Ultimate Guide to Root LG G4 and Flash a Custom ROM

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Many people are opting to root their Android devices since this allows them to access many of the hidden parts of the device. If you want to install certain apps, you will need access to the root of the LG G4. This article shows you how LG G4 root process works; when you use Dr.Fone toolkit by Wondershare, you will be able to go through the process without any problem.

Part 1: Preparation of rooting LG G4

When you are about to perform LG G4 root, you need to make sure that you data and files are safe, and you can always restore them should anything go wrong. In order to prepare the device for rooting, you should backup your data, install the correct USB drivers and much more, to ensure the proper rooting of the device.

Step 1 – Create a backup of your LG G4

Whenever you root an Android phone, you will be overwriting some important files, and it is important that you create a backup, which you can use to recover your phone, should anything go wrong. Many people have ended up bricking their phones, and having to go through expensive processes to recover their phones, but they will still have lost any personal data that they had before.

root lg g4 - backup android phone

Step 2 – Ensure that your phone battery is adequately charged

The LG G4 root process is a sensitive operation and should not be interrupted once it begins. This is why you should have adequate charge on your device. Ideally, your phone should have a full charge before rotting, but if you have 60% to 80%, then you are in the safe zone.

root lg g4 - battery level

Step 3 – Use the Android Debug Bridge to install the correct USB drivers.

The drivers required for your computer to communicate properly with your device when plugged into the USB port can be installed using the Android Debug Bridge, or ADB.

root lg g4 - instal ADB

Step 4 – Know about your LG G4

In order to be able to choose the right rooting process, you need to know more about your phone. You need to know more about the Kernel or Build Number, The Android Version, Model Number, and much more. These can be found in the “About Phone” section in your “Settings”.  Choosing the wrong rooting process can adversely affect your phone.

root lg g4 - about phone

Part 2: How to root LG G4 with Android Root

Thanks to Dr.Fone toolkit, LG G4 root is now a simple, one-click process. Here you will see how to root Android LG G4 in a few simple steps. You get access to all the features of this powerful phone when you root it. Not only does the phone perform better, but you can now install applications which you would not have managed in the non-root mode. You will love the longer battery time, faster CPU, several apps that you can tweak, removal of bloatware and a lot more.

Dr.Fone da Wondershare

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

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Step 1 – Launch the application

Launch Dr.Fone toolkit, and then click on “Start”. You will be presented with an interface that should you many tools available in the application.

root lg g4 - Home Screen

Step 2 – Connecting LG G4 to computer

Use the USB cable from the LG G4 to connect the device to your computer; the device must be in USB debugging mode so it can be recognized by Dr.Fone toolkit. When you have Android 4.2.2 and above, you will get a pop-up asking whether you want to proceed in USB debugging mode. Tap on “OK” to proceed. Your LG G4 will now be recognised by the computer.

root lg g4 - Connect device

Step 3 – Detection and Rooting of LG G4

Now you should click on the “Start” button within Dr.Fone toolkit. This will enable the application to determine which the best way to root LG G4 is. The brand and model of the device will always determine how long it takes for this process to be complete.

root lg g4 - detecting device

When the LG G4 is recognised, click on “Root Now” and the device will be rooted.

root lg g4 - device ready

Step 4 – Complete rooting of LG G4

Before the rooting process proceeds, Dr.Fone toolkit will ask you to confirm that you want to proceed with the LG G4 root. Tap on “Confirm” and the process will continue. You only need to wait for a few minutes and the device shall now be in root mode.

root lg g4 - Root complete

Part 3: How to install a custom ROM

Installing custom ROMs is the rage nowadays; everybody wants a different tweak on their Android operating system. These ROMs include changes to the whole operating system, so you can see a change in the way your device operates. In order to install custom ROMs, you need LG G4 root to be done on your device.

When installing a new custom ROM, you must fulfill three requirements:

  • Download the “Google Apps” ZIP file, which will have PlayStore, Gmail and Maps.
  • Download the Custom ROM ZIP file
  • Have a recovery mode environment, such as Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) – there are others but TWRP is the most popular, and will be referenced to in this tutorial.

Once you have these three, you can follow the following steps to install or flash a custom ROM.

How to Flash A ROM with TWRP Recovery

Step 1 – Backup your data and then boot into recovery mode

As always, you should backup all your data before doing any sensitive operations on your deice. Once you finish this turn your phone off, and then Boot into recovery mode (TWRP). You do this by pressing on the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons for about 5 seconds.

Step 2 – Do a Factory Reset of your device

From the TWRP Home Screen, Tap the Wipe Button and then swipe the bar at the bottom. This will completely reset your phone. When flashing a new ROM, you must do a factory reset; when upgrading, you do not have to.

root lg g4 - wipedataroot lg g4 - confirm wipe

Step 3 – Flash/Install the Custom ROM

Going back to the TWRP Home screen now click on Install. Once you have done, so, scroll down to where you see the Custom ROM ZIP file listed. Tap on the ZIP file and then swipe the bar at the bottom to confirm the installation. This step will take a few minutes so be patient and wait for it to be complete.

root lg g4 - installroot lg g4 - choose ROMroot lg g4 - confirm flash

Step 4 – Flash/Install the “Google Apps” (GApps)

Navigate back to the home screen and then click on install, but this time, select the GApps Zip file, and then swipe the bar to confirm the installation once again. Be patient as the GApps are installed since it may also take a while.

root lg g4 - flash GApps

Step 5 – Wipe the Cache and Reboot to Android

Once step 4 is complete, DO NOT navigate back to the home screen. Click on the “Wipe Cache/Dalvik” button and then swipe the bar at the bottom to confirm. When the wiping is done, tap the “Reboot System” button to reboot to Android.

root lg g4 - wipe cache dalvik

The new ROM is a new operating system and it will take some time for your phone to reboot. Do not worry, unless it takes forever to reboot, in which case you should reboot to recovery mode, try to flash the new ROM again, or restore the device to its original ROM using the backup you created at the start.

Dr.Fone toolkit by Wondershare provides you with the unlimited potential of fully customizing your phone thanks to the Root LG G4 feature. This feature allows you to get into the root area of the devices and customise it in any way that you want. Whether you want new apps, or ROMS which will enable your device to perform better and save more power, there is nothing that you cannot do with the Android operating system. A word of caution always make sure that you backup your data, and have a copy of the original ROM available. Do have fun when using Dr.Fone toolkit and read more about the other features that it offers.

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