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Top 5 Free Interior Design Software for Mac

Selena Lee

Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

It is true that interior designing is an art but thanks to advanced technology and latest software’s, anybody can design their interiors using a computer system or laptop these days. Yes, there are many types of software available these days for all operating systems which can help you sketch out plans for your interiors so that you can design your indoor spaces accordingly and easily. This software’s avoid the need for hiring designers or interior decorators and give you full control over customization of your indoor spaces. This software’s are available both for free and for certain charges. The following is a list of the top 5 free interior design software for Mac.

Part 1

1. Live Interior 3D Pro

Features and functions

· Live Interior 3D Pro is free interior design software for Mac which helps you do both 2D and 3D interior designing.

· This software incorporates not only readymade ob_x_jects but also preset designs which are easy to set up and use.

· This software helps you create multi-story projects, exact ceiling height and also slab thickness.

Pros of Live Interior 3D Pro

· One of the best things about this software is that it is very powerful, intuitive and very detailed. This is something which helps beginners or hobbyists to do interior designing easily at home.

· Another thing which really works about this free interior design software for Mac is that it is fairly easy to set up, use and become a pro at.

· Live interior 3D Pro lets you design according to your comfort and then view the designs in 3D. This too is one of the most impressive points about this software.

Cons of Live Interior 3D Pro

· Live Interior 3D Pro has some features like texture mapping which can prove to be very confusing and this is one of its negatives.

· Another negative point about this platform is that its user imports and other such processes are not very user friendly.

· Live Interior 3D Pro doesn’t come with pre made types of doors, windows etc and this too acts as a limitation and drawback.

User reviews:

1. Quick and mostly intuitive good quality well featured.

2. For the most part, this program is very fast to learn and easy to use for any intermediate to expert level computer user

3. I'm particularly surprised by the ease with which I can customize lighting in lighting fixtures and view the room in different lightings


free interior design software 1

Part 2

2. Sweet Home 3D

Features and functions:

· Sweet Home 3D is free interior design software for Mac which allows you to design and plan the layout of your house and its floor plan.

· This software provides 3D and 2D rendering and also provides instant feedback on your designs.

· Sweet Home 3D offers easy drag and drop for windows, doors, living room etc.

Pros of Sweet Home 3D

· One of the most impressive features of this program is that it enables you to design your interiors in 3D and with immense clarity.

· It offers very simple drag and drop feature for various things in the house like doors, furniture, windows and others.

· Another positive point about this free interior design software for Mac is that you can easily import and modify ob_x_jects.

Cons of Sweet Home 3D

· One of the most negative points about this program is that it can be a little sluggish to use when the files are big in size.

· Another negative feature of this free interior design software for Mac is that there are not many ob_x_jects to choose from.

· Sweet Home 3D doesn’t provide very good selection of textures for walls, flooring and ceilings.

User reviews:

1. Love what you can do with a simple drawing. Don't know how the software calculate the length of a line but again, I haven't used it enough

2. Simple, easy to use and works really well. they provide li_x_nks to some really good 3D furniture etc

3. Works for both US and Metric which is a BIG plus. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy to use and scale the image.


free interior design software 2

Part 3

3. Roomeon 3D Planner

Features and functions

· Roomeon 3D planner is free interior design software for Mac which makes it easy for you to place furniture, flooring and even wall designs.

· This software provides a catalog out of which you can select furniture, designs and other things needed in an interior space.

· Roomeon 3D Planner is interior design software which lets you do the designing and view it in 3D.

Pros of Roomeon 3D Planner

· The best thing about this software is that it lets you create both the floor plan and the graphics of the room.

· Another thing which really works well about it is that it is suitable for use for interior designers, architects and even common people.

· This free interior design software for Mac provides high definition photo realism and this too is a positive point about it.

Cons of Roomeon 3D Planner

· Roomeon 3D Planner doesn’t provide a very comprehensive catalog and this can be one of the drawbacks related to it.

· Another negative is that the plugins sometimes prevent it to run the system.

User reviews:

1. On my Mac all works fine...nice graphics

2. after I have used it for several rooms of my house, it’s a nice piece of software and I can`t await the finished Roomeon

3. I like the software!


free interior design software 3

Part 4

4. Google Sketch Up

Features and functions:

· Google Sketch Up is a free of cost interior design software for Mac which lets you draw in 3D and hence bring alive interior design plans you have in mind.

· This free interior design software for Mac provides tutorial videos to get you started.

· It also allows you to turn models into documents.

Pros of Google Sketch Up

· Google Sketch Up lets you watch videos to learn about each of the features and tools.

· It allows both 2D and 3D rendering which makes designing easy.

· This free interior design software for Mac is highly customizable, flexible and easy to use.

Cons of Google Sketch Up

· The free version doesn’t offer any great features as compared to the pro version.

· It isn’t as effective and efficient as other software’s used for interior designing.

User reviews

1. It does what it says

2. Google Sketch Up is a free, easy-to-learn 3D-modeling program

3. Google Sketch Up is a great way to discover if 3D modeling is right for you


free interior design software 4

Part 5

5. Belight live interior 3D Mac

Features and functions

· Whether you are a professional designer or a home user, this is a brilliant free interior design software for Mac

· This platform lets you design the interiors of your house in 3D and also lets you create 2D floor plans.

· It is easy to use and has an attractive interface.

Pros of BeLight

· This free interior design software for Mac is a lightweight and fast program

· This software enables designing in 3D and this is its best quality.

· Another positive of it is that it is easy to use for beginners as well

Cons of BeLight

· This program lacks on a few features and designing tools and this is a big drawback.

· It proves to be glitchy at times when multiple tools are being used.

User comments

1. Live Interior 3Dinterior design software is remarkably easy to use.

2. BeLight Software provides extensive help for both technical issues as well as tutorials

3. It would make it easier and faster to change locations in the design


free interior design software 5

Free interior design software for Mac

Selena Lee

Selena Lee

chief Editor

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