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Free Up Storage on iPhone in One Tap

  • Identify similar photos on your iPhone 100% accurately.
  • Merge & organize the riddled Contacts app once and for all.
  • Clean up devices in a few taps with the Smart Cleaning.
  • Manage subscriptions across iDevices, like iPhone/iPad/Mac.
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Level Up Your iPhone Experience in Every Possible Way

You don't want the same pictures, screenshots, large videos, jam-packed calendars, and duplicate contacts, right?
MobileClean gives you the hands-free cleaning, in-depth privacy protection,
and premium speed-up you need to take your iPhone experience to the next level.

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Identify & remove duplicate photos and videos accurately and timely

Have you been fed up with similar pictures and videos on your phone? Fortunately, Mobile Clean is here to help. The app enables you to search and delete screenshots, similar pictures, Live Photos, burst photos, and videos that have been piled up on your iPhone.

Instant mergence of duplicate contacts

Does it annoy you when you see multiple identical or unnamed contacts in your contact list? The MobileClean app makes organizing your contacts easy - they can easily be merged, backed up, and removed.

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One-tap storage free up with the Smart Clean

Smart Clean automatically scans your device and sorts files by size. Leave the files or not; it all depends entirely on you. You can take control and clean up your device, screenshots, similar and duplicate pictures & videos, duplicate contacts, and expired calendars with a one-finger tap.

Managing Apple subscription billing is now easier than ever

Are you aware that more than $2,000 was spent on app subscriptions last year? MobileClean is reliable if you're looking to get your finances in better order. It sets up individual billing dates and amounts and then manages your digital subscriptions easily (Spotify, Netflix, and so on).

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See What Our Users Say

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"Definitely the most powerful phone cleaner app in the App Store. It is easy to use and efficient. Every time I go on a trip, I take a ton of photos. They occupy a lot of phone storage. This app can solve my problem efficiently."

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"It’s handy to have a central place to keep track of and see exactly where your money for subscriptions is going, as well as when and how much your next bill is going to be. I never really realized the amount of money I was spending on them, but this app aims to solve that problem."

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"The fact that iCloud duplicates contacts for no apparent reason has been an issue since day 1. My phone has been a mess of 5 or even my own name forever. With one button press, I removed *2500 duplicate contacts from my phone in about 5 seconds."

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mobile Clean work for cleaning my Photo Library?

- All your photos are categorized into similar photos/videos, duplicate photos/videos, screenshots, live photos, and screen recordings. Thus, you will be able to determine how much storage they have taken up and decide which type of media files you would like to delete. Additionally, you can clean photos or videos by setting periods or locations.
- MobileClean will show all your pictures and pick out the top ones from tons of duplicate or similar photos. If you do not want to delete some images, you can unselect them.
- If it were deleted from your iPhone Photo Library within 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks), it could be recovered, but after 30 days, it cannot be recovered.

Free Up Storage on iPhone Now!

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