open networks easily and conveniently. The app helps to recover all the passwords of the saved Wi-Fi key finder root. On top of that, you will also get the saved passwords while connecting the new device to the network. The process is quite quick, and in one click, one can share a connection for own use or for others to connect them.

The app is simple, has a quick response time, and gives a great user interface. It registers 1000s of downloads on Android daily, with the number and popularity going high with each passing day. It makes sharing and locating free passwords extremely convenient. You can thus make good use of your free time and avoid getting bored in public places like airports. Wi-Fi password key finder by Enzocode technologies is a great app for professional purposes also. You can use it to connect to open networks and complete the unfinished office work.

The app establishes connections without rooting and helps you check the network speed, strength and security method. Here are the simple steps to recover your lost passwords and enjoy uninterrupted internet access.

  • Download and install Wi-Fi key finder on your Android phone via the App store
  • Scan the Wi-Fi connections and connect your phone to the desired network
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot and click show me password
  • Connect to your internet at or open web and enjoy uninterrupted access.

Wi-Fi key finder app by Enzocode technologies is a software sensation. It helps you recover passwords and scan Wi-Fi access points, channels, signal strength, frequency, and service set identifiers. Download the app today and free your mind from password loss-related worries.

  1. AppSalad Studio Wi-Fi Password Finder

appsalad studio

Securing back the lost passwords or connecting to open networks is quite easy with a Wi-Fi password finder by AppSalad studios. The app is supported by Android 4.0.3 and above on the Android play store. The app has more than 12.000 downloads, and its popularity is sliding above with each day. It is regularly updated to ensure seamless compatibility on all the latest Android devices.

Wi-Fi password finder runs on current version 1.6. You must root the device for using the app and scanning passwords. The password is quickly located and can also be directly pasted to the clipboard. The app uses a same rooting method to connect to the open networks. The Wi-Fi password finder by AppSalad studio is extremely quick to install and operate. It has a very positive rating and customer feedback on the play-store. Here are the steps to install and use the Wi-Fi password finder on your phone.

  • Open your Google play app store and download Wi-Fi password finder free
  • Go to the Wi-Fi network scanning section and check the available networks
  • Select the connection you want to join and click on the username
  • With a Wi-Fi password, you will now be able to access the password
  • You can recover your password or even get access to other networks
  • Enjoy seamless internet connectivity
  1. Dr. Fone Password Manager for iOS

password manager

iOS users often have a hard time remembering and recovering iCloud passwords. Dr.Fone - Password Manager (iOS) is a complete and all-around software App that helps you to manage all iOS passwords. It also has many additional advantages, such as assisting in screen lock code, unlocking Apple ID, and recovering data on your phone.

The App is tested on all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and MacBook laptops. The program can be easily downloaded from your Apple store at really attractive pricing. It also offers a free trial version for you to get the initial know-how. Here are the easy steps for iCloud password management via Dr. Fone

  • Download and Install Dr. Fone App on your MacBook

download the app on pc

  • Connect it to your iPad or iPhone to launch the software


  • Tap on the trust button if it appears on your screen
  • Click on ‘start scan’ to start iOS device password detection

start scan

  • After a few minutes, you can find iOS passwords in the password manager

check the password

With Dr. Fone regaining the iCloud services, Apple ID and iOS data backup are quick and easy. It is a great App with limitless features and can be downloaded at very cool pricing. Get Dr. Fone today and operate your iOS devices hassle-free.

  1. Wi-Fi Password Finder for iOS

iPhone and iPad users can also easily recover the lost Wi-Fi passwords, screen time passwords, and app login history. Here is are the steps to find saved passwords on iOS.

  • Press Command and Space on your iPhone/ iPad
  • Open the keychain access app on your iOS.
  • Use the keychain search bar and find the network list
  • Select the network you were connected to in the past and want to get the password
  • Click on the show password box at the bottom, and you will view the password letters in text format.
  1. For iPhone and iPad Screen Time Passcode Recovery

iphone screen time recovery

As iOS users, we often forget the screen lock passcodes. This prevents the screen from unlocking and can be irritating at times. Here is how to fix the issue by recovering the screen time passcode.

  • Keep your device updated to apple gadget 13.4 or higher.
  • Go to settings and click to screen time
  • Tap to forgot passcode
  • Enter your Apple ID and password
  • Now enter the new Screen Time passcode and confirm it
  • You can now unlock your iPhone/ iPad and start using it again
  1. Recover stored websites & app login passwords

iOS users have the option to keep some apps locked. At times you may lose the password. It is easy to recover back the app password if you follow the correct procedure. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Go to settings and tap on Passwords and Accounts
  • Now click on the website and App Passwords
  • Enter the phone passcode or use Touch ID/ Face ID
  • Scroll down to the website name
  • Long press on the website to copy the username and password
  • Alternatively, tap on the desired web domain to obtain the password
  • Now long press to copy this password and open the Website or App

  1. Scan and View Mail Accounts and Credit Card Information

iOS users often pay on the App store using credit cards. You can view mail accounts and credit card information on Apple devices by following the steps listed below.

For scanning the credit card

  • Tap on settings and go to safari
  • Scroll down to reach the general section
  • Select AutoFill and set Credit Card to on
  • Tap on saved Credit Cards and select add Credit Card
  • Tap use camera and align Credit Card to its frame
  • Let your device camera scan the card and tap done
  • Your Credit Card is now scanned and available for purchase on the App store

For Credit Card Information and Mail Address

  • Go to Wallet and tap on the Card option
  • Now tap on the transaction to view recent payment history
  • You can also view all the Apple payment activity by seeing the statement from your card user
  • You will also have the option of changing the billing mail address, removing the card, or registering another card on the App store


Software Apps are great innovations. They enable you to make great use of tech devices and learn new things. Follow the steps listed above to secure your Wi-Fi passwords, join open networks, and adjusting settings as well as payment options on your Apple devices.

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