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Database software, as the term meaningfully suggests, is/are tools to create and/or manage database engines. A database is basically a repository of data, and the job of any database engine is not just to store the data, but also be able to retrieve them efficiently enough to form important information. There are quite a few database software that are compliant with Mac systems, among which there are some that are free while others have to be paid for. Given below is a list of 10 such free database software for Mac :

Part 1

1. SQLiteManager

Features and functions:

· Thisfree database software for Macprovides a complete support platform for REALSQL servers.

· The SQLiteManager not just supports SQLite2 and SQLLite3, but also supports the conversion of a SQLite2 database into one of SQLite3.

· This database software provides certain advanced features that have been built into the software, such as query optimizer, language reference and virtual machine analyzer, etc.

Pros of SQLiteManager:

· Most database operations - be it insert, delete, table view, triggers - all are handled effectively by SQLiteManager. Tables can be dropped, created, or renamed with no hindrance.

· This database software not just helps as a query machine but also helps generate reports effectively.

· Blob data can be read and shown by SQLiteManager in TIFF, JPEG, or QuickTime format.

· Importing and/or exporting mechanism is effectively handled.

Cons of SQLiteManager:

· Although frequently used SQL queries are specially categorized, it is a drawback that frequently used databases are not listed up separately. Using the file dialogue each time does get tedious.

· This database manager works perfect for simple queries but fails to handle complex or large filter criteria.

User comments/reviews:

· SQLiteManager is a fairly thorough app. It provides a neat GUI into SQLite if you know your SQL.

· It offers basic data viewing/editing facilities.

· Unlike many alternative applications, SQLiteManager does open SQLite database files on AppleShare volumes, uses a proper Mac OS Cocoa GUI (not ugly Java) and allows editing of views.


free database software 1

Part 2


Features and functions:

· is a database management tool that has been designed to function in a way that it replaces the need of Microsoft office for Mac users.

· Thisfree database software for Macsupports multiple languages and is found to be compatible with most office suites, which makes it possible to alter documents created through Word or Powerpoint.

· The program comprises six components that include the Formula and Calc for mathematical applications and spreadsheets, respectively, Draw, Write, base and Impress. While the last component is used for handling presentations, base is the database management component.

Pros of

· This database management tool provides flexibility and sophistication in working with a various formatted files.

· Starting from preparing and presenting spreadsheets to managing large pool of data, this software is a perfect one.

Cons of

· The performance of the software does find a low for having Java as its basic program which often slows down this database software.

· The database software fails to respond in opening, printing, or formatting Office documents.

User comments/reviews:

· High (though not perfect) compatibility with Microsoft Office files from Windows or Mac.

· Lots of free templates available online, including a report writer.

· Very compatible with Word documents. Once you get used to the layout of the tool bars you have a very good word processing substitute. Students can download it and not worry about their budget.


free database software 2

Part 3

3. Bento

Features and functions:

· Bento is afree database software for Macthat provides users with a personalized approach towards database management by providing for proper organization of personal files and folders, calendar schedules and contacts, events, project activities, etc.

· Bento allows for a view of data and information in a customized way. Elements can be dragged or dropped for view and presented in any format that is suitable to the user.

· This database software provides for media type fields as well and one can easily transfer photos and images from iPhone and such devices.

Pros of Bento:

· Thisfree database software for Machelps in searching for data, sorting them, and viewing information specific to user preferences.

· Templates can be chosen from a wide available range and database creation is made user-friendly through the intuitive Bento interface.

· Integration with iCal and the Address book is a major benefit.

· Label printing as well as export of database to other users are enabled through Bento.

Cons of Bento:

· Strength and spontaneity of a database engine, such as MySQL, etc. cannot be acquired.

· Many users have reported to have lost their data post upgrade to higher versions of the program.

· Starting the program does take up some time often.

User comments/reviews:

· It is a perennial favorite because of how simple it is to use and how easy it is to sync data between your computer and your iOS devices.

· Bento, by using the print dialog, effectively eliminates your need to fiddle with merge fields, which pretty much takes the difficulty out of the whole process.


free database software 3

Part 4

4. MesaSQLite

Features and functions:

· This database management tool enables editing and analysis or creating summary of SQLite3 engine data.

· One of the most advantageous features of MesaSQLite is that it helps keeping connections to more than one database open at a single instance.

· The interface for this program is of a tabular format which renders useful for new users.

Pros of MesaSQLite:

· Design and creation or alteration of any database in SQLite3 is easily acquired.

· This software is competent enough to export data into code of REAL Basic format, which basically creates a backup dump that would comprise of the structure as well as contents of the database.

· The dump, in turn, would help in exporting custom queries and the screen with content into appropriate tables of .xls or .csv formats, tab, etc.

Cons of MesaSQLite:

· Advanced and complex level database management operations fail to be handled effectively by thisfree database software for Mac.

· Rollbacks and errors are not too well documented and hence lack understandability.

User comments/reviews:

· Easy to set up and use. Well laid out GUI.

· Handles all DB's I've fed it so far.

· The query builder is very good.

· I also love the simplicity of use.

· It's great to see this as a native Cocoa app, rather than some of the ugly Java alternatives. MesaSQLite opens database files on AppleShare volumes, which a few others choke on.


free database software 4

Part 5

5. MDB Explorer

Features and Functions:

· Thisfree database software for Macenables viewing MDB files in an easy and quick manner without any license of Access.

· Tables from multiple databases of varied access can be opened, provided they fall into proper column, table relations and index structure.

· This software helps generate SQL files that would be compatible with the prevalent systems of database management such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc.

Pros of MDB Explorer:

· Filtering of data is achieved effectively through this database engine.

· Functions for sorting and searching provide effective performance.

· Ability to view text in full-screen mode is provided.

· The MDB Explorer provides support for data in Unicode format.

Cons of MDB Explorer:

· Most operations demand in-app purchases.

· Access 97 files can be opened properly, others fail to be opened or supported.

User comments/reviews:

· I needed this app to simply convert an access database to a series of xml files for each table. Works just fine.

· It doesn’t require you to open any command prompts, restart you machine or even call you computer savvy cousin, this is a 3 minutes job you can do yourself.


free database software 5

Part 6


Features and functions:

· This database engine is popularly known as the MAMP software, which is an abbreviated name for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP, for it allows installation of all the said software in just few easy steps and clicks.

· The MAMP software works by installing an environment in the local server on the individual's Mac system, without compromising with any of the existing server setups of Apache.

· Removing the installation is as easy for it just involves deletion of the respective folder and doesn't hamper the settings of OS X.

Pros of MAMP:

· Control and usage of the software is very for users through just a widget that is simple and present at the desktop.

· The application of this software does not require any knowledge of scripts, nor involves too many configuration and changes.

· The database management tool is efficient yet simplified in design and usage.

Cons of MAMP:

· This database software is not suitable for web servers that are hosted live.

· For servers that are live on the web, an additional OS X server is needed along with the Linux or apache server that is provided.

User comments/reviews:

· There's an installer just because MAMP folder contains all your project files and database and it takes care of migrating all your data when you update an older version. Something that you can't do with a simple drag and drop.

· Besides some additional features like ffmpeg etc. very great app.

· Just excellent; industrial software configured into a stand-alone environment on your Mac! It just works and works well.

· Great software. Easy to install and use, very reliable and an ideal environment.


free database software 6

Part 7

7. SQLEditor

Features and functions:

· The functionality that gives SQLEditor an edge over other software for database management is that it is a tool that not only manages database operations but also works as an ERD [Entity-Relationship Diagram] tool.

· An appealing feature of thisfree database software for Macis that it allows import as well as export of Ruby On Rails type migration files.

· The traditional SQL typing is replaced with drag and drop operations and creation and management of database and information through clicks and interface, which helps speed up procedures.

Pros of SQLEditor:

· The SQLEditor works on the concept of reverse engineering - which enables the import of existential database to diagrams and this tool would help in creation of diagram for users.

· JDBC connections can be established for effective transport and export of diagrams created through editor to MySQL and Postgresql.

· DDL files can be communicated to and from this editor.

Cons of SQLEditor:

· The SQLEditor fails to determine any relationship set up in database environments that do not recognize parameters of Foreign Key constraints. Mandating the use of foreign key relationships in all table structures is a drawback of the SQLEditor.

· Specifying custom field lengths is not made easy or allowable.

User comments/reviews:

· This product is an essential piece of software for anyone doing any database development.

· It consistently helps us with everything from graphically documenting existing databases (ERDs) to creating/maintaining new systems.

· I use this as a teaching/demonstration tool to teach database concepts at university. It is a great tool for visualising database design, and simple to use.

· I have used it over a couple of versions, and the feature set is maturing nicely. Well worth the price.


free database software 7

Part 8

8. DbWrench Database Design

Features and functions:

· Thisfree database software for Macnot just helps designing databases but also aids in synchronizing them.

· This software has a number of components developed within that help address advanced database concepts and related engineering practices such as Information Engineering, Barker, and Bachman, etc..

· Diagramming features are one of the specific functionalities that provide for editing items of the database in the diagram directly.

· Both forward and reverse engineering are supported through this database management tool - that is, scripts for SQL in DDL structure can be updated through single clicks as well as database inserts and updates in tables can be done through forms generated automatically and changes in server database would be synchronized and reflected back into database designs.

· Auto naming feature of DbWrench Database Design software allows enforcing conventions for naming; also, the software enables addition of foreign key(s) faster.

Pros of DbWrench Database Design :

· Insert, update, and such operations in database are accompanied with validations on data entry and provision for foreign key specific combo-boxes for individual fields.

· The software has a dedicated and advanced editor for SQL scripts and coding. The SQL syntax is highlighted as per design.

· Abbreviated titles can be created for entity names and commands that are commonly used.

· The DbWrench Database design software is compatible with multiple vendors. With a single license, it supports MySql, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server as well as PostgreSQL.

· Templates can be designed to create columns faster.

· HTML documentation is also provided for.

· Large database diagrams can be easily worked with through navigators.

Cons of DbWrench Database Design:

· The designing concepts and interfacing might need some training to be acquired by users.

· Modification of designs need much time, thereby making it an issue where users have to invest more time and effort.

User comments/reviews:

· DbWrench is written in pure Java allowing it run on numerous operating systems.

· Its multi vendor and multi platform functionality makes it ideal for heterogeneous database environments.


free database software 8

Part 9

9. iSQL-Viewer

Features and functions:

· An exclusive feature of the iSQL-Viewer is the specific design that makes two ends meet - the needs of developers of database as well as JDBC drivers are appropriately addressed, thereby enabling easy.

· Thisfree database software for Macis 2/3 JDBC compliant.

· The front end for this tool is written in Java.

Pros of iSQL-Viewer:

· The user interface has been enhanced to support cross-platform SQL operations.

· Common tasks related to database management can be executed effectively through this software with a variety of tools and features such as the SQL bookmark, history tracking, etc.

· It is possible to successfully view as well as browse through database objects, elements, and schema.

Cons of iSQL-Viewer:

· It requires a query for the button run operation, which is a major drawback.

· Novice users need time as well as training to get accustomed to the system as it is not too easy to work with.

· Installation of JDBC driver is required which, again, needs quite some knowledge for the user to get started.

User comments/reviews:

· Great Bookmarking and parameter substitution.

·This is a very good JDBC Java based SQL Query tool. It is meant for use by developers but anyone could use it with a little patience.


free database software 9

Part 10

10. RazorSQL

Features and functions:

· A database management tool that manages all major database insert and retrieval operations, browsing other database environment and conducting queries is the RazorSQL.

· Thisfree database software for Macis undoubtedly the universal management software, for it, unlike other vendors, offers an environment that has built-in capabilities of connection to most major database environments including PostgreSQL, Firebird, Informix, HSQLDB, Openbase, etc.

· The results retrieved on querying with this tool renders a syntax-highlighted window to edit queries.

Pros of RazorSQL:

· It does not require any administration from the end user.

· The software package is complete and is delivered with an engine that is smart enough to handle operations out-of-the-box, with its relational database system that comes as a built-in capability.

· The RazorSQL provides a robust solution for it supports programming in not just SQL, but also PL/SQL, PHP, TransactSQL, xml, Java, HTML, and eleven such languages.

Cons of RazorSQL:

· Despite its powerful approach to database management and information retrieval, this tool fails to prove intuitive to new users and learners in this field.

· Errors encountered need to be sorted with technical expertise, which is a drawback for the tool does not provide support for the same.

User comments/reviews:

·This is the best All-in-One SQL editor I have found for MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite and a few others I've needed to check, edit and query.

· This is an excellent piece of software. I would highly recommend it for any developers.

·It's regularly maintained and added to, and represents one of the all time bargains against some much more expensive software.

Free Database software for Mac

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