The Best Way to Root the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

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This is a guide sharing you the best way to root the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 phone on your computer fast and easily. You can finish the whole procedure in a few simple clicks. Well, before you get started, you need to know some rules that this guide is only for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830, rooting will void your phone warranty and you're going to do this at your own risk. You've got this, and then let's go further.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 with One Click

This Android Root software could help you Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 all in one click.

Dr.Fone - Root

Free and Reliable Tool to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 with One Click

Step 1: Connect Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 to your PC

Launch Dr.Fone after it is installed. Use the Samsung USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 and the PC. Now, Dr.Fone's main window will display multiple options. Here, choose the "Root" option.

main interface for android one root

Step 2: Detect Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

From the upcoming interface, hit on the "Start" button, the root tool will then start recognizing phone's information.

root samsung galaxy ace s5830 with Dr.Fone

Step 3: Initiate rooting process.

After the device and the rooting solution get detected, just click "Root Now". Then you need to allow the tool to root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 by touching "Confirm" on the popup.

start to root samsung galaxy ace s5830

Step 4: Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 is rooted completely

When rooting finishes, the screen shows a message "Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 root completed!". This means the rooting completion and you can disconnect from the PC.

root samsung galaxy ace s5830 complete

Video Guide: How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Manually

First of all, check your phone and make sure that your phone's battery is more than 70% (fully charged will be better).

Then download the following rooting packages below to your computer.

Note: Just download the packages and save them on your computer (a place easy to access). You don't need to unzip them.

Step 1. Enable USB debugging.
Hold your phone and go to Setting > Applications > Development, check the box before USB Debugging if it's not checked. If it is, just leave it alone and go to the next step.

Step 2. Copy the rooting packages to your phone.
Next, get your phone connected to the computer via a USB cable. Find the rooting packages that you downloaded previously and copy it to the SD card's root directory on your phone. Don't copy it to any other folders.

Step 3. Go to the phone's recovery mode
When you complete the task above, disconnect your phone to the computer and power it off. Then press Volume Up + Home + Power together for a while, until you get to the phone's recovery mode.

Step 4. Install the packages on your phone
On the recovery mode's menu, there is an option: Apply update from external storage. Choose it and select the packages you've copied to your phone to get it installed.

root samsung galaxy ace s5830

Step 5. Root your system now
Now, it starts the process of rooting. Just wait for a few minutes, and after that, you'll be asked to reboot the phone. Just allow it and get your phone rebooted. When you phone's rebooting is completed, you've totally finished the rooting thing.

how to root samsung galaxy ace s5830

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