The most expensive iPhone is coming this fall,so

Will You Get An iPhone 8?

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43% iPhone X57% S9

Will You Choose iPhone X or S9?

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  • I choose iOS. we can get every giant update when it's available. but if you have Samsung, you always need to wait for months to get an update.
    9 other people
  • it 's latest with dual apperture and there's finger print sensot too!!! more screen ,better processor, iris scanner and what not. what else would you ask for also cheaper than iphone X?
    38 other people
48% YES52% NO

Will You Buy A Galaxy S9?

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  • Samsung S9 is the best in the world . Everything Camera Accessories Very nice. Go and grab one!!!!
    15 other people
  • in my opinion Samsung Galaxy S9 is a very good product and very helpful at all make hasay in terms of playing game and doing some things that concern with education
    46 other people
89% YES11% NO

Should iPhone Sign All iOS Firmwares?

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  • Apple should, but they won't. They don't give a damn to customers' petition.
    35 other people
  • I think that, although I own 7 Apple computers and 2 iPhones and 1 iPad, there will be no more Apple from here forward. Apple's predatory policies have finally done me in. I'm through with them. Too bad after 28 years of using only Apple.
    44 other people

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