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How to Migrate OneDrive to Another Account?

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Cloud Storage services such as OneDrive have gotten a lot in common as the world moved into the second decade of the 21st Century. However, these services were not taken into practical and noteworthy use for quite a while. Nowadays, things have gotten simpler in handling and managing files. People have been looking for contemporary and easy ways to help them manage their load and save them local space. Cloud storage emerged with the ultimate solution of providing its consumers with exceptional storage capability and the simultaneous saving of local storage. With the common use of OneDrive and such storage services comes the methods and mechanisms of using them perfectly. We have observed over the time that people seek to complain about the limited storage capacity of these cloud storage. Yet, many different ways of countering these issues have been created. Data migration is considered a simple and effective remedy to the situation. People tend to form multiple accounts in order to extend their storage capacity, in general. While focusing on dividing the data, the question comes on migrating the data properly into the other account. OneDrive can be purposefully extended to this use; however, the guide to have it done with OneDrive accounts is generally not that effortless. This article intends to provide its users with the complete guide on how to migrate OneDrive to Another account. This particularly includes the data that is present in the account, which is to be migrated to the other account under the ambits of synthesizing the data or having it deliberately transferred to another account to have new account underuse.

Part 1: Migrate OneDrive to another by copying folders manually (Complicated)

There are a few methods that exist while considering migrating OneDrive accounts. This part seeks to undertake the complicated way of using templates and flow work for copying folders manually onto another OneDrive account. To have folders successfully copied to the other OneDrive account, you need to follow the steps as shown and illustrated below:

Step 1: Signing into both accounts

You need to sign yourselves into the browser. Have a new folder created under an appropriate name. Simultaneously, log yourselves in the other account through another browser or a private window and create another folder with another appropriate in the second account.

Step 2: Use the Flow Template

Using the flow template, change the folder's name, reviewing the name of the first account to the name of the folder displayed in the second account. After following this protocol, save the flow template.

flow template

Step 3: Test both Folders

You can test both folders by copying data into them. Log into the second account and see whether the folder created appears in the list or not.

Step 4: Copy the necessary files into the first account’s folder

After testing, you need to simply copy all the files that you feel about migrating into the second account. All the files that shall be copied will automatically appear on the second account folder after a while. This is how you can have your transfer files between OneDrive accounts manually.

Part 2: Migrate OneDrive to another using CloudFuze (Simple Way)

Third-party cloud managers are a competent option of having your issues resolved involving cloud storage services. For the case of transferring OneDrive files to other accounts or users, CloudFuze provides a simple technique for getting it done. You need to follow the simple series of steps to migrate OneDrive to another user successfully.

Step 1: Create an Account

For consuming the features of these third-party cloud managers, you need to have yourselves registered on these platforms. Create an account and log yourselves in the CloudFuze account.

create an account

Step 2: Add the Accounts involved.

After signing in, you need to add the accounts from where you seek to migrate from and into. The primary account shall act as a source while the account where all the data is to be transferred shall act as the destination.

add the accounts

Step 3: Adding the Source Account

For adding the source account, click on the icon showing OneDrive below the list. Enter the necessary credentials involved in signing in. After the successful addition of credentials, a pop-up window appears requiring access through CloudFuze. Accepting it completes the process.

add source accounts

Step 4: Add the Destination Account

By following a similar procedure as for the Source account, you need to add the Destination account successfully into CloudFuze.

add destination account

Step 5: Verification

For checking whether both accounts were successfully added into the cloud manager, click on the "Clouds" logo present on the panel on the left of the screen. If the accounts are added successfully, they would be observed on the list.

verify the accounts

Step 6: Initiate the Migration Process

You have added your accounts successfully. Tap on the “Migrate” button present on the panel, leading you into a new screen. Select the source and destination accounts for the process.

start the migration

Step 7: Adding necessary files

By tapping on the "Migrate" button present on the right side of the screen, it will lead you to a new page displaying the files. After selecting the appropriate folders and files for transferring, you can click on the "Migrate" button. The engine initiates the transfer, which takes time according to the size of the files being migrated.

select the files to migrate

Step 8: Check Completion

To check whether the migration process has elapsed successfully, observe the panel of the migration screen. It shall show the status as "Processed," which means that the process has successfully completed, and all the respective files have been easily transferred to the destination account.

migration is completed


The article shows the complicated and easy mechanisms of migrating data from one OneDrive account to another. You can follow the step-by-step guide to migrate all files to the other OneDrive account efficiently

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