BFCM 2023 WhatsApp Marketing Strategy Guide

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WhatsApp Marketing:
Win Big on Black Friday
and Cyber Monday

Are you WhatsApp-ready, and do you know the secrets to WhatsApp's success?
Slot WhatsApp into your BFCM strategy this year. Here's a complete strategy for you.

Skyrocket Your Sales

Why WhatsApp marketing
for Black Friday 2023?

When it comes to holiday promotions, with social media (22%) and text messaging (19%)
coming in as the second most preferred forms of communication, meanwhile, with a staggering 2.7 Billion monthly active users, WhatsApp isn't just another messaging app, and it's a global marketing powerhouse.



36% of people who
plan to shop online will look for deals
on social media.

whatsapp transfer


Meanwhile, most popular
messaging app in the world with
2 billions monthly users by 2022.

whatsapp transfer


And WhatsApp with high open
rates of around 90% compared
with email 22%.

drfone whatsapp transfer


70% of people feel more
connected to
businesses they can message

Miss Black Friday 2023, and you miss a huge opportunity


of buyers plan to shop during this
season in 2023

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bfcm whatsapp revenue calculator

Black Friday and Cyber Monday WhatsApp Revenue Calculator

WhatsApp subscribers(None yet? Skip this.)
Email subscribers
Monthly website visitors
  • 1.9.
  • 15.9.
  • 1.10.
  • 15.10.
  • 1.11.
  • 15.11.
Extra BFCM subscribers
Extra BFCM revenue
BFCM WhatsApp Marketing Campaign
before black week
get ready for whatsapp marketing on bfcm

Lay the foundations for WhatsApp Marketing Success

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Secure your WhatsApp customer contact list

Don't forget to separate WhatsApp business contacts and back up the contact list during this time. This is because the contact list is essential for WhatsApp marketing as it enables targeted messaging, builds relationships, provides a direct communication channel, and offers valuable data for analysis.

Ensure that you have a secure copy of your customer contacts and chat history. Tools like WhatsApp transfer can act as an additional layer of protection against data loss or device failure during the busy sales period.

drfone- whatsapp transfer across devices
whatsapp business

WhatsApp Transfer

Transfer, backup, and restore
WhatsApp contacts, files and messages.

whatsapp promotion

Build your audience and warm them up

Get customers opted in to WhatsApp is the key. This is where to focus most of your time. A FOMO and channel engagement helps make a strong WhatsApp audience. There are many ways to bring people into your WhatsApp chat, including:

  • Website popups
  • Social posts
  • Thank you page opt-ins
  • Email newsletters
  • Friend referrals

To warm up your opted-in customers, you can even grant early bird sales access exclusively.

whatsapp digital marketing

Plan your WhatsApp strategy in a early stage

It is so important to take this step because potential customers may not have realized your business is on WhatsApp. By providing an entry point, you make it clear that they will be able to communicate with your brand. Many shoppers are already familiar with WhatsApp, so they'll likely be willing to start a conversation. Also, early planning allows for testing and optimization, ensuring that your WhatsApp strategy is effective and ready to drive maximum results during the peak shopping period.

during black week
whatsapp campaign for selling

Send and optimize your Black Friday WhatsApp campaigns

whatsapp campaign ideas
whatsapp business chats transfer

Create a comprehensive
BFCM WhatsApp campaign

It is best to create an overarching concept for all your Black Friday communications. Regardless of whether you're leading with WhatsApp, you'll likely need assets for social media, your website, email, and maybe even in-store posters.

Don't forget to keep your branding and messaging consistent across all channels, whether you do a competition, event, interactive quiz, or simply call it a fun name or add a catchy visual.

build whatsapp audiences

Take advantage of
WhatsApp Business API

The basic WhatsApp Business app is excellent for customer service but falls short for massive outreach campaigns. In 2024, WhatsApp Business APIs will be used by enterprises by 5,400%, making it the go-to channel for customer care.

Connecting to the WhatsApp Business API can send bulk WhatsApp and brings scalability, automation, and in-depth analytics to your fingertips. If you’re a small business aiming to reach under 256 people, the free app might suffice.

marketing through whatsapp

Make analysis and optimizations
for maximum impact

To further refine strategies and understand customer behavior and preferences, you should constantly monitor key performance indicators for your business objective you set earlier, such as:

  • open rates
  • click-through rates
  • conversion rates

Ultimately, by monitoring and analyzing your WhatsApp marketing results, you can make data-driven decisions, improve your campaign's performance, and ensure you're making the most of the Black Friday sales period.

after black week
retention journey whatsapp

Plan your retention journey

bfcm sales
convert and retain

After the excitement of Black Week, it's crucial to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more. Update your CRM strategy to keep customers engaged. Share useful tips, industry insights, or behind-the-scenes sneak peeks in the long run. By building long-term relationships beyond Cyber Week, you'll be more than just a Black Friday deal.

best practice for whatsapp marketing

From retail, e-commerce, and more,
WhatsApp helps businesses drive results

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success stories whatsapp for marketing

Benefit Cosmetics builds a versatile channel through WhatsApp Business Platform

whatsapp marketing benefit

image source: WhatsApp Benefit's success stories

44.5% uplift in
customers engaging

with Lenovo on WhatsApp, which is over the original goal.

8.2X higher
conversion rates

appointment bookings with WA Flows vs. the website experience

customer satisfaction

service quality scores and industry recognition

A seamless and flexible support channel


To simplify the process of booking technical service appointments through WhatsApp by encouraging customers to manage them within the app.


Lenovo collaborates with Meta to simplify its appointment booking process with WhatsApp Flows: When customers enter WhatsApp to book an appointment, they are greeted by a menu that enables them to choose between local stores for service, as well as available dates and times. As soon as customers confirm their orders, they receive a WhatsApp confirmation message and an email with a QR code linking back to WhatsApp. Simply go back into the app if they want to reschedule or cancel.


"We have a philosophy of "One Lenovo," where every member of our team aligns around a goal of delivering transformative customer experiences. Right away, the Meta team became a part of ‘One Lenovo,’ working on a bespoke solution in WhatsApp Flows that increased our customer satisfaction scores while improving internal resource management."

Naveen Buddhar

Sr. Manager, Transition Realization Management, SSG
HQ Strategy - Transformation Office, Lenovo

success stories for lenovo

Use WhatsApp Flows, Lenovo Indonesia expands its existing WhatsApp channel

using whatsapp for marketing lenovo

image source: Lenovo WhatsApp success stories

30% increase in
bookings attributable

brow and lip wax bookings attributable to WhatsApp

200% in
growth in sales

year-over-year sales partially attributable to WhatsApp

60% faster agent
response time

when it comes to WhatsApp vs email

A versatile, creative service channel


To deliver fast, convenient service for customers.


As part of the company's arsenal of digital marketing tools, it uses WhatsApp along with Instagram and Facebook. In response to Facebook messages and posts, Benefit Cosmetics invites customers to subscribe to Recurring Notifications for e-coupons. With Recurring Notifications, Benefit Cosmetics can deliver regular coupons, as well as messages promoting sales, services, and product launches - all part of engaging customers over some of their preferred channels.


"Using WhatsApp, we put our best face forward to customers as we rebound from lockdowns that significantly impacted our industry. Boosting awareness of our brand through such a popular channel has contributed to a 200 percent increase in year-over-year sales."

Sue Leung

Retail & Operations Manager, Benefit Cosmetics

success stories omay food

Omay Foods and WhatsApp for Business: Building personal relationships with customers

business whatsapp promotion message omay foods

image source: Omay Foods WhatsApp success stories

5X increase in
customer inquiries

via WhatsApp compared to previous email contact channel

3X increase in
repeat customers

via WhatsApp in April 2021 compared to March 2020

5X increase in

for retail channels in April 2021 compared to March 2020

A human touch


To create an easy and human way to guide new customers through the ordering process.
To communicate with business-to-business customers (such as retailers and wholesalers) outside of email.


It was discovered by Omay Foods that people in India prefer to gain confidence in a new business before placing an order. For this reason, they use WhatsApp for marketing, and added WhatsApp buttons to their website, Facebook page, and Instagram profile, allowing customers to ask questions and start conversations in just a few clicks. To set expectations and turn questions into purchases, Omay Foods used WhatsApp Business features like a business profile, catalogue, and quick responses to build trust with potential customers.


"The WhatsApp Business app is a powerful platform to build trust and confidence amongst our customers. The convenient channel plays an indispensable role in our customer care functions along with setting a high conversion rate across business-to-business domains."

Vijay Katta

Founder, Omay Foods

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whatsapp marketing templates

Don't forget to A/B test your
WhatsApp message templates

You can A/B test WhatsApp message templates to see which ones your customers find most engaging just like you do with other marketing channels.

1.Choose the template for the message you want to test, along with the details that you'll change in the experiment. For example, you might examine whether shoppers are more likely to subscribe when your opt-in template includes a discount code. If there are any differences in the results you can attribute them to the adjustment you made to one aspect of the template at a time.

2. Determine the metrics for evaluating template variations. Cost per click, conversion value, and amount spent are examples. For opt-ins, you'd likely measure how many opt-ins each template generated.

3. Create a test audience that is large enough to generate meaningful results. It is also important to ensure that audience members are similar enough to ensure reliable results.

4. Maintain an equal distribution of template delivery across the variations during the experiment.

5. Check the results.


The Power of WhatsApp Message Marketing


Create an Effective Black Friday Marketing Strategy


Effective Methods to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Files

whatsapp marketing tools calculator

2023 BFCM WhatsApp Revenue Calculator


5 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software To Try


10+ Things
About WhatsApp Marketing

10+ 'Last minute' don'ts and dos to get
ready for ecommerce's big days
donts for whatsapp promotions

Send too many messages

When using a channel like WhatsApp, keep in mind that you don't want to spam your customers. 54% of global consumers said they'd be happy to receive a message up to twice a week in the 2022 Digital Shopping Habits survey. However, only 19% said they'd be happy with a message once a day.

Treat WhatsApp like a traditional marketing / sales platform

Many marketers rely on email for marketing and sales. Send personalized messages, promote your latest products and sales en masse, and more. However, WhatsApp can perform all of those functions as well, but it also offers some additional advantages:

  • Get access to rich features, such as quick / suggested replies, buttons, calendar events, and locations
  • Customer replies - i.e., two-way communication
  • Putting the power back in the hands of customers - with businesses being able to approach customers as well, it gives customers a chance to approach them (as well as businesses approaching customers).

Take advantage of that and engage your customers more deeply. With the most popular messaging platform in the world, you can make your brand seem like a close friend.

must-dos for whatsapp marketing

1. Have an opt-in and opt-out strategy for the whole BFCM campaigns

2. Personalising your messages

3. Prioritising what you choose to push out via WhatsApp

4. Have an omnichannel strategy, that is to say, combine your online channels with your offline channels, such as in-store signage.