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Gone are the days when you had to hire a designer to get the deck of your house designed. Thanks to latest technology and availability of softwares, you can now do this task at home on your computer or laptop. Yes, several free and paid desk design softwares are available for Mac and other operating systems which you can use to design decks according to your liking and preference. If you are looking for any such software for free of cost, then you can refer to the following given list of the top 3 free deck design software for Mac.

Part 1

1. Sweet Home 3D

Features and functions:

· This is a free deck design software for Mac which enables you to design decks in 3D and also do all the planning yourself.

· This software lets you design decks for your home and office very easily and also lets you plan and arrange your furniture.

· It comes with templates and colored designs for maximum efficiency.

Pros of Sweet Home 3D

· Sweet Home 3D is an open source and free deck design software which offers a lot of customization.

· This free deck design software for Mac is available in not just English and French but 23 other languages as well.

· It is multi-platform software which works on almost all operating systems for free of cost.

Cons of Sweet Home 3D

· This program can be extremely limited and this is one of its negative points

· It tends to crash often and this makes usage of it a little tough.

· It focuses more on DIY which can be difficult for casual users or hobbyists.

User comments/reviews:

1. Overall, a handy tool for arranging furniture in a home or office environment.

2. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the site offers an online Java version to play around with, no download required

3. It's very simple and fairly intuitive, particularly if you pay close attention to the feature tabs across the top of the grid.


Part 2

2. Google SketchUp

Features and functions

· Google SketchUp is free 3D design software for Mac but also works as a deck designer for this operating system.

· This free deck design software for Mac enables you to design your deck for home or office in 3D and is very powerful and stable.

· It gives you a lot of tools and is highly customizable so that you can arrange furniture etc with ease.

Pros of Google SketchUp

· Google SketchUp is packed in with a lot of extensions which offer flexibility of use.

· It enables you to first make your designs and then view them in 3D so as to get a practical view of the deck.

· It is easy to use and helps even beginners or hobbyists to build great designs for their homes and offices.

Cons of Google SketchUp

· The free version of this software exports 3D models for Google Earth and this can prove to be a big limitation.

· Sometimes it can get difficult to fine-tune the modeling and this is another negative.

· 2D rendered models do not have much of realism on Google SketchUp and this is a big disappointment as well.

User comments/ reviews:

1. Google SketchUp is a great tool for beginners or anyone looking for a simple way to make simple 3D ob_x_ject

2. Do not expect Google SketchUp to compete with professional products likeAutodesk Maya.

3. What SketchUp lacks in sophistication, it more than makes up for with ease of use


Part 3

3. Lowe’s

Features and functions

· This is another platform which allows you to design and plan your deck easily without a professional designer.

· Lowe’s brings you not only many ideas but also templates which you can customize easily.

· This free deck design software for Mac also works on Windows and enables cross platform working. It is also available in the app form.

Pros of Lowe’s

· Lowe’s is easy to use and lets you design decks instantaneously. This is one of the best features of this particular software.

· This program has many affiliated websites and a good customer care service for all your doubts. The customer service agents help you understand the designing process and also resolve all your queries.

· You can also shop for many home and office products on this platform to make your deck design become realistic.

Cons of Lowe’s

· The process of building the deck or designing it can sometimes be slow as the program tends to crash.

· Another negative is that this software doesn’t offer many tools or too many flexible designing options.

· Lowe’s may not be great software for beginners and may be more suited for designers and experts and this is a limitation.

User comments/reviews:

1. Crowns are actually supposed to face up on the beams. Not down.

2. So glad I saw your post. I was thinking about hiring them to build me a pool deck but now I have decided not to use them

3. If you want a beautiful deck that will last a lifetime, do not go to lowes.


Free deck design software for Mac

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