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What You Must Know
Before Selling Your
Used Phone?

Are you ready to sell your old phone? Learn everything about assessing
its value, choosing the proper selling channels, and protecting your
personal information with Dr.Fone.

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From Old to Gold?
Why Selling Your Used Phone is a Smart Move?

Insights into Current Second-Hand Mobile Phone Market

Global Refurbished and Used Mobile Phone Market Size
(from 2022 to 2033, in billion U.S. dollars)
Global Refurbished and Used Mobile Phone Market Size
The second-hand mobile phone market is experiencing significant growth and popularity
Source: Statista
The Most Popular Used Phone Brands in 2022
(By Market Share)
The Most Popular Used Phone Brands in 2022
Apple dominates almost half of the used phone market share, followed by Samsung.
Source: Counterpoint Research

What Advantages Await When You Sell Your Used Phone?

Financial Return
Selling your smartphone provides instant cash for reinvesting or saving.
Personal Growth
Selling your used phone can give you valuable insights into market trends.
Environmental Impact
Used phones contribute to the reduction of electronic waste in manufacturing new devices.
Upgraded Technology
Trading in your old phone can be an excellent way to get a more advanced device with a little amount of extra money.
Making Technology Accessible to Everyone
Used phones enable individuals who may not have the financial means to purchase a new device to access modern technology.

Who are the Potential Buyers of Used Phones?

People looking for a more affordable option may choose to buy used phones instead of purchasing brand-new ones. Used phones often come at a lower price point, making them attractive to those on a tight budget.
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Value-Conscious Customers

Purchasing a used phone can serve as a temporary or immediate replacement for individuals who have lost or damaged their current phone. It enables them to stay connected until they can afford a new phone or repair their damaged device.
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Replacement Buyers

These users are dedicated to environmental sustainability, actively choosing used phones to reduce waste and their carbon footprint.
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Environmentally Conscious Customers

Older adults and children often use second-hand phones for trial purposes. This allows them to test the device's functionality and features without incurring the total cost, making it a practical and cost-effective solution.
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Elderly and Children Testers

This particular customer group highly values the distinctive designs, historical significance, and nostalgic appeal of older models.
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Phone Enthusiasts and Collectors

How to Assess the Value of Your Used Phone?

Factors Affecting the Value of Used Phones

What should you take into account?
Accurately assess and represent the condition of used phones for fair transactions. Significant physical damage(e.g., cracked screen, dents, scratches) can significantly decrease the value of a used phone.
factors image
What should you take into account?
Determine the age and model of your phone. Newer models generally have higher value, while older models may have depreciated.
factors image
What should you take into account?
Check if all the features and functions of your phone are working correctly. A fully functional phone will have a higher value.
factors image
What should you take into account?
Take into account any additional accessories, such as chargers, earphones, or original packaging. These can increase the value of your phone.
factors image
What should you take into account?
Check if your phone is unlocked or compatible with multiple networks. Unlocked phones generally have a higher value as they can be used with different carriers.
factors image
What should you take into account?
Popular brands and models tend to retain their value better. As a result, if you own a phone from a famous brand or model, you can expect it to hold its value relatively well in the resale market.
factors image

Check the Price of Popular Second Hand iPhone&Samsung

apple icon
iPhone Xr - Up to $164
iPhone SE - Up to $180
iPhone Xs - Up to $192
iPhone 11/11 Pro - Up to $314
iPhone 12/12 Pro - Up to $438
iPhone 13/13 Pro - Up to $539
iPhone 14/14 Pro - Up to $721
apple icon
Galaxy S23 Series - Up to $700
Galaxy S22 Series - Up to $479
Galaxy S21 Series - Up to $309
Galaxy S20 Series - Up to $221
Galaxy Z Flip - Up to $589
Galaxy Z Fold - Up to $600
Besides taking the factors mentioned above into account, you can also, directly visit the authoritative website to assess the value of second-hand mobile phones: sellcell, mobileklinik, cashify.

Simply input the basic information about your used phone, and you will receive an approximate amount of the value.

How to Stay Safe When Sell Your Used Phone?

Sell your used phone may be profitable, but you may face hidden dangers of personal information leakage. Let's explore the worst scenarios.
Identity Theft
Suppose personal information on your used phone, including your name, address, and social security number, falls into the wrong hands. In that case, it can be used for identity theft, resulting in potential legal consequences.
Financial Loss
Financial Loss
Failing to protect sensitive data such as banking information, credit card numbers, and other financial data may lead to unauthorized transactions and fraudulent activities.
Privacy Breach
Privacy Breach
The misuse of personal information, including private conversations, photos, and emails, can have severe emotional consequences, as your personal life may be exposed to someone you do not know or trust.
Unauthorized Access
Unauthorized Access
Failing to clear personal information from your phone can grant the buyer access to your accounts, social media profiles, and sensitive data, potentially resulting in unauthorized use or hacking..

Protect Your Privacy:
Essential Steps to Secure Your Used Phone Sell



Transfer and Backup Data
Properly deal with essential data such as contacts, photos, messages, app data, social media history, and so on. It ensures the protection of personal privacy and prevents any potential misuse of sensitive information.

For iPhone Users

Solution 1. iCloud Transfer:

1.Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup

2.Tap "Back Up Now".

3.During the setup process, choose "Restore from iCloud Backup" in your nee iPhone.

4.Sign in to your iCloud account to select the most recent backup for data transfer.

Solution 2. iTunes Transfer:

1.Connect your old iPhone to your computer.

2.Open the latest version of iTunes.

3.Select your iPhone and click on the "Summary" tab.

4.Under the "Backups" section, click on "Restore Backup".

5.Choose the most recent backup to transfer your data to the new iPhone.

For Android Users

Solution 1. Google Account Transfer

1.On your old Android phone, go to Settings > Accounts > Google.

2.Add and sync your Google account to automatically back up contacts, calendar events, app data, and some settings.

3.On your new Android phone, sign in with the same Google account during setup, and your data will be synced to the new device.

Solution 2. Manufacturer's Transfer Tool

Some Android phone manufacturers provide their own transfer tools. Check your phone's settings or the manufacturer's website for instructions on how to use their specific tool.



Unlink System and Third-Party Accounts
Go through all the accounts linked to your phone, such as iCloud, Google, social media, email, and messaging apps. Sign out of these accounts to ensure that the new user won't have access to your personal information.

For iPhone Users


1.Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2.Scroll down and tap on your name at the top of the screen.

3.Tap on "iCloud" or "iTunes & App Store", depending on the service you want to unbind.

4.Tap on your AppleID at the top of the screen.

5.Select "Sign Out" or "Disconnect" to unbind your iPhone from the account or service.

For Android Users


1.Open the Settings app on Android phone.

2.Scroll down and tap on "Accounts" or"Users & Accounts".

3.Tap on the account you want to unbind.

4.Tap on the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

5.Select "Remove Account" or "Sign Out" to unbind your Android phone from the account or service.



Completely Wipe Out All Your Data on the Device
Mobile phones contain personal information like contacts, messages, photos, and social media accounts. If not erased, this data can be accessed by the new owner, posing privacy and security risks.

For iPhone Users


1.Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2.Scroll down and tap on "General".

3.Tap on "Reset".

4.Select "Erase All Content and Settings".

5.Enter your device's passcode.

6.Tap on "Erase iPhone" to confirm and erase all data.

Dr.Fone's All-in-One Data Eraser Solution for iOS:

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For Android Users


1.Open the Settings app on Android phone.

2.Scroll down and tap on "System" or "System and Device".

3.Tap on "Reset" or "Restore".

4.Select "FactoryData Reset" or "Erase All Data".

5.Confirm the data erasure operation, which may require entering your device's passcode or other verification.

Dr.Fone's All-in-One Data Eraser Solution for Android:

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Dr.Fone Basic:
Advanced Tool for Data Protection when Selling Used Phone

Consider using Wondershare Dr.Fone to safely and effortlessly transfer your valuable data to a new device, securely backup your important files, and completely wipe out all your data with one single click.
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Data Transfer

Transfer all your data, including contacts, messages, photos, music, chat history, bookmarks, etc., from one phone to another in just one click.
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Data Backup

Back up your phone to a PC and restore backups selectively or entirely. Support backup of 10+ data types, such as photos, music, and contacts. You can also preview and restore backups.
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Data Eraser

Permanently erase data on iOS and Android devices to secure your personal information and privacy.

How to Stay Safe When Sell Your Used Phone?

Method 1——Online Websites and Platforms

Addtional Safety Tips:
  • Be honest and provide accurate details about the phone's condition, including any flaws or issues. Transparency builds trust with potential buyers.
  • Respond promptly to inquiries and provide accurate information to potential buyers. Establish good communication and address any concerns they may have.
  • Prioritize secure payment methods, such as PayPal, to protect both parties. Avoid using insecure payment methods like wire transfers or sharing sensitive banking information.
  • Select a reliable shipping method and ensure the phone is appropriately packaged for protection. Consider purchasing shipping insurance to safeguard against damage or loss during transit.

Method 2
Mobile Carrier Trade-In Programs

Many phone manufacturers and retailers offer trade-in programs where you can deal directly with them.
  • Tips: Ensure that your specific phone model is eligible for the recycling program.
method2 image

Method 3
Certified Resellers&Used Phone Stores

Selling to certified resellers and used phone stores is a convenient and reliable option as they specialize in buying and reselling used devices.
  • Tips: Make sure to research and choose reputable resellers or stores that have positive customer reviews and offer fair prices for your device.
method2 image

Method 4

Directly sell your phone to someone you know and trust can be a safe option.
  • Tips: Make sure to discuss the terms and payment method clearly to avoid any misunderstandings.
method2 image