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WhatsApp tips & tricks to help you use WhatsApp more wisely

WhatsApp Group

This post shares with you a few of the most important tips and tricks around WhatsApp Groups, including creating new groups, muting groups, transfer group admin, etc.

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WhatsApp Contacts

We have you covered with this full guide to managing WhatsApp contacts just for you. Learn how to add contacts, delete contacts and remove duplicated WhatsApp contacts.

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WhatsApp Last Seen

WhatsApp Last Seen shows people when was the last time you opened WhatsApp. In this informative post, we introduced several ways to hide your WhatsApp last seen.

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WhatsApp Ticks

One grey tick, two grey ticks, two blue ticks. Fantastic, right! I think so, these ticks are much more fun than merely being told 'message sent'.

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Backup whatsApp message

We will be taking a look at 6 ways you can easily back up your WhatsApp messages on iPhone and Android. Backup WhatsApp messages is easier than you think.

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Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Switching from iPhone to Android is never an easy task. In this post, we've outlined the best way to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android.

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Recover WhatsApp pictures

Go through this comprehensive guide to know how to recover deleted WhatsApp photos and other data for iOS and Android devices like a pro.

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Export whatsApp message

Is there any way to export WhatsApp messages from iPhone? This article tells you 3 ways to backup or export WhatsApp Messages from iPhone devices.

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