The most expensive iPhone is coming this fall,so

Will You Get An iPhone 8?

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41% YES59% NO

Will You Get An iPhone 8?

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  • I think that this expensive iPhone isn't so important because in the end , all the phones (expensive or cheap ) at phones ,but it's good to buy something modern and develop.
    35 other people
  • I do not have the money to buy it. If I had the money I might buy it. I am a fan of Samsung but I would like to try a new type of phone.
    41 other people
48% YES52% NO

iPhone 8 vs iPhone X

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  • Iphone X( ten) is best phone. That a The iPhone X. Edge to edge, face I'd best feature. Now other can copy.
    15 other people
  • I think iphone X cause it allow you to unlock your phone with just a simple look and also it can adentify you inbeen in a dark or physical changes.
    46 other people
52% YES48% NO

Will You Update to iOS 11?

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  • we always need to be updated because everyone wants a change in life and my iPhone is the part of my life so as i always wants be change in life similarly i wants to update my iPhone as per the new generations
    27 other people
  • This might be one of the last updates for jailbreak, its not fun when you are stuck with restricted iOS
    38 other people

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