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Transfer phone data without a PC

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1 Click to Copy One Phone to Another

  • · Move data between devices with different OSs, i.e. iOS to Android.
  • · Transfer contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, and more types.
  • · Simple, click-through process.
  • · Compatible with Android 14 (Win) and the latest iOS 17.
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Transfer Content Between iOS/Android
iOS 17Android 14

Phone Transfer works perfectly for 8000+ devices, including Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, OPPO, Sony, Google, and more. It also supports the latest iOS and Android, including devices provided by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile, or unlocked.
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Support All Kinds of Data Types

*Call log is not supported on iOS 13 or above. App data is not supported for Android 9.0 or above.

1 Click to Transfer Data to New Phone

With this phone transfer tool, you only need to select the file types and transfer various kinds of data to your new phone with one click. It is a simple click-through process, and even kids can operate easily.

High-Speed Transfer

You can switch the phone to another within less than 3 minutes, time of a cup of coffee. You can also join our business plan for more solutions!
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Why Phone Transfer is a better option

Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer
Samsung Smart Switch
Move to iOS
Device Compatibility
Compatible with 8000+ iOS and Android devices. Transfer all types of data between any two devices, be they Android or iOS.
Transfer data only to Samsung devices from other devices.
Transfer data only to iOS devices from other devices.
File Types
Supports a maximum of 15 file types for the phone to phone transfer.
Supports a maximum of 15 file types to transfer to Samsung.
Supports only 7 file types.
Transfer Speed
Within 3 minutes
About 5 minutes
5 minutes or longer
Transfer Method
USB transfer
USB transfer, cloud transfer
Wi-Fi transfer

Steps for Using Phone Transfer

download and connect
select the file
wait for the process
  • 01 Launch the program on your computer
    Launch Dr.Fone, click Phone Transfer, and connect your devices.
  • 02 Choose the file and start to transfer
    Select the file types and click on Start Transfer to begin the process.
  • 03 Transfer completed within minutes
    For efficiency, don't disconnect the devices until the process is complete.

Tech Specs


1 GHz or faster processor (Intel or AMD)


2 GB or more of RAM

Hard Disk Space

200 MB of available hard disk space

iOS & Android

Requires iOS 5 or later
Requires Android OS 4.6 or later

Computer OS

Requires Windows 7 or newer
Requires macOS X 10.8 & higher

FAQs - You May Still Be Wondering

  • It depends on your source phone and target phone. If both phones are Android, it's easy to transfer Apps to the new phone. Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer is the easiest tool to help you transfer Apps along with other file types from Android to Android in 1 click. Just Launch Dr.Fone on your computer and connect both phones, select the file types, and click on Start Transfer. Everything else is automatic.
    If both your devices are iPhones, when you use the same Apple ID to set up your iPhone and select Restore from iCloud backup, all Apps and other files will be restored to the new iPhone.
    If you have both iPhone and Android, there is no solution to transfer Apps between them. You need to download the Apps on the new phone manually.
  • To transfer text messages from Android to Android:
    1. Launch Dr.Fone on your computer and select Phone Transfer.
    2. Connect both Android phones to the computer using USB cables.
    3. Select Text Messages and click Start Transfer.
    4. All text messages will be transferred to the new Android phone in just minutes.
  • Here is how to transfer data from Android to iPhone using Move to iOS:
    1. On your Android phone, download Move to iOS App from Google Play and open Move to iOS.
    2. Set up your new iPhone until you see the "App&Data" screen. If the iPhone is not a new one, you'll need to factory reset it and set it up again.
    3. Tap the "Move Data from Android" option.
    4. Tap "Continue" on both your Android phone and iPhone.
    5. You will see a digital code on your iPhone screen. Enter the code on your Android phone.
    6. Then, the iPhone and the Android phone will be connected over Wi-Fi. Select the data types you want to move to iOS.
    7. Then, the selected data will be transferred to the iPhone.
    The supported data includes contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, and calendars.
  • Move to iOS App only transfers data from Android to iPhone before setup. To move data after the iPhone setup, Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer is the best option for you. To transfer data:
    1. Open Dr.Fone and connect both Android and iPhone to the computer.
    2. Dr.Fone will display both phones. Make sure the Android phone is the source and iPhone the target phone. If not, click the Flip icon.
    3. Select the file types you would like to transfer and click Start Transfer.
    4. The selected files will be transferred to the iPhone.

1-Click Phone Transfer

With this phone transfer tool, you can transfer all types of data like contacts, messages, photos, music, calendar, etc. from phone to phone seamlessly.

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