Top 5 VJ Software Mac Free in 2024 [Video tutorial included]

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VJ or Video Jockey is a term usually used to denote those individuals who host music or video programs on the TV or on the web. But this term is also often used for VJ Software which is the kind of software program that enables you to play and enjoy multimedia pieces like music, videos, and others. These softwares are available both for free and for certain fee amounts and can be downloaded on the Mac OS as well. The following is a list of the top 5 VJ software Mac free.

1. MadMapper: An Advanced Application for Video and LED Mapping

Features and functions

· MadMapper is a VJ Software Mac free which is pixel manipulation software as well.

· This VJ software Mac free comes with tutorials to help you understand and learn the software easily.

· It has a wonderfully attractive interface.

Pros of MadMapper

· This software not only offers an incredible interface but many options for VJs.

· It helps you mix and fade videos and tracks easily and this is a big positive point about it.

· The tutorials offered are surely strengths of this program as they help beginners to understand basic things about it and learn all the tools.

Cons of MadMapper

· It can be a little too minimal at times and this proves to be a limitation related to this software.

· This VJ software Mac free takes up a lot of resources and space on the system and hence makes it slow.

User reviews:

1. Madmapper have cleverly published a series of very thorough tutorials

2. Haven’t seen a single crash yet and all of the interfaces seem really responsive

3. Madmapper can feel a little too minimal at times – especially given its price

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2. VDMX: A Professional VJ software

vdmx vj software

Features and functions

· VDMX is one of the best VJ software Mac free which offers several tools and visualization options.

· This tool allows you to mix music and videos easily and offers many tutorials to learn as well. The tutorials are easy to follow and work well, especially for those who are new to this field or these kinds of software.

· It provides movie playback, quartz composer, and siphon inputs as well.

Pros of VDMX

· One of the most impressive points about this software is that it allows users to perform a lot of functions and mix various files.

· Another good thing about it is that it offers many triggering clips as well as inbuilt sources.

· VDMX provides image processing options as well and this too works as a positive point which is associated with this VJ software Mac free.

Cons of VDMX

· One of the negative things about this VJ software Mac free is that it can often confuse users due to the many options and tools that it offers.

· Another thing which may prove to be a drawback of this software is that its inbuilt sources may not prove to be as good as that offered by some of the other software in this category.

User reviews/comments:

1. While VDMX 5 is overkill for some people, and others might prefer the complexities of say ofMAX/MSPor coding their own software, for me it strikes a great balance of depth and accessibility.

2. Once that initial learning has happened, it’s a very versatile tool, easily refined to suit each project

3. There is a lot of significant functionality in the program, but it’s in the nuanced details of those features.

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3. Modul8: A Pioneering macOS VJ software

Features and functions

· Modul8 is designed to be used in the live environment and live manipulation.

· It lets you build and share modules of the program with other users.

· This program gets installed easily and makes way for fast performance.

Pros of Modul8

· One of the special things about it is that it can be used in the live environment and makes way for live manipulation.

· Another superb thing about it is that it makes making and sharing modules possible.

· It has a sleek interface and is very user friendly and these things are also positive points about it.

Cons of Modul8

· The interface of this VJ software Mac is sleek yet clunky.

· The program is not light on resources and tends to make the system slower.

· It is great for beginners but may not work as well for professionals.

User reviews:

1. Great performance because of composing via GPU... complete midi support... it’s awesome!

2. The interface is functional but doesn't follow apples GUI guidelines.

3. 2.0 did not add free fr_x_ame, but what it did add certainly puts the extra star on this app. Just incredible performance. A truly stand-out app in its genre.

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4. Arkaos Visualizer

Features and functions:

· This is the best VJ software Mac free available for this OS and is one which enables you to play graphic effects videos with any kind of playable sound files.

· This software comes with many preloaded files and supports a lot of file formats.

· Arkaos Visualizer slots into major MP3 pla_x_yers like Winamp, Windows Media Pla_x_yers, and many others.

Pros of Arkaos Visualizer

· Arkaos Visualizer VJ software Mac free is a sophisticated program that uses the latest technology and many effects to function.

· One of the best things about it is that you can create your own visual animations with your pictures and movies.

· Another great thing about it is that it works fast, effectively, and very efficiently on various devices.

Cons of Arkaos Visualizer

· It can prove to be a little jerky and difficult to work with and this is one of its negatives.

· Another negative of this software is that it works slightly slow at times

User comments/reviews:

1. Some interesting visuals, but the smoothness of the iTunes or G-Force ( visuals are not as great.

2. Either way, great adjustments for beat sensitivity, and so on. Beautiful and optimized rendering.

3. Some beautiful visuals and just an example of what visuals can be made with the VJ program.

free vj software 1

5. Cell VJ

Features and functions

· Cell VJ is yet another brilliant and cool VJ software Mac free which lets you create stunning video effects with music.

· This program enables you to mix video and audio in real-time.

· This VJ software Mac has 36 default chips which are great for trying transitions and speed control.

Pros of Cell VJ

· One of the best things about this program is that it offers a lot of cool effects which can be fun to work with.

· It includes a lot of built-in clips which too is a positive.

· This VJ software Mac free is easy to use and highly customizable and flexible.

Cons of Cell VJ

· One of the negatives of this program is that it has so many options that it can be a little hard to learn.

· Another negative point about it is that its interface can be complicated for many.

User comments/reviews:

1. How do I get this software to buy ma from Ghana ( in fact this is what I need for my Club.

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