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How to Move Files from Google Drive to OneDrive?

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Cloud storage over the past decade has seen upward traction in the computing world. Today, people and organizations can handle enormous amounts of data thanks to this technology. This is coupled with the convenience store & retrieve the information from anywhere, anytime, and from any devices.

Move file between google drive and onedrive

Microsoft's OneDrive and Google Drive are the two most popular cloud storage platforms. Both thee provide similar cloud storage and file-sharing services. In this article, we'll throw light on the various reasons why move files Google Drive to OneDrive, and how to do it, and finally, valuable tips on file management on OneDrive.

Why Move Files from Google Drive to OneDrive?

Google drive and onedrive

There is a myriad of reasons people these days are making the switch from Google to OneDrive. Firstly, Microsoft's cloud platform offers three times more space for the same price. Apart from 15GB free storage, you can earn extra storage from its referral program whenever someone signs up on OneDrive through your reference.

The organization of stuff on OneDrive is comparable easy, photos, videos to business documents; everything can be stored in an organized manner, in the form of type. You can easily access it while being anywhere in the world from your Windows PC or mobile device.

Another factor that makes OneDrive a preferred choice is its association with the Microsoft office Apps such as word, excel, or PPT. When you open any of these Apps, you see the recent documents, even the ones stored on the OneDrive.

In addition, you can link to the leading social media platform with OneDrive. This way, sharing of data becomes hassle-free, seamless, and faster.

So, from the deduce certain why people these days want to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive, we'll discuss the method move files from Google Drive to OneDrive, so, let's scroll down and find out:

How to Transfer Files from Google Drive to OneDrive?

There are several easy methods to move Google Drive files to OneDrive, and we'll discuss two of these:

Method 1: Download & Upload

Transfer file to onedrive

This is a convenient means to transfer Google Drive files to OneDrive. First, download the Google Drive files on your local storage (personal computer) and then upload them to OneDrive.

Yes, this method is the easiest one when it comes to move files from google drive to OneDrive as no technical knowledge is required whatsoever.

At the same time, it is never a feasible method if you have large volumes of business files to be moved from Google Drive to OneDrive. You would have a tough time downloading every document on your computer and then uploading it to OneDrive.

This is why we’ve put forth another method to migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive, so let’s hop on that.

Method 2: Archive Entire Google Drive to OneDrive

Step 1: Sign into your Google account, and then hit the link

Archive google drive

Step 2: In the screen “Download Your Data Screen,” select the data you want to include, at the same time ensure that the “Drive” is enabled, and after that hit “Next”

Download file onedrive

Step 3: Select “Add to OneDrive,” under the “Delivery method.”

Link account export

Step 4: In this step, you need to click the “Link account and create export” to connect your OneDrive account and migrate Google Drive files to OneDrive.

Compared to the previous method, this one is straightforward as all your data from Google Drive gets moved to OneDrive with a few clicks, and the best part is you don't have to be a tech freak to implement these straightforward steps.

Files Management Tips on OneDrive

Here, we’ve rounded up file management tips on OneDrive that majority of you are unaware of, these include:

Tip 1: OneDrive is part of the sync setting for most window PCs, allow it, and all your computer data will automatically be stored on the cloud, and you retrieve it anytime. By enabling, every photo, video, or document on your personal computer will get stored up on OneDrive, which you can access from a variety of devices; all you need is Internet connectivity; it's easy-peasy.

Tip 2: Save all office files to OneDrive to the efficient management of your crucial documents. In case there are some issues with your system, you can access your data, even your mobile device, so no downtime if you are a business person.

Tip 3: Access other PCs over OneDrive, all you need is your account credentials, and the remote PC must be running. So, now you have the freedom to access the files on another computer, if you have an access account, it is really business personal, with more than one system.

Therefore, you won’t find yourself in a situation where you’ve run back to get your laptop to give a presentation, in case you forget. This is one feature most people are unaware of, even those who have been using OneDrive for the last couple of years.

Tip 4: OneDrive now has albums to store your photos smartly. You can now segregate all your photos, such as wedding pics, your child graduation, couple vacation to Paris; you don't need to browse images wondering what’s going to come next. So, storing and accessing all your special moments can’t get any easier than this.


You probably got a clear-idea how easy it is to move files Google Drive to OneDrive, plus file management tips are practical to implement. We put two methods for migrating files from Google Drive to OneDrive. The first one is preferred if you use cloud storage for your personal use, while the second method is those who run businesses and have big files to shift. However, if you’ve any other method to add, share it with us via the below comment section - we would love to hear from you!

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