Quick Guide: How to Root Samsung Tablets (most models)

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Android Platform is the open source platform which allows you to do your mind on the devices running it. With a great expanding eco-system of applications and long list of amazing features, Android truly powers a device to get optimum performance. Well, while Android is open source and provides a leeway while operating the device, there always is a way to get better. Rooting does it for you. Yes, rooting unleashes the true potential of the device starting from augmenting the performance of the device by boosting the battery life and the overall speed and allowing apps to get installed which was previously not possible to the extent of giving you the leeway to flash the device with custom ROMs. This article provides you a way to root Samsung Tablet using Dr.Fone toolkit– Android Root, a robust and comprehensive tool best suitable for rooting. It is important as well, to know the best way to root Samsung tablet and make some preparations before rooting. That definitely is required and logically finds a place before starting off with the rooting process in the article.

Part 1: Preparation of rooting Samsung tablets

Rooting Samsung tablet involves some of the easiest steps, provided done properly. While this can turn your tablet into a beast, it can be little complex at times. What’s important therefore is to have the right preparations in place before starting with the rooting process. There are some important things that need to be done and checked before rooting a device. You would not want to risk your tablet data while rooting and neither would you want your tablet to get bricked, so there are certain things that are to be done before rooting and they are as follows:

1. Backing up the Samsung tablet

It is important to ensure that all the data stored in the Samsung device is backed up before rooting. Before rooting or flashing a new ROM after rooting, it is imperative to have the current data and ROM backed up, which can be used if the device loses data in the rooting process. The backed up data can then be used to restore the data in the device. So, data backup stands in the list of preparations.

2. Enable USB Debugging and OEM unlocking

It is required to keep the USB debugging enabled and OEM unlocked in the Samsung device. This will find its use during the process of rooting, without which, there might be issues establishing proper connection with the device. The USB debugging can be easily enabled by going into “Settings” in the device and then getting into “Developer Options”. OEM unlocking can also be enabled inside “Developer Options”. If the “Developer Options” is not enabled, tap on “Build Number” seven times to enable.

3. Downloading and Installing required drivers

Drivers for Samsung tablet can be downloaded and installed on the computer which later can help identify the device when connected to the computer. So, required drivers and software applications should be downloaded before rooting. USB driver is also required to be installed.

4. Download and install Android SDK on the computer

Rooting methods might require installing ADB and Fastboot. So, download and install Android SDK tools before start off to root the device.

5. Keep the Samsung tablet fully charged

Before starting with the rooting process, ensure that the device is, if not fully charged, at least 80 % charged. Rooting sucks a lot out of battery. So, it is imperative to keep the device sufficiently charged to survive the whole process to ensure that the device does not shut down half way while rooting and get bricked.

So, these are some of the things to ensure before trying to root the Samsung tablet. Now, after you have checked these measures, you are good to go for rooting.

Part 2: How to root Samsung tablets with Android Root?

When it comes to rooting Android devices, there are various methods and ways in which an Android device can be rooted. There are various software programs or applications which can be used to root. While there are various such ways, none matches Dr.Fone toolkit– Android Root, a program which provides one of the best ways to root Samsung tablets easily. Being highly secure and simple and absolutely legal, this tool works best by all means. However, it is first essential to have the preparations in place before starting the rooting process using Dr.Fone toolkit– Android Root. Once done with the preparations, here’s how you can root the Samsung tablet using Dr.Fone.

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Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

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Step 1: Connecting the Android tablet to the computer

It is required to connect the Android device to the computer. So, first of all, launch the program i.e. Dr.Fone-Root, on the computer. 

Now, connect the Android tablet with your computer using a USB cable. The moment you connect the device to the computer, you might find a pop-up message on the Samsung device to allow USB debugging. So, tap on “OK” on the tablet to allow USB debugging. You can also keep the USB debugging enabled from before. Soon as the USB debugging is enabled with the tablet connected to the computer, Dr.Fone toolkit for Android will automatically detect the connected device and connect the tablet for further process.

root samsung tablets - connect the device

Step 2: Root the Samsung tablet after detection

After the tablet is connected properly to the computer, select “Start” on Dr.Fone toolkit for Android. The Dr.Fone toolkit will then automatically start to detect the connected device and find a way to root it. The whole process of detecting will take few minutes which depends on the model.

root samsung tablets - detect the device

Dr.Fone – Android Root is now ready to root the Samsung device. Now, click on “Root Now”, as shown below, to start rooting the Samsung tablet. 

root samsung tablets - start rooting the tablet

The tablet might pop-up a question asking if you would like to root the device, during the rooting process. Tap on “Confirm” to continue the rooting process. The overall process of rooting will take few minutes and the phone will be rooted successfully and you will find the below screen.

root samsung tablets - root successfully

So, the rooting process is now complete which will takes few minutes depending on the model of the Samsung tablet used. Once done with the rooting process and the phone is successfully rooted, you can flash the device with stock ROM, boost the device performance, boost the battery life and do a world of things which was previously not possible.

Rooting is always easy with Dr.Fone which is legal and highly secure way of rooting the Samsung tablet as well. With an extremely high success rate in rooting, this method is very safe to go for. Moreover, this takes about few minutes to complete. Dr.Fone is one such comprehensive tool which serves well when it comes to rooting. While everything is right in place, one thing that has to be taken care of is the preparation before rooting and as mentioned initially, all the steps have to be checked before starting off with the rooting process for Samsung tablet.

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