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Top 10 Free Accounting Software for Windows

Selena Lee

Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Accounting software is the kind of software that helps us to keep track of our accounts and finances. This software prove useful not just for professional accountants but also for home users and students. There are many accounting software available for Windows and other operating systems but if you are looking for free software, then you can go through the following given list of the top 10 free accounting software for Windows:

1. Manager

Features and functions

· Manager is the free accounting software for Windows which has many accounting modules and tools.

· It includes cashbooks, invoicing, receivables, payables, taxes, etc.

· This software also lets you fr_x_ame comprehensive financial reports.

Pros of Manager

· One of the positives of this program is that it has many tools, all of which are easy to use.

· It has an active forum through which any kind of help can be taken.

· It is the complete accounting solution for all your needs.

Cons of Manager

· One of the negatives of this software is that you cannot export data from it.

· It can take up a lot of space on your system

· It can be complex for beginners to understand.

User reviews:

1. Looks great so far...wish it auto-synced with banks

2. Looks very thorough, even includes inventory

3. The developers are active in the forum and listen to the users

free accounting software 1

2. Mint

Features and Functions:

· This is free accounting software for Windows which provides users with an accessible and complete view of all their finances and accounts.

· details of the cash flow, and transactions, helps track/ manage all money balances, and decide on a course of action are all provided in this software.

· There is an option to build a budget and keep a close tab on expenditures also provided to the users.

Pros of Mint:

· The software presents data in interesting ways like graphs etc. and this is one of its highlight features.

· The free accounting software for Windows also offers the option of automatic syncing across devices which again is a plus point.

· The information is protected by a passcode and this too is a positive.

Cons of Mint:

· One of the negatives of this software is that syncing all accounts can sometimes be time taking and tedious.

· The investing section of the software is not exhaustive and this too is a drawback.

· It is not possible to generate a report except by importing a CSV file which is a big limitation.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. Though Mint’s investing tools are simplistic, many users report issues with synchronization.https://investorjunkie.com/54/mint-com-review/

2. Mint.com is hands-down the best personal finance service.http://in.pcmag.com/mintcom/69428/review/mintcom

3. Great ... unless you ever change banks. So at this point, I am looking for a new solution...http://financialsoft.about.com/u/r/od/onlinesoftware/gr/Mint_Review.htm

free accounting software 2

3. GnuCash:

Features and Functions:

· This software is a licensed accounting tool for small business and personal users.

· The design of the software is formulated to make it easy to operate.

· The functions installed in the software are based on actual professional accounting guidelines/ principles.

Pros of GnuCash

· It is easy to use and is very flexible and this is a big plus point.

· This free accounting software for Windows provides accurate balancing of financing.

· It also helps to keep track of expenses, incomes, stocks, and accounts.

Cons of GnuCash

· It is difficult to understand some of the documentation formats and this can prove to be a negative point.

· Tracking stock prices can only be done manually and this is a drawback too.

· This software has a comparatively inefficient printing feature.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. Straight forward, well thought out. Simple, comprehensive, no gimmicks, avoids buying into a system that primarily is designed to be a cash cow. https://ssl-download.cnet.com/GnuCash/3000-2057_4-10689049.html

2. Works well across all platforms. Clean and simple interface with many options to tweak it to your satisfaction.https://ssl-download.cnet.com/GnuCash/3000-2057_4-10689049.html

3. Using this for more than a year for my personal accounting. Though there were some issues with QIF importing, reports, and the Mobile version, now (v2.6.6) it works well.http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnucash/reviews/

free accounting software 3

4. HomeBank:

Features and Functions:

· This free accounting software for Windows is licensed under- GNU General Public License, and is open source in nature.

· Users can easily configure many accounts and hence keep a tab on the accounts easily.

· The data can be classified under different categories for easy tracking and access.

Pros of HomeBank

· The software is completely customizable and flexible to use.

· It supports multiple accounts in one place and this is something very impressive.

· The data representation in the form of graphs and other statistical tools works very well.

Cons of HomeBank

· The software can prove to be very buggy at times.

· It crashes often and this can be an inconvenience.

· The software takes time to get configured properly.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. Tricky to get the most out of it. I don't have a financial background, but I use this to keep track of several accounts.I find some of the advanced functions difficult to set up.http://www.snapfiles.com/get/homebank.html

2. Simple with no bloat. There's a little bit of a learning curb, but it was manageable for me. I liked it so much I made a donation to the author.http://www.snapfiles.com/get/homebank.html

3. If you’re looking for a simple, unfussy tool to help you gain control over your personal finances, HomeBank is a great choice.http://www.downloadcrew.com/article/29651-homebank


5. AceMoney Lite:

Features and Functions:

· This is yet another free accounting software for Windows whose interface is easier to use in comparison to most other such programs.

· Some functions you can perform on it include budget creation, checkbook management, and management and keeping of records.

· The accounting software is ideal for both home users and professional accountants and finance keepers.

Pros of AceMoney Lite:

· The free accounting software for Windows has both options- keep information password protected and/ or share it.

· Users also get to use the online sharing feature and this is a positive too.

· This is an all-in-one software for account keeping.

Cons of AceMoney Lite

· This software is limited to just two accounts and this is a big limitation.

· It can be hard to learn at first and this can be a problem for beginners.

· It proves to be a little clunky to use.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. Nice program for basic checking. Easy to set up and enter transactions.https://ssl-download.cnet.com/AceMoney-Lite/3000-2057_4-10208687.html

2. Been using AceMoney for 2 years, and I have tried various other (programs) without success. AceMoney is very easy to use and easy to learn. I strongly recommend this product to anyone.http://acemoney-lite.en.softonic.com/

3. AceMoney from MechCAD Software is easy-to-use personal finance software that claims to be the best alternative to Quickenor Microsoft Money.http://financialsoft.about.com/od/morefinancialsoftware/fr/Acemoney-Personal-Finance-Software-Review.htm

free accounting software 4

6. Money Manager Ex:

Features and Functions:

· This is free accounting software for Windows which is very fast, clean, and highly intuitive.

· The program includes many features and functions including tracking every card purchase, easy-to-manage account reports, and outlines, among others.

· It helps keep a budget and keep track of finances and cash flow forecasts.

Pros of Money Manager Ex

· This free accounting software for Windows supports multiple languages and this is its highlight feature.

· It is easy to import data with a QIF or a CSV format file on it and this is a plus point too.

· Exciting pie charts and graphs are available with just one click and this adds to the list of its positives.

Cons of Money Manager Ex

· The program crashes and all the settings/ data are lost, proving to be frustrating for the users.

· The software offers limited flexibility to the recurring transaction system.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. The software seems to be good, I just started setting up the accounts so I will have to wait and see if it lives up to my expectations.https://ssl-download.cnet.com/Money-Manager-Ex/3000-2057_4-10870226.html

2. It works pretty well. It’s pretty easy to use and so far it is keeping track of my entry.https://ssl-download.cnet.com/Money-Manager-Ex/3000-2057_4-10870226.html

3. Overall I love the program. It is easy to use, customize, and is fast.https://ssl-download.cnet.com/Money-Manager-Ex/3000-2057_4-10870226.html

free accounting software 5

7. TurboCASH

Features and functions

· TurboCASH is yet another free accounting software for Windows which provides unlimited invoicing and accounting options.

· This software has more than 80000 users worldwide and some functions included in it are invoicing, debtors, creditors, general ledger, and many others.

· Wave allows you to track payments, create estimates, and others.

Pros of TurboCASH

· This free accounting software for Windows has clean, intuitive, and user-friendly. It is thus a smooth place to handle accounts.

· You get a lot of freedom to personalize or customize your invoices and this too is a positive related to it.

· This software is an all-in-one accounting and invoicing tool for different kinds of users.

Cons of TurboCASH

· It can prove to be slow at times and this can prove to be a negative related to it.

· This program could be made more attractive enough.

· It may not be very ideal for large businesses.

User comments/reviews:

1. Great for the price and my needs - running Windows 7

2. Intuitive accounting package for me, a non-mathematic type.

3. It is installed and set up easily, and also has good resident and online help sections.


free accounting software 6

8. Express Invoice

Features and functions:

· Express invoice isfree accounting software for Windowswhich has a comprehensive interface.

· This software includes many templates and formats which can be easily customized.

· Express invoice is ideal for both small and big businesses and for beginners and professionals.

Pros of Express Invoice

· It is an easy and fun to use program which enables you to make many kinds of reports and bills.

· This program allows you to print email or fax your invoices to clients directly and proves to be perfect for accountants.

· It is easy to install and takes hardly any time to master.

Cons of Express Invoice

· It can sometimes install unwanted softwares which proves to be a big negative/

· Another drawback of this software is that it can prove to be time taking to enter data into this.

· The software often displays inaccurate information which is a con too.

User comments/reviews:

1. After downloading this I checked out some of NCH's other products and am really a fan-boy now

2. Intuitive, flexible, customizable, affordable, great interface and great reports

3. Easy to set up and use.


free accounting software 7

9. VT Cash Book

Features and functions

· This is afree accounting software for Windowswhich is the complete solution to all accounting problems.

· This software helps you record your income and expenditure.

· It has a straightforward interface for ease of use

Pros of VT Cash Book

· The best thing about this software is that it is has a simple interface for the beginners to use.

· It is intuitive and has all basic accounting tools that you may need.

· It is ideal for home users and small businesses.

Cons of VT Cash Book;

· One of the negatives of this software is that there is no databa_x_se of customers or suppliers.

· There is no invoicing on purchase order modules and this is a drawback too.

· The extra simple interface may not be for big businesses.

User reviews/comments:

1.Some need a little hand holding to start with - others take to it immediately with no problem.

2. It is a very easy tool to use, and does not require that you have any accounting knowledge at all.

3. So yes - VT is well liked by my clients so far



free accounting software 8

10. Invoice expert XE

Features and functions

· This is a beautiful and efficientfree accounting software for Windowswhich does everything an accountant can.

· It lets you establish tax settings, and lets you meet all your invoicing needs.

· It is designed simply and has an intuitive interface.

Pros of Invoice expert XE

· One of the positives of this program is that it is absolutely easy to use.

· It is very customizable and works well for making changes, editing adding new details etc.

· This free accounting software for windows works really well for tax accounting.

Cons of Invoice expert XE

· One of the negatives of this program is that it runs really slow.

· It doesn’t offer very good customer support and this is a negative as well.

User reviews/comments:

1. Runs too slow. Support is terrible, Account Receivable is awful

2. Easy to use, useful features, affordable price

3. EXCELLENT value for your business


free accounting software 9

Selena Lee

Selena Lee

chief Editor

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