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How to Run Google Drive Multiple Account on Same Computer?

Oct 26, 2020 • Filed to: Cloud Management Solution • Proven solutions


Online cloud storage services are getting common in the days. People worldwide have started to prefer online cloud storage services to keep ahold of important and official data that can be downloaded into any device through which the account has been accessed. The presence of Google Drive account has made data management an easy process. You can manage, edit, store, and have the data shared with other accounts online on Google Drive. However, the service comes with its own assorted restrictions. With Google Drive under the name of a Google user, they can only have a single account under their name. The article looks forward to discussing the procedure of running multiple Google Drive accounts on the same device.

Google Drive provides users with a range of features, starting from the initial free tier where it exempts 15 GB of cloud storage space to its users. You can always upgrade yourselves to greater storage spaces, which requires both an upgrade to Google One followed by monthly payments, according to the storage space that goes to as much as 2TB of cloud storage. People keep different Google Accounts under their belt, where every account has its own basic purpose ranging from differing from official use to personal utilities. Yet the questions remain over the fact of how you will merge together multiple accounts and manage files among the different accounts simultaneously. Google Drive does not provide a direct synchronization option of multiple Google Drive accounts. The article provides users with a step-by-step guide on connecting Google Drive multiple accounts on the same computer or device.

how to run multiple google accounts

Part 1.1: How to Add Google Drive Multiple accounts on the same computer

Google provides its users with partial autonomy of connecting different accounts with each other over the same device. The connection might seem complicated; however, Google allows you to utilize its share features for combining Google Drive Accounts that are either free tier versions or paid versions. The process is initiated by selecting a primary Google Account through which other accounts shall be approached, followed by synchronizing them onto a single device.

Part 1.2: How to Share Folder from one account to another

Step 1: Open Google Drive

Select and sign in to a Google Account on the device, setting it as the 'secondary' account. Open Google Drive as a follow-up.

Step 2: Make a New Folder

Select the option showing “New” on the top side of the screen. It shall open a drop-down menu from where a folder can be created. A proper name should be asserted to it. Since the process involves synchronizing two or more accounts, the name can go by close to the task.

create a folder

Step 3: Importing and Inserting the Files into the Folder

Data synchronization requires data to be shared. Thus, you need to import and drag all the necessary files that are to be shared in the process. These files are to be transferred into the new folder that has been created for the purpose.

importing the files

Step 4: Share the Folder

With all the data saved into the folder, you need to propagate towards sharing the folder with the other accounts—Right-click over the folder to open a drop-down menu. The option showing 'Share' should be selected. It opens a new window for you.

sharing the folder

Step 5: Add the Primary Account

With the new screen on the front, type in the email address of the account with whom you intend to share the file. A proper procedure, along with verification follow-ups, shall be required, which allows the users to read, organize, and write on the folder. Google will send emails to specific accounts.

add emails you want to share

Step 6: Open the Other Account

You need to open the primary account, with whom the data is being shared in another browser or in incognito mode. After logging in and accepting the email that has been sent to the account, you can easily access the shared folders from the option showing in the side-menu named "Shared with me."

open shared with me drives

Step 7: Import it into the Drive.

Access the folder, select it, and have it added to your primary Drive. The folder will then appear on the primary account. This is how you can successfully connect multiple Google Drive accounts easily.

shared drive on your profile

Part 2: Run Google Drive Multiple Accounts with ODrive

ODrive is an existing platform that provides services to its users for managing multiple Google accounts on a single device. It follows a series of steps that shall help you run multiple Drive accounts on your desktop.

Step 1: Sign Up using ODrive

With ODrive opened, access your accounts and log into them through it.

create account on odrive

Step 2: Connect Multiple Accounts

To link multiple accounts into the single account, you need to select the option showing '+Link Storage' from the application's management console, followed by the signing in into the second Google account.

add multiple google accounts

Step 3: Separate access to data

You can simply access each Google Drive data from the desktop, where the data of each Drive is present in the form of folders.

access all your google drives

Part 3: Run Google Drive Multiple Accounts with Multcloud

Another third-party tool, Multcloud, provides its users with various options inclusive of connecting multiple Google Drive accounts, which can be covered in a series of simple steps.

Step 1: Sign Up through Multcloud

Get yourselves into Multcloud if you are not present in it. Sign up with a new Multcloud account.

sign up on multcloud

Step 2: Add Drives

Add the Google Drive accounts easily on the platform from the set of buttons present on the front.

add multiple google drives

Step 3: Manage the Accounts

With the “Cloud Explorer” function on Multcloud, you can access any cloud storage that has been added into the interface and operate them without switching

access google drives using cloud explorer


This article provides readers with the perfect solution of having their data on different Google Drive accounts synchronized and used over a single device by following different methods and mechanisms.

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