Top 7 Ways to Record Viber Calls on Android/iPhone/PC

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Are you willing to record some day-to-day techniques and aspects while working on your phone? Do you need to record your mobile and PC activities to perform better in your course of life?

If you say yes to both, then we’re here to sort it out for you. We have brought a list of the top five screen recorders that work well with your PC and mobile.

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Already a costly arrangement requiring muddled equipment, call recording has since streamed down to turn into an element offered in most, if not all, Business VoIP arrangements. On account of a Hosted PBX stage's straightforwardness, your business accesses vigorous highlights like call recording without the cerebral pain and cost that past joined it.

Call recording has gotten so normal; we believe it's an unquestionable requirement to have included for pretty much any business. Call recording has become standard and an unquestionable requirement has for any contact community. Yet, even organizations that emphasize less on client contacts can at present discover a utilization from recording and keeping a log of every one of their calls.

Albeit an ever-increasing number of individuals are changing to standard texting applications like WhatsApp, Viber has a colossal client base. Many individuals use it on an everyday premise to settle on and make decisions. If you need to record your calls with this application, you will be disillusioned to realize that the application doesn't have an alternative to record your calls.

Part 1: What is Max Recording Time on Viber?

The answer to the same in 15 minutes.

Viber was at first an informing application for cell phones. However, it additionally built up its work area adaptation for Windows and Mac OS X in 2013. There should be instances that you require to record video calls on Viber. Recording such calls allow you to track significant video gatherings, save fascinating video calls with companions or store how-to instructional exercises for later viewing.

You may utilize work area screen recorders to catch Viber approaches PC; however, do you realize how to record Viber approaches cell phones? If not, read this article and figure out how to do it on both iPhone and Android.

There are numerous potential reasons why Viber doesn't offer the alternative to record your calls. In any case, there are some outsider Viber call recorder apparatuses that you can use for Viber call recording on your gadgets. Following up next is a rundown of seven of the best instruments to record Viber approaches PC, Android, and iPhone. Continue perusing to locate the one you use is viable.

Part 2: Top 4 Apps to Record Viber Calls on Android

When businesses, both small and big, deals, both trivial and significant, take place on calls, it becomes important to record every second call that we make or receive. Once a call is recorded, a conversation turns into a verbal contract, and consequently, people can be held responsible for their words, whatever they might be. Up to a certain extent, voice recordings can also help prevent a potential breach of contract.

The maximum call recording time that Viber offers is 5 minutes. Which more or less translates to us having just five minutes. Now, these five minutes better have good sound quality if they are all we are relying on.

So here are the top four apps one might use to record calls on Viber:

1. Cube Call Recorder ACR

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Cube ACR lets you capture calls & conversations in various apps as well as messengers like Telegram, Viber, Line, Skype, WeChat, and so more. It has an excellent recording quality, which gives the user a call that can be heard clearly from both sides. There are multiple recording options available according to the varying needs of various users. The latest updates provide for a more efficient user interface, making sure that all calls ate recorded, come what may.

Its features are as follows: CLOUD BACKUP: to save and share recordings employing drive or mail; SILENT MODE: used to hide cube ACR recording widget; GEOTAGGING: helps you find the locations where various call we made and received; SHAKE-TO-MARK: this feature can get used to marking various important parts of a conversation; SMART CLEAN: this option can be used to auto-clean old recordings and subsequently freeing up space; DATA SECURITY: Cube ACR recordings can get saved with a PIN-lock.


  • Silent mode can get used to hiding the app widget as and when one records.
  • There is an in-app cloud backup option available.
  • Geotagging lets you keep track of various locations used for making calls.


  • Recent updates are known to deteriorate the app's performance.

2. DU Recorder

DU Recorder lets you record gameplay videos, video calls, online videos, etc. Not only does it record calls but also anything that takes place on your screen.

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  • Live streaming option available.
  • No root access required
  • It comes with an in-built editing tool for after you're done recording.
  • Ap settings include video quality adjustments.
  • Free to use.
  • No set limit.


  • It comes with ads; however, the ads are strategically positioned.

3. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a recording app that lets you record various visual ventures on your phone. The screen recording is stable and fluid. Android 10 onwards, this screen recorder also plans to support the recording of internal audio.

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  • No time limit.
  • Easy to use.
  • Built-in editor.


  • High-quality videos can't be compressed, suiting to varying needs.

4. Mobizen Screen Recorder

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Loaded with an in-app video editor, Mobizen Screen Recorder allows you to record HD videos at 1080p up to 60 frames per second (fps). A particular "Clean Recording Mode" lets you record various videos without the app watermark. Its face cam feature is capable of recording both audio and video.


  • Built-in video editing options available.
  • Pause/resume recording option available.
  • HD recording available.


  • Ads after every recording.

Part 3: Top 2 Apps to Record Viber Calls on iPhone

1. Record It.

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Record It screen recorder lets you record various calls on your iPhone and iPad. You can afterward add audio commentaries and reactions to these videos as you like. It full-screen videos on iOS 12. It starts recording after a single tap. You can add FaceCam reactions to your videos and change the shape or position, or size. It also supports camera roll videos! You can trim videos, add filters, etc. Videos Recorded can then be shared directly on YouTube.


  • No charges.
  • No annoying ads.
  • No redundant watermark.
  • No root required.


  • Since mobiles are wireless, there is the possibility of lag in the recording if the network is weak.

2. Go Record.

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Go Record screen recorder lets you record your screen, including FaceCam. It comes with an outstanding in-app editing suite. It records audio as well, making it more preferable for video call recordings. It works superbly for iOS. It can also record audio. Recording FaceCam reactions can add to a myriad of editing opportunities. It, however, is capable of functioning only on devices that run iOS 11 or higher.


  • Highly suitable for iOS.
  • Capable of recording audio.
  • Can record FaceCam reactions.


  • Capable of running on all devices, accommodating iOS 11 or higher.

Part 4: How to Record Viber Calls on a PC?

Contemporary times find Viber emerging as a relatively higher dependable instant messaging app. It is well-recognized and used by many. All it needs for us to get registered is a phone number making it more approachable and accessible. Even though the app comes with an interesting video call feature, it lacks recording it. The recording is almost fundamental to many communication styles, and therefore, we have a myriad of video call recording apps available in front of us.

Step 1 Download and install the MirrorGo app through your system.

Step 2 Click on the 'recording' button in the recording app.

Step 3 Maximize to full-size or region size the video that you need to record. Start the video call or resume the one you've been attending.

Step 4 Adjust the volume, pause or resume or stop the recording as and when you please.

Step 5 After the recording is finished, you can view it in the recorded files and save it. You can also start re-recording if that's what your requirement is.

While multiple tools for screen capture tend to differ in price as well as functionality, a majority of them share advanced features, like:

  • adjustable video frame
  • Cut-and-paste options for editing
  • unlimited time for recording
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