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How to Root Samsung Note 3 on Lollipop in One Click

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Samsung Note 3, with a world of features is a beast. Samsung Note 3 with its amazing features has garnered huge support from the tech geeks and fans all round the world. What is it like to unlock the full potential of the phone? Yes, that's what rooting can do for you. Rooting gets you a world of features and advantages, if done properly and diligently. While rooting Samsung Note 3 running on Lollipop takes few minutes, it definitely requires a safe rooting process and due diligence. For those of you, who are already aware of the rooting process, might be aware of the ramifications if a proper rooting process is not followed. There are ways in which you can root your Samsung Note 3 device and this article takes you into the nitty-gritty of the entire process of rooting Samsung Note 3 running Lollipop. If you have been hunting for a way to root note 3 Lollipop, here's what you had been waiting for.

Part 1: Reminders of Rooting Samsung Note 3 on Lollipop

Before starting off with rooting Samsung Note 3 running Lollipop, there are few things that are to be kept in mind. Here are some of the preparations required and reminders to keep in mind before planning to root the device.

While rooting the smart phones brings you a world of features and advantages, it also comes with certain demerits. Here are some of the disadvantages of rooting Samsung Note 3 running Lollipop:

1. Rooting might cause your phone to be warranty void.

2. There will be no OTA updates on the phone again after rooting and your phone will only get OTA updates after restoring the stock firmware on the device or after you unroot the device.

There are certain pre-requisite preparations as well before rooting which is imperative. Here are some of the things that can be kept in mind for note 3 root 5.0.

1. Charge the Samsung device fully so that it does not run out of juice during the rooting process. Rooting sucks a lot of battery charge. So, ensure that the battery is fully or at least 80% charged before rooting.

2. Backup all the data present on Note 3 before rooting. This way ensures safety of all the important data stored on the device, which might be formatted during the rooting process.

3. Enable OEM unlock and USB debugging on the device. Enable OEM unlock by going to settings>Developer options and then tapping on “Enable unlock by OEM”.

4. Download and install Samsung Note 3 drivers for connectivity of the device and the computer.

So, these are some of the things to be done to ensure safety before going ahead with the rooting process.

Part 2: Root Samsung Note 3 on Lollipop with Android Root in One Click

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root is one of the best tools to root Android devices easily. You can easily download and install the program and use it to root the Samsung device in a jiffy.

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

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  • Supports over 7000 devices.
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Here are the steps to root note 3 5.0 using Dr.Fone Android Root:

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone toolkit – Android Root

First of all, download Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root on the computer and install the software and then launch the program on the computer. You will find multiple toolkits on the interface. Out of multiple toolkits on Dr.Fone interface, choose “Root”.

root note 3 on lollipop - launch drfone

Step 2: Connect the Samsung device to the computer

After having launched Dr.Fone toolkit for Android Root, use a USB cable to connect Samsung Note 3 on Lollipop to the computer where you have launched Dr.Fone. Ensure that you have the USB debugging mode enabled on the android device prior to this. You might also get a pop up message on the phone asking to enable USB debugging. Tap on “OK” if you get any such message to enable USB debugging.

Dr.Fone for Android will then automatically detect the connected Android device with the computer.

root note 3 on lollipop - connect device

Step 3: Root the Android device

Once the Samsung Note 3 is detected by Dr.Fone which happens in a jiffy, click on “start” in Dr.Fone toolkit. The program along with automatically detecting the Android device will also find a way to root the device. The process of detecting the device will take few minutes and then the program will be ready to root the device.

root note 3 on lollipop - detect device

When the program is ready for rooting the device, click on “Root Now” to start the process of rooting.

root note 3 on lollipop - start rooting phone

You might get some pop up messages during the rooting process asking for confirmation if you would like to root the device. Just confirm them by tapping on confirm and the phone will be rooted in few minutes successfully.

root note 3 on lollipop - root successfully

So, the whole process of rooting using Dr.Fone takes not more than few minutes.

Part 3: How to Root Samsung Note 3 with CF Auto Root

Rooting Samsung Note 3 with CF Root is an easy process and takes note more than few minutes. Here's how you can root using CF Root:

Step 1:

First of all download Samsung USB drivers, CF-Auto-Root for SM-N9005 and Odin 3.09. Install the programs on the computer and extract the .tar.md5 file from CF-Auto-Root into any folder.

Step 2:

It's time now keep the phone in download mode. To get the phone into Download Mode, Switch off the device first. Now, press and hold “Volume Down” button along with “Home” button and “Power” button simultaneously. Keep holding on to the three buttons until you find an Android icon on the screen. Press the “Volume Up” button now to enter into the Download Mode.

root note 3 on lollipop - set phone in download mode

Step 3:

Now it's time to run Odin 3.09. Now that Odin is installed, right click on the Odin icon on the computer and then select “Run as Administrator”.

Step 4:

After having opened Odin, connect Samsung Note 3 on Lollipop to the computer using a USB cable. A message saying “Added” will show up on the screen under Odin message box once the phone is successfully detected by the program.

The ID: COM box in Odin will also turn blue indicating the port number when the connection is successfully established.

Step 5:

Now click the “AP” button and then select CF-Auto-Root .tar.md5 file. Ensure that only “Auto-Reboot” and “F.Reset Time” Checkboxes in Odin are ticked as shown in the picture below.

root note 3 on lollipop - odin root window

Now click on “Start” button to initiate the installation process which will take few minutes to complete. Once it is completed, the phone will restart and you will find a “PASS” message with green background in Odin. Now, disconnect the phone from the computer by unplugging the USB cable. The rooting process is now complete and your phone is now successfully rooted.

The entire process will take few minutes to complete. It is important that all the steps are followed diligently to root the device safely.

So, these are two methods to root Samsung Note 3 running on Lollipop. Both the ways are safe and simple and usually take few minutes to complete. While both the ways are simple, there always lies a margin of uncertainty which is why it is important to follow all the steps of rooting process diligently and before that, ensure all the preparations are in place.

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