How to Download AirShou for Free?

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If you are looking for a screen recorder application software that does not require jailbreaking the device in order to use it then simply download AirShou. One of the main benefits provided by this app is that it makes use of minimal processor resources and is extremely efficient and reliable at recording the screen.

Also, you can utilize AirShou to make recordings of any game processes or share any other recordings with your friends or colleagues. Apart from this, AirShou Download offers the recording capacity of up to 1080P at 60fps. Moreover, the quality of stereo recording in this app is commendable.

Another great feature about AirShou is that it works with most of the IOS and Android devices without any hassles.Its well-matched framework with iOS 9 versions has high-quality features that make it one of the best existing screen recorder Application. Apart from this, almost all versions of iPhone like iPhone 4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, iPod 5th and 6th generation iPad pro and many other devices are completely compatible with this app. AirShou is also available and can be downloaded on PC/Windows with the help of emulators. Also, with just a single click you can easily record videos and use them on any devices.

Let us get know more about AirShou download in the below sections of this article.

Part 1: Where you can download AirShou?

AirShou offers a great deal for you if you are against the concept of jailbreaking or if you cannot do it because your device does not support the jailbreaking software. Most of the screen recording apps need jailbreaking in order to download and use them, however, it does affect the security level of your device and your smartphone becomes more prone to unauthorized access this is the reason we strongly recommend using AirShou which is extremely reliable when it comes to recording the actions of your screen.

Therefore, for those who are not in favor of the concept of jailbreaking in order to maintain the device safety and to ensure security from unauthorized access then head over to the below-mentioned links to different trusted websites to know how to download AirShou and install in your device.


This one is another great choice if you wish to download AirShou from a trusted Website.


Last but not the least, this is another awesome website providing numerous downloads including the download for AirShou

Part 2: How to download Airshou on iPhone/iPad?

Follow the stepwise procedure for AirShou download on your iPhone and iPad

AirShou download-airshou

Step 1 To initiate the process, start by opening the safari browser on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Refer to the illustration below.

AirShou download-open safari

Step 2 Then, head to the address bar and type and click on Go

AirShou download-open

Step 3 Moving on, after the page is completely loaded then look for the large arrow >UP, it will either be at the bottom or the top of the screen. And then Click on it

AirShou download-arrow up

Step 4 Here you will see a screen with some options displayed, and by tapping the “Add to Home Screen” this will save the icon to your home screen

AirShou download-add to home screen

Step 5 Further, when you are asked to name the icon, start typing AirShou. Click on Add and move out of this app and you will witness the icon will be on your home screen as shown in the illustrations below.

AirShou download-add here

AirShou download-airshou installed

Part 3: How to download Airshou for Android?

We assume that you must be aware of the fact that jailbreaking is not possible on Android devices, they might have comparatively more freedom as to what they need to install in their devices, however, this does not let them reap the entire benefits of jailbreaking and they will miss out on apps that were once only available through Cydia. But some of these apps can easily be downloaded and installed onto the Android devices including the very popular AirShou.

Considered as one of the best screen recording app created by for iOS operating systems such as iOS, iOS 9, iOS 8 and iOS 7. Shou.TV also came up with a version for the Android devices. AirShou can be called as a high-quality and premium screen recording app for free for all types of OS.

Part 4: What if Airshou not working?

While working on AirShou there will be times when this app will not work as expected and you might run into trouble. If you have recently downloaded and installed AirShou or even if it was on your phone for a long time and somehow it is not working properly or crashing then the first thing you can do is simply delete and reinstall it as you would normally do with any other app.

In case this doesn’t fix the problem for you, then there could be a possibility that an SSL error has occurred which is most common and appears when the download button is clicked and shows a message that says, “cannot connect to SSLAirshou.appvv.api”. In this Case, you need to go through a complete process to get rid of this error.

The last thing to keep in mind is that AirShou renews its certifications constantly, so all you can do to fix the errors is apply the above-mentioned methods which do work for most of the users. We would also recommend using the Dr.Fone toolkit to resolve and your remove phone errors through WonderShare who acts as a guide and provide you with the essentials required to set up or fix your phone.

After addressing all the issues and questions related to AirShou download, we assume you would have gathered enough information to download and operate it. In case there are any more updates about AirShou download, we will keep you informed through our articles. Till then enjoy this great app to avoid jailbreaking and make use of Dr.Fone toolkit to get the convenience of fixing your phone at the comfort of your home.

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