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Astrology is a unique science that deals with the position of stars to determine a person’s future and involves making predictions about the same. These days, to get your future predicted, you don’t always have to visit an astrologer because you can now access it through astrology software on your computer or laptop. Yes, many paid and free astrology software are available for various operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. If you are someone who uses a Mac and is looking for some good astrology software that is available for free, then you can go through the following given information which lists the top 3 free astrology software for Mac.

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astrograv app

Features and functions:

· AstroGrav is an extremely useful software that enables you to simulate how astronomical ob_x_jects interact and move under the force of gravity.

· This free astrology software for Mac has some wonderful interactive graphics in 3D which allow you to watch how your life journey evolves as the years pass by.

· This wonderful software offers you a variety of sample environments like space missions, space programs and abstract systems, etc for you to choose from.

Pros of AstroGrav

· Thanks to the many different environments present, users can experiment without having to enter their personal information first and this is a positive feature associated with it.

· Another positive point of this app is that it allows you to configure your own universes and is thus ideal for both space fans and astrology enthusiasts.

· This Free astrology software for Mac is fun, highly customizable, and very interesting to download and use.

· Another good thing about it is that Constellations and more than 100,000 background stars are included, with comprehensive data for each.

Cons of AstroGrav

· One of the negative things about AstroGrav is that it may not be suitable for all age groups and especially for kids.

· Its environment editor is very complicated and it is thus ideal for only professionals or those with specialized knowledge of the solar system.

· Another letdown of this software is that choosing from different environments may not be something people would like to do on an astrology tool.

User comments/reviews:

· It is a fun and customizable program for astronomers and space fans-

· It has a variety of features and options for viewing -

· It is an impressive software with a large range of features-

2. Dashtrology

dashtrology app

Features and functions

· Dashtrology is yet Free astrology software for Mac which is perfect as your dashboard companion.

· Not only does this software allow daily, weekly and monthly forecasts but also lets you know about your home, garden, office, and others.

· Dashtrology is a very sleek widget that is easy to use and enables you to know your predictions for the future.

Pros of Dashtrology

· Dashtrology provides all kinds of horoscopes including monthly, yearly, and daily and this enables you to look at your predictions whenever you want.

· Another positive point about this software is that it allows you to enter your details and get customized horoscopes or astrology predictions.

· It also allows you to know about your love life, love matches, and other relationships and suggests ways to improve them.

Cons of Dashtrology

· One of the points which may prove disappointing as far as this software is concerned is that it doesn’t offer a very good interface and the design is slightly messy

· In many cases, several bugs have been reported with this software and this too proves to be a negative point.

User comments/reviews:

· The software is not only limited to general horoscope and features a wide range of horoscope-

· The widget is sleek and looks nice with all the signs encircling the interface

· The software not only provides current readings but the preview of earlier ones and a sneak peek of the coming ones-

3. Astrolog

astrolog app

Features and functions:

· Astrolog is absolutely free of cost astrology software for Mac which also has versions for Windows, DOS, and UNIX.

· This software is a great way to know your daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly horoscope and enables you to find your predictions.

· Astrolog provides accurate data ba_x_sed on your personal details and lets you find out about your love life, relationships, home, and work.

Pros of Astrolog

· Astrolog not only enables you to see your horoscope but also your natal charts, bi-wheel, quad-wheel, constellation globe, and astro-graph map.

· This free astrology software for Mac is easy to use, offers many options to choose from, and is ideal even for beginners or people with no specialized knowledge to use.

· Astrolog is perfect for everyone since it offers various types of predictions.

Cons of Astrolog

· The user interface or look of this software is not too clean and stylish and the software appears clunky and messy. This is definitely one of the negative points about it.

· In some cases, predictions may not be too accurate or clear and this too acts as a negative point of this Free astrology software for Mac.

· The midpoint format is really cumbersome and could be simplified a bit.

· The progression system provided could have more options and this too acts as a negative.

User comments/reviews:

1. Seems to be fairly user friendly

2. It is by far and away from the best. But it is not going to tell a novice the type of things a professional could

3. The program gives accurate charts in any number of formats. For an advanced student, it is very nice, and it is simple enough to maneuver through to get basic information.

4. Definitely by far the best freeware astrology program with an amazing selection of calculations. Highly accurate databa_x_se gives much detailed info.

5. This is the best astrology program for chart calculations. No spyware. The interpretations are basic but it's FREE.

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