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One Click Root Solution: How to Root All Android Devices with PC/Computer

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Must-knows when you root Android

What is rooting Android?

Common knowledge to all the smartphone users is that Android OS is one of the best Operating Systems on Smart Phones worldwide.

Despite the numerous updates, an Android user is never able to control the Smart Phone completely. Evidently, the reason lies in certain User Permission that allows the user to perform a few certain functions.

When it comes to installing apps, or deleting apps and system applications, nothing goes above the User Permission radar. The user restrictions might be for the betterment of the OS but they also happen to wreak havoc on the Smart Phone like draining battery and mobile data without us actually using them.

Such problems can be avoided by rooting any Android, which is the Android equivalent of jailbreaking in iPhone’s. So, what is rooting in real time and what happens when you root?

Rooting is allowing yourself to a superuser access on the Smart Phone. With the help of rooting Android, you no longer have to deal with the Non–User-Friendly apps and can make amendments like deleting, fixing, or installing new ones, which is not possible if the Android is not rooted. Typically, an Android uses Linux permissions which are the main cause of the user permissions and the restrictions. When you root any Android device, you are basically adding a Linux function that has a file named SU in it. This Switch User (SU) will turn the normal user into a superuser with the ultimate control and thereby allows you full access to the Smart Phone.

Pros of rooting all devices

When you root any Android, there are quite many positive aspects to consider.

  • Unlike the unrooted device that would backup only certain settings and apps, a rooted device can give the benefit of a complete backup.
  • Unnecessary applications can be closed thereby increasing device’s speed and prolonging the battery life.
  • Bloatware can be removed to free up memory.
  • Any kind of pop-ups while playing games can be blocked.
  • Preinstalled applications can be uninstalled to ensure a high running quality and to improve the performance.

Cons of rooting all devices

There are some negative impacts to consider too if you root any Android device.

  • When you root, the warranty becomes null and void.
  • The burden of protecting the Android becomes too much to handle.
  • The Android device may be subject to hacking and virus.
  • The Android phone might get ‘bricked’ during rooting and it means you can no longer use your Android Phone.

Precautions to take before you root any device

Before anyone decides to root all devices, in particular, it is better to have a clear idea of what you are going to deal with. The inherent security was made for a reason and if it denies any download of an app, it is because there is a possible threat to security. With the warranty and security out of the picture, you need to tread seriously.

So, before you start messing with your Smart Phone, remember to:

  • Have a prior knowledge of rooting your Android.
  • Back up the EFS partition, which is available on every phone.
  • Check the Android version for a relevant rooting method.
  • Get a thorough idea of whether you want to root your Android with an App or via PC.
  • If you root Android with PC, make sure the connection is not broken and check for the USB drivers and cables.

Root Android with PC/Computer (one-click root for PC)

Even with all the precautions and instructions laid out before us, we tend to mess up something. Even if we did root Android with PC successfully, we cannot be so sure about the impending security problem. In order to solve the paranoia and root all devices without much hassle, download one-click root for PC, which is Dr.Fone – Root. Despite the presence of lots of rooting tools in the market, what makes Dr.Fone – Root, a reliable and the best among others? The reason lies in its splendid features and the ease of functioning, which is described below.

Dr.Fone - Root

Safe and Free Tool to Root All Devices

  • Dr.Fone - Root won't install any bloatware from a third party for profits.
  • No need to search for a relevant rooting method for a particular Android version because Dr.Fone – Root supports over 7000 devices and is completely Android compatible.
  • User – friendly interface and very simple to handle.
  • It will unveil the full potential of the Smart Phone without compromising on Safety and Security.
  • Totally hassle-free.
  • Dr.Fone – Root is absolutely Free of Charge.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

Root Android with PC/Computer (one-click root for PC)

Before you start to download Dr.Fone, you have to prepare your Android Phone. Here’s what needs to be done:

  • Rooting might involve hours or minutes based on the phone. So, get the battery of the device charged so there won’t be any breaks while you root any Android device.
  • Back up all your data without any fail.
  • Get a clear understanding of how to root the Android device by watching the tutorial.
  • Just as you know how to root Android with PC, it is important to know how to unroot the Android if at all you want things running normally.
  • Lastly, while you root Android with PC, some antivirus or firewall setup in the PC might disturb the rooting. Therefore, before you root any Android device, scan the downloaded files for rooting and then disable the antivirus or firewall on your PC.

How to Root Any Android Device using Dr.Fone – Root

Now that you are set with all the preparations and precautions, follow the simple and quick steps below:

  1. Download the Dr.Fone from the official website and launch it on your PC/computer.
  2. Run the software and click on “Root.”

  3. Use a proper USB cable to connect the Android device (version 4.2.2 or above) to the computer and tap “OK” as asked on a pop-up message.

  4. The Computer will recognize the Android device. Click on “Start.”

    start to root any android

  5. To follow a relevant routing method, the program will detect the phone, which could take a few minutes. Wait until the completion of the process.

    wait before you root all devices

  6. Tap “Root Now” as shown below followed by clicking on an “OK” to allow the rooting of the phone.

    allow to root android with pc

  7. The phone starts rooting and a screen as shown below will appear indicating the end of one-click root for PC.

    end of one-click root for pc

Video Guide: How to Root All Devices Successfully

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