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How to Change Spotify Location After Moving to Another Country


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Spotify is one of the best apps to access quality music and podcasts. Be it in your car while you commute from the workplace to home or simply when you are home with your latte, the music is made for every mood. Spotify is easy to use, you can make your own playlist and you have access to a lot of musical content.

spotify music app

But this depends on the country you are staying in. And if you’ve recently shifted your base, it can be tricky to change spotify region. But if you opt for the manual methods, it is a breeze to update location spotify. We will teach you how that is done effectively using different resources available to you.

Part 1: Reasons for changing Location on Spotify

But why to Change Location Spotify in the first place? Is it important to change your location if you are changing countries? Will that affect the music on the streaming app? Yes! It certainly will. Before we discuss the different ways to change country on spotify, let us understand why we should do it at all.

Region specific Content
spotify region specific content

Everything is not available everywhere. If you are looking for a specific motivational podcast that is a hit in the US, it might not be available in your region. You like that new Arabic song, maybe it won’t stream in your Australian lanes. The content can be restricted to a specific region and if you don’t stay there, it is far away from your reach. You have to rely on Spotify Change Location to access that musical content.

Playlists and Recommendations
spotify region geography playlists

Spotify uses your coordinates to provide the right music content for you. There are people who jump up and down and say that the app suggests songs that are their absolute favorite! As if it has read their minds. This is possible because Spotify identifies the most played songs in the region, detects the language and delivers these suggestions to you.

So, the content that you receive depends on the place that you are staying in.

Payment Plans
potify payment plan

The Spotify premium account provides more benefits than the normal free version that people use. But what many of us are not aware of is that the premium version’s cost differs from place to place. If you can manage a spotify location update, you can save yourself some bucks.

Spotify Unavailable
spotify unavailable

Spotify did gain a lot of popularity in a very short period of time. People are making money, uploading their own content and even exploring newer genres of music. However, Spotify is not available world-wide. Currently, it is only accessible from 65 countries. If you hail from a region where Spotify hasn’t launched yet, you need to update spotify location to a place where it is fully functional.

Part 2: How To Edit Your Country on Spotify?

You can change region spotify manually by directly tweaking a few settings in the Account Overview section. If you are using a Free Spotify account, then you will have to manually change your location. But a person who has a Premium Spotify account can access all the content from all those countries where spotify is legally available. Here’s how you can change the location using the Spotify settings -

Step 1: Go to the Spotify Homepage on your desktop and Log into your account. This is how you do it if you happen to have a free account. Premium accounts don’t need it. After you Log in, go to the ‘Accounts’ section.

spotify log in page

Step 2: From the sidebar, go to the ‘Account Overview’ option. When you click on it, you will find the ‘Edit Profile’ option on the screen. Go for it.

spotify acct overview

Step 3: Once you click on theEdit Profile option, there will be several categories that display your personal information. If you scroll down, you will find the ‘Country’ Option. Select the country of your choice there.

new location on spotify

If you are a Spotify Free user, then you will have to go by the above mentioned method. But if you are a Spotify premium user, you don’t need to change location to access content. However, you can change it to update the Payment plans.

Step 4 (Premium): In the same Account Overview option, you can either ‘Update’ your new location and spotify works accordingly. Otherwise, you can completely Change your Plan as well.


Part 3: How to Use Apps to Fake Spotify Location?

Now you know that by Spotify Change Country, you can get more benefits and you can enjoy podcasts, music and other audio content that is otherwise unavailable in your region. So, it is understandable that you’d want to deliberately fake spotify location. This is possible when you use some of the best Location Spoofer softwares available on the internet. Our best suggestion would be Wondershare’s Dr.Fone. It is easy to use and your location will be changed within a few minutes in minimal steps.

Step 1: You need to download the executive file of the WondershareDr. Fone’s Virtual LocationSpoofer. The android and even Windows compatible files are available on the website. Choose appropriately and download - and launch them.

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Step 2: Once you launch the application, the homepage will open and several options will display on the screen. Choose the Virtual Location option that is usually at the end of the page.

 dr.fone home screen

Step 3: To Change Location on Spotify Mobile, connect your device to your computer - both Android and iPhones can detect the virtual location change. Then click on Get Started.

dr.fone virtual location

Step 4: A map will appear on the screen. You can change the pi to a new location or you can enter the new location into the search box displayed on top of the page. You can do this by going to the ‘Teleport Mode’ on the top right corner of the page.

virtual location 04

Step 5: Once you are sure about the new virtual location, click on ‘Move Here’ option.

dr.fone virtual location

The New Location will now display on your iPhone/Android Device’s GPS system too. And Spotify will reflect it too. So, when you decide to change location on spotify using this method, the new location will reflect in all your apps. So, it’s hard to figure out that you’ve deliberately changed the location.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Part 4: How to Use a VPN to change Spotify Location?

A Virtual Private Network App is also very useful for the Spotify change Region. But you need to keep two important points in mind - The Trial Versions do not provide complete protection and the features aren’t satisfactory. If you go for free VPNs available on the internet, you cannot be 100% sure that your data is safe. So, we have narrowed down the safest option for you. We suggest that you use Nord VPN if you cannot get your hands on a Location Spoofer.

Location Spoofers are much safer because they don’t maintain Log data like the VPNs. But if you have no other option left for Spotify update Location, then you can rely on NordVPN.

Step 1: Go to the AppStore or Google Play Store and choose NordVPN from the different VPN options available.

nordvpn app

Step 2: Sign Up and create your account on the app. The main use of a VPN is to mask your IP and give you a new server for internet surfing. So, once you log in, NordVPN will find the closest server for you.

connect to server

The automatic connect was made to United States - the closest server

change server using spotify

Step 3: In case you want to change to a specific country, You can go to ‘More Options’ and then choose Servers. Then go to All Countries and choose the country of your choice. Once you launch Spotify, the same will reflect there too.

choose countries to change

The VPN works for all kinds of mobiles and it is very convenient to use. This is a good way to mask your IP address completely, so that no one can track your location change activity either. You can change servers several times a day to access content from across the world.


If you know the right way to do it, changing Spotify Location After Moving to Another Country is no big deal. You have several tools that will assist you in the job. Unless you are faking your location, you can change location directly from Spotify Account Overview too. But if you want to Change Location in Spotify for more benefits, then you can use the tools we have mentioned to get the job done. You can cut down the premium payment prices, listen to exotic music from across the world and also stay up to date with the podcast releases too.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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