Facebook is being sued for

collecting Android textand phone logs, so

Will You Delete Facebook?

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Facebook Tips & Tricks to Help You Enjoy Facebook Better

Export Facebook Messages

This post shares with you a few of the most important tips and tricks around Facebook Groups, including creating new groups, muting groups, transfer group admin, etc.

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Facebook Contacts

We can sync our Facebook contact information with iPhone contacts to always to have updated contact list. You can find 4 easy ways to sync Facebook contacts with iPhone.

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Facebook Video Chat

Facebook video chat is not something new. But there are many feedbacks about Facebook video chat not working properly. Check out this Facebook video chat troubleshooting list.

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Recover Facebook Messages

Accidently deleted your Facebook messages on Android phone? Here are two simple method to recover deleted Facebook messages on Android easily.

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Send Messages without Messenger

Don't want to install Facebook Messenger app on your phone? We have uncovered 5 workarounds you can easily send Facebook messages without Messenger app.

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Delete Facebook Messages

Want to delete the Facebook messages on your Android phone and protect your privacy? Here are a few ways for you to delete Facebook Messenger messages easily.

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Read old Facebook Messages

Have a lot of goog memories stored with the Facebook messages? Let's see how we can read old Facebook Messenger messages on Android.

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Facebook Messenger Troubleshooting

Here is a look at the most common Facebook Messenger problems when using Facebook Messenger and how you can solve the problems.

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