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How to Root LG G5 on Marshmallow Safely

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When you want to get the best settings for your LG G5, the only way forward is to root the device and get access to the root section of the device so you can tweak it to your exact specifications. When you want to add custom apps, or apps that require the root section, then this is your only choice. You can even update your Android Version and do a lot more after going through an LG G5 root process.

Part 1: Before you begin rooting LG G5

There are certain requirements before you go ahead with the LG G5 root process. The device has to be prepared for the rooting so you know that all will go as planned. You need a full backup of your LG G5, and have the proper drivers and power, so the process is not interrupted. The backup is required just in case something goes wrong and you have to restore the device to its original state.

Step 1 – Create a backup of your LG G5

You must understand that when you root LG G5, you stand a high risk of ruining the phone if not done properly. Using Dr.Fone toolkit, create a backup of your deice on your computer before you begin the process. This will give you a file that you can use to recover your device should there be a problem with the LG G5 root process.

backup android phone

Step 2 – Install the correct USB drivers using the Android Debug Bridge

Get the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) a tool that is crucial when you need your computer to communicate properly with the LG G5

Android Debug Bridge

Step 3 – Ensure that your phone battery has enough charge

If interrupted, the LG G5 root process can destroy the phone, causing it to become a brick. This means that there must be enough charge in the phone battery to keep it powered throughout the whole process. Ideally you should keep this at full charge but anything between 60% and 80% will be enough.

charge your phone fully

Step 4 – Know about your LG G5

This is a step that many people ignore and it can cost you quite a lot. You need to understand that your device is running on Android Marshmallow, and then know things like the Build or Kernel number and a lot more. This is information which you will need when you are rotting the device so you chose the right method and protect the phone from any harm.

know your LG G5 properly

Part 2: How to Root LG G5 with Android Root

Thanks to Dr.Fone toolkit you can now root your LG G5 in a few simple and straight-forward steps. Here you will learn how to root Android LG G5. Rooting this device will give you access to features which are normally inaccessible to users. You can tweak the performance of the device improve battery life improve CPU performance install custom apps and a lot more.

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

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Step 1 – Launch the application

After starting Wondershare Dr.Fone toolkit click on “Start” when you get to the home screen. Here you will see that Dr.Fone toolkit has a lot of tools that you can use but Rooting is the focus of this tutorial.

Dr Fone Home Screen

Step 2 – Connect the LG G5 to your computer

You should now connect your LG G5 to the computer using the USB cable that came with the phone; wait for it to be recognized. Ensure that the device is in debug mode; since you are using Marshmallow you will get a pop-up message which will ask you to confirm whether the device should go to debug mode. Click on “OK” and your LG G5 will be fully connected to the computer.

connect device to computer

Step 3 – Detection and Rooting of LG G5

Once the device is connected to your computer click on “Start” and then Dr.Fone toolkit will find the best way in which to root the device. This will only take a few minutes so be patient and wait.

detecting phone

Once the LG G5 has been recognised you should click on “Root Now” and the LG G5 root process will start.

Do the root

Step 4 – Finalize rooting of LG G5

You will get a prompt asking you to confirm whether you want to go on with the LG G5 root process. Go ahead and tap on “Confirm” and the process shall be completed. You should not use the device or disconnect it in any way when you are rooting it; it is best to remove SIM card to avoid accidental calls from people who do not know you are rooting the phone.

Rooting completed

Part 3: A brief review of LG G5

Many manufacturers has avoided designing modular phones but LG went ahead and came up with the G5 which is a modular phone that can compete with Samsung S7. The beauty of this design is that you can add different features to the phone by changing the modules. When you press the release button you will find that the lower part of the phone becomes loose. Now you can remove one module and then add another. There are custom modules that you can buy but the device comes with two.  The Cam Plus is a grip which adds a flywheel and physical buttons to the phone. The other is the Hi-Fi Plus which is a Portable Hi-Fi DAC which comes with a built-in amplifier.

lg g5


The LG G5 comes with an interchangeable battery. Today’s smart phones especially those with large-capacity batteries do not have interchangeable batteries; at least not those that can be removed by users but this phone does. This means that you can have an extra battery which you switch when the other one is out of power. Typically, the battery will last for 11hors and 10 minutes when being used continuously.


The LG G5 comes with the new Snapdragon 820 chip by Qualcomm. This is a quad-core chip which performs to a maximum of 2.2 GHz. This phone has proven to be fast in most benchmark tests. The GPU of the chip enables the device to perform better when it comes to screen performance

The Pros of the LG G5

•    Dual Rear Cameras – The LG G5 has two cameras at the back with one having the standard 78-degree lens and the other having a 135-degree wide angle lens. This allows you to get more details and a wider angle when you take pictures.

•    Interchangeable modules – This allows you to change the hardware of the device on your own. This means that you can add functionality to the device depending on your particular needs at a given time.

The Cons of the LG G5

•    Always On drains battery – the LG G5 has a feature that keeps the date and time fully displayed on the screen at all times. This drains the battery faster than it normally would.

•    Lower batter capacity – LG has reduced the capacity of the battery from 3000 mAH to 2800 mAH. Although they say that this was due to better OS and processing people still want a battery that stores more power.

Knowing how to root LG G5 will give you access to the root section of your deice and allow you to get the best from it. When you use Wondershare Dr.Fone toolkit to root LG G5, you will be using the most-trusted tool in the industry. Apart from rooting the application allows you to do a lot more such as backing up your phone and other tweaks that will improve its performance. The first thing you must always do before you carry out any process on your deice is to create a backup so you can always restore the phone in case of any eventuality. With Dr.Fone toolkit, you can start off with the backup and then root the LG G5 in simple, clear steps. You can now have access to apps and tweak your phone to perform better when you root LG G5 with Dr.Fone toolkit.

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