Top 21 Mobile Device Spy Apps for Android/iPhone/iPad in 2024

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Spy apps have often had a bad repute, and that is not the whole picture at all. Parental control software is, essentially, a spy phone app. We need this to ensure that children remain safe until they are fully developed of mind to make their own decisions in life. So, if you are in the market looking for the best spy phone apps in 2022, here are 21 top spy phone apps for iPhone/Android and iPad.

The Best Spy Apps For iPhone/ Android/iPad In 2022

1: mSpy

mspy phone spy app

Though the name is mSpy, the company prefers calling and marketing it as a parental control software. mSpy is in business since 2010.

Key features include:

-ability to monitor keystrokes

-ability to read chats, both social media and messaging apps, including the deleted ones

-know the pics sent and received

-know the browsing history

-GPS tracker

-lot more.

Platform Availability: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows

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Pricing: mSpy is subscription-based with three plans on offer- monthly payment, quarterly payment, and annual payment.

2: Hoverwatch

hoverwatch spy phone app

Hoverwatch is another spy phone app or parental control software that is loaded with features.

Key features include:

-record calls, in and out

-view social media chats

-view SMS and other messaging apps

-view Snapchat exchanges

-tracks GPS

A huge selling point of the Hoverwatch has been its invisible mode. It can operate invisibly; no one will know that it is working in the background. This feature is not a joke, there have been privacy concerns over it, such is the effectiveness of the feature. However, if you want to get an app that children won't know and remove, this is a nice feature to have.

Platform Availability: Android, Windows, macOS. No iOS availability.

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Pricing: 3 tiers with monthly, quarterly, and annual commitments. The lowest tier starts at USD 24.95 a month.


xnspy spy phone app

XNSPY is another parental control software that will pop up when you search the internet for top phone spy apps. It comes with a long list of features that parents can find useful in their bid to have knowledge of their kids' digital lives and whereabouts.

Key features:

-track 12 social media apps

-monitor calls and SMS

-record phone conversations

-take screenshots in social media apps

-record keystrokes

-logs Wi-Fi networks

-GPS tracker

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

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Pricing: USD 29.99 per month. Monthly, quarterly and annual commitments with discounts available.

4: SpyHuman

spyhuman spy phone app

SpyHuman is an Android spy phone app that features the usual bells and whistles of all other spy phone apps out there. So how is it different? It does have one feature that can make it an effective parental control tool above the usual parental control software that is available on the market, and this is: SIM Change Alert.

This alert is designed to notify the administrator of when a new SIM is inserted in the device and it logs the date and time of insertion.

SpyHuman is GDPR compliant but requires an account to start with anything.

Platform Availability: Android only

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Pricing: 7-day trial. USD 9.99 per month per device.

5: Qustodio

qustodio spy phone app

Qustodio markets itself as both a parental control software and a digital wellbeing partner. So much so, that it offers its services not only to parents but also to schools, should they wish to, and by their reckoning, over 4 million parents trust their software.

Key features:

Apart from regular features such as monitoring activities, tracking calls and messages, recording the browsing history, etc. Qustodio also provides:

-filtering solutions

-time limits.

Parents can choose to promote digital wellbeing by not simply blocking off entire social media but filtering it to their liking. So, they can block apps and games and other websites if they want, and they can filter profanity and violence and other such content. This is to create a safe space for children while exposing them to technology.

Next up is the screen limit. Apple has long provided a rudimentary way to limit screen time for their children, and newer Android versions have started doing the same and taking the digital wellbeing game forward, but what about the versions before the ones that ship with it? For them, software like Qustodio fills the gap.

Platform Availability: Windows, macOS, Kindle, Chromebook, Android, and iOS.

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Pricing: Plans start at USD 54.95 per year for 5 devices.

6: FlexiSPY

flexispy spy phone app

FlexiSPY makes the bold claim of being the most powerful monitoring software in the world for devices including tablets, smartphones and computers.

Key features include:

-recording live surroundings

-recording calls

-runs invisibly

-seamless monitoring across devices

-remote capture

-keystrokes logger

-lot more.

Platform Availability: Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

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Pricing: Different pricing for different platforms, beginning at USD 29.95 a month

7: ClevGuard

clevguard spy phone app

ClevGuard features some unique solutions that are not found otherwhere, such as the ability to monitor an iOS device using just the iCloud credentials with no app installation required. However, ClevGuard for Android is the one with the most features. Features that are available across devices include:

-contacts/ calendar/ photos and videos monitoring

-browsing history

-call logs

-keystrokes logger

-app activities

-social media apps tracker

Platform Availability: Android, iOS, and Windows

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Pricing: Starting at USD 29.95 a month for Android.

8: Spyic

spyic spy phone app

Spyic joins the list of spy phone apps that vie for your coveted wallet cash with a list of features that you have heard about and expect. You can monitor messages, location, track calls, get geofencing alerts while GPS tracking, social media apps such as Viber and Snapchat are supported, there is a stealth mode available, too, and then it throws in a SIM tracker as well. This SIM tracker is different from other apps, this one will tell you the network name, SIM card details, the IMEI number, the whole shebang, and, of course, network-based location. It's a good app with a fine user interface.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

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Pricing: Starts at USD 39.99 per month for Android and USD 49.99 per month for iOS.

9: MinSpy

minspy spy phone app

The words on their website are, “See what they see, know what they know, no matter where you are.” It could not be clearer what this tool aims to do for you.

This software is designed and developed by FamiSoft Limited and provides the usual features that include:

-tracking SMS

-tracking messaging apps

-tracking social media chats (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram)

-stealth mode

-browser history

-lot more.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

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Pricing: Starts at USD 39.99 per month for Android and USD 49.99 per month for iOS.

10: TheTruthSpy

thetruthspy spy phone app

TheTruthSpy features the usual that you have come to expect in the market.

Key features:

-GPS tracking

-text message tracking

-call recording and tracking

-ability to record surroundings

-browsing history

-lot more.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

Learn More:

The app claims it is 100% undetectable, which is good news for parents.

Pricing: Starts at USD 21.99 per month.

11: CocoSpy

cocospy spy phone app

CocoSpy is another parental control software in the saturated market but comes with a nice interface that is not often found in other apps. And provides the usual features that include:

-tracking SMS

-tracking messaging apps

-tracking social media chats (Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram)

-stealth mode

-browser history

-call tracking

-lot more.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

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Pricing: Starts at USD 39.99 per month for Android and USD 49.99 per month for iOS.

12: iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor spy phone app

The name might seem limiting, but the software features the usual bounty that apps have in the spy phone apps market, such as:

-call tracking

-SMS tracking

-location tracking

-chat history from messaging apps

-chat history from social media apps

-keystrokes tracking

-browsing history tracking

-a whole lot more.

A highlight here is that this app has some of the best support for social media and messaging apps out there, names you might or might not have even heard of. This means that this software can work in countries where others wouldn't since most apps often do not provide as comprehensive support as this one. Another feature worth mentioning is Clipboard history tracking capability that records anything that gets copied to the clipboard.

Platform Availability: Android, iOS, macOS and Windows

Learn More:

Pricing: Free Forever plan available and paid plans start at USD 16.66 per month.

13: uMobix

umobix spy phone app

uMobix is a parental control software developed by a business headquartered in the United Kingdom, if that matters. They feature the regular list of services that every other tool does, but there are some exceptions such as the ability to track 41 social media platforms and apps so nothing gets by the concerned parents.

Video and audio streams are available to figure out what is going on around the device in real-time, and a camera snapshot feature takes a snapshot for proof and posterity, depending on what is going on.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

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Pricing: Starts at USD 29.99 per month for Android.

14: Spyier

spyier spy phone app

Now, this is one of those apps that has over a million satisfied parents around the world. Using Spyier you can track calls, messages, chats, photos, videos, locations, the whole usual easily in a beautiful web-based interface.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

Learn More:

Pricing: Starts at USD 39.99 per month for Android and USD 49.99 per month for iOS.

15: FamiSafe

famisafe spy phone app

The Wondershare Company has a diverse and large portfolio of apps and services that cater to people around the world for their myriad requirements every day. Millions of users trust Wondershare and it is highly likely you might have used a well-known Wondershare product called Dr.Fone sometime in life, trying to fix something in your smartphone or tablet. FamiSafe is Wondershare's offering to parents - a parental control software that is easy to use, comprehensive in features and solutions, and priced affordably.

Key features include:

-availability on all platforms, Kindle and Chromebook included!

-activity reports that give you total insight into what is going on on the device and what has gone on on the device

-screen time feature allows you to set app limits and screen limits to promote digital wellbeing

-use powerful filtering to block out violence, pornography and other areas such as gambling, etc. that you might want your kids to not get exposed to.

-content filtering works in YouTube, too.

Platform Availability: Windows, macOS, iPhone and Android, along with Kindle and Chrome.

Pricing: USD 10.99 a month for 5 devices, USD 20.99 quarterly for 10 devices and USD 60.99 a year for 10 devices.

Learn more:

16: Spyera

spyera spy phone app

Windows PC, macOS, Android, iOS - you name it - this software has an app for that. Some of the highlights of Spyera are:

-ability to record surroundings in both voice and video

-ability to record live calls

-ability to listen on Facebook and Hangouts (and more!) calls

-ability to log keystrokes

-lot more.

Platform Availability: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Learn More:

Pricing: Starts at USD 49 for PC.

17: MobileSpy

mobilespy spy phone app

While all apps provide GPS monitoring, few provide geofencing, and this app does that. Also has the usual call recording, SMS and chat monitoring, ability to view photos, videos, etc. and control over which apps and sites are accessible and which not.

Platform Availability: Android only, iOS coming soon.

Learn More:

Pricing: Starts at USD 1.99 per month.

18: pcTattletale

pctattletale spy phone app

pcTattletale is a tool that allows you to take stock of what your children are up to in their mobile phone and desktop universes, and it does it well, offering all sorts of monitoring and recording abilities along with GPS tracking. However, this is not all there is to it. pcTattletale also brings the game to companies that want to make sure there is no time theft going on by the employees. However, for all its goodness, pcTattletale drops the ball big time as it is only available on Android and Windows computers.

Platform Availability: Android and Windows

Learn More:

Pricing: USD 99.99 per year for a family license of 3 devices.

19: Spapp

spapp spy phone app

Spapp is an Android-only monitoring solution that, frankly, severely limits its use in a way. So, if your children have an Android smartphone, you can consider using Spapp to keep a track of their calls, messages, what they do on the phone, along with other things such as live streams of surroundings. Pricing starts at USD 10 a month.

Learn More:

20: Spyphone

spyphone spy phone app

SpyPhone goes beyond what Qustodio claimed as its user base - this one claims to have over 5 million satisfied users around the world. SpyPhone is free to use and has some unique features to boot, such as:

-reverse phone lookup to let you know who owns the phone numbers

-panic button

-lost phone feature


This is one part of how SpyPhone is different. The other is that it actually wants that you make people aware that they are being tracked. In that way, this becomes more of a transparent thing families can have with each other rather than a regular spy phone app.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

Learn More:

Pricing: Free

21: eyeZy

eyezy spy phone app

eyeZy is a comprehensive parental control software that not only looks great but works great, too. The usual features include but are not limited to:

-browsing history records

-call history

-photos and videos

-powerful filtering for porn and violence, etc.

-blocking apps and searches

-staying invisible and undetected.

Platform Availability: Android, iOS, Windows

Learn More:

Pricing: Starts at USD 47.99 per month.


The market for parental control software or spy phone apps as they are colloquially called is a saturated one. There are so many players that weeding out the good from the bad becomes a task in itself. However, as you can see, we pointed out the 21 best spy phone apps for iPhone/ Android/ iPad in 2022 here, so we think we are in a good position to recommend a couple. Out of these top spy phone apps, our first picks would be Qustodio, FamiSafe and Spyier to start with.

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