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Bloons TD 5 Strategy: Top 8 Tips and Tricks for Bloons TD 5

Alice MJ

Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Bloons TD 5 is a tower defence game that is incredibly addicting and has swept the gamers. The game's simple goal is to prevent the vibrant balloons, or bloons, from reaching the track's conclusion by strategically positioning structures and improving them as the game goes on. Bloons TD 5 may appear simple initially, but it soon becomes difficult, requiring players to devise efficient tactics to pass each level.

This article will provide the best advice and cheats to help you master the game. Our guide covers all you need to know to win the game, from picking the appropriate towers to upgrading them at the proper time. So, if you're looking for bloons TD 5 tips or bloons TD battles strategy, read on!


Part 1: Basic Information of BloonsTD5

Welcome to Bloons TD 5, a tower defence game that will entertain you for countless hours. The competition aims to strategically erect towers to stop colorful balloons (or "bloons") from traveling over a twisting track. The buildings can be modified to become more effective, ranging from dart monkeys to super monkeys.

It will need more than luck to beat the increasingly difficult levels you encounter as you go through the game. Bloons TD 5 has won over fans of all ages with its colorful graphics, amusing sound effects, and fun gameplay.

Platform: Android, iOS, Steam (Windows and Mac), and Browser (Flash)

Genre: Bloons TD 5 is a tower defense game.

Developer: The game was developed by Ninja Kiwi, a New Zealand-based developer specializing in creating online and mobile games.

Player Age: The game is rated E for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which means it is suitable for players of all ages. However, the game may be more challenging for younger players due to its strategic gameplay and increasing difficulty level.

Part 2: Things You Should Know Before Playing

If you're looking for Bloons TD 5 tips to help you develop a winning strategy and boost your chances of success, there are several vital things to keep in mind. Although the game is simple to pick up and play, some essential components can significantly impact your gaming experience.

These suggestions will help you improve as a player and raise your chances of success, from comprehending the many kinds of towers to realizing the value of improving them. We'll explore some essential Bloons TD 5 strategies and tips to help you become a master player. So let's dive in and get started!

Gameplay-essential features and icons are included in Bloons TD 5. You can play the game more effectively and navigate it more quickly if you know what each icon means. This is a quick rundown of some of the game's essential heroes:

  1. Special Agent: The Special Agent shop, where you may buy one-of-a-kind agents that will help you in the game, is represented by this icon. These agents have unique skills that can aid you in coming up with inventive ways to destroy bloons.

special agent

  1. Towers:This icon denotes the tower store, where you can buy various tower kinds, each with specific skills and advantages. As the primary method of busting bloons, towers are crucial to the gameplay.


  1. Store:This icon stands for the in-game shop where you can buy a variety of extras to improve your gameplay, including new maps, tower upgrades, and other add-ons.


  1. Specialties:The Specialty Buildings, where you can buy upgrades and bonuses that have an impact on particular types of towers, are represented by this icon.


  1. Social:This icon stands for the game's social components, which include the opportunity to communicate with friends and engage in daily and weekly challenges.


  1. Monkey Lab: The Monkey Lab, where you can upgrade numerous stats and abilities for your towers, is represented by this icon.

monkey lab

  1. Daily Chest:This emblem stands for the daily chest function, which offers free rewards to players each day they log in to the game.

daily chest

Part 3: Different Tips and Tricks for Playing TD 5

To become a pro at Bloons TD 5, you must deeply understand the game mechanics and Bloons TD 5 strategy. Although initially seem complicated, many plans might help you win the game. These pointers, which range from picking the best towers to understanding when to upgrade them, can significantly improve your gaming experience.

In this section, we'll cover some Bloons TD 5 tips and tricks for playing, including the best towers, the importance of upgrading, and other valuable strategies to help you beat even the most demanding levels. So, let's dive in and become a balloon-popping masters!

Here are some recommendations for changing your settings in Bloons TD 5. By changing these settings, you may ensure that Bloons TD 5 gaming runs smoothly and without interruptions.

  • Graphics Settings: Depending on your device or computer, the visual settings may need to be changed to ensure fluid gaming. Reducing the graphical quality can reduce latency and enhance the game's overall performance.
  • Activate sound effects:Sound effects are crucial to the game since they serve as aural cues for specific events like bloons popping or tower upgrades. Ensure that sound effects are turned on for the most excellent gaming experience.
  • Adjust Screen Size: You can change the screen size in Bloons TD 5 to make it fit your mobile or computer screen. Try out various measures to determine which one suits you the best.
  • Disable notifications:If you're easily distracted by notifications while playing Bloons TD 5, you might want to disable them. Doing this can avoid distractions and maintain your attention on the game.
  • Turn on auto-save:Bloons TD 5 contains a feature called auto-save that can save you from losing your progress in the event of a crash or other unforeseen circumstances. To ensure your progress's safety, ensure you enable this function.

Following these Bloons TD 5 tips can increase your chances of earning rewards while playing the game.

  • Finish tasks:Completing challenges is a terrific way to earn rewards and advance your gaming abilities. To gain rewards like Monkey Money and Special Agents, make sure to complete the daily and weekly challenges.
  • Use Special Agents:Special Agents are distinct individuals with particular skills who can aid you in completing levels and obtaining rewards. Effective use of Special Agents might increase your tips.
  • Harder Level Difficulty: Finishing maps with a more severe setting will reward you more than completing them with a lower environment. But, to face the heightened problem, ensure you have the appropriate towers and upgrades.
  • Play multiplayer games:Playing multiplayer games, like Bloons TD Battles, might reward you with medallions and experience points. Also, competing with other players might help you develop new abilities and tactics.
  • Watch video advertisements:From time to time, Bloons TD 5 will reward you for watching a video advertisement. While it might not be the most exciting way to earn bonuses, it can be a quick and straightforward way to earn extra rewards like Monkey Money or other awards.

Part 4: Improve Your Game Experience With The Best Android Games Helper

Want to improve your gaming experience by playing Bloons TD 5 without installing it on your computer? It certainly sounds absurd. But it is doable! Use Dr. Fone ScreenMirroring as it allows you to cast your device display on a bigger screen. It will enable a comprehensive and clear view of the game. Now get ready to play mobile games on a PC without an emulator using the mirrored keys on the keyboard.

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Follow the steps below so that you can connect your device screen to a bigger screen for better viewing and experience:

  1. Launch Dr. Fone on your PC and connect your device.

Note: For connecting your device to your PC or Laptop, ensure Dr. Fone Link is installed on your mobile device.

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screen mirroring using dr. fone 1

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screen mirroring using dr. fone 2

  1. Your mobile phone screen will now be cast on your PC or Laptop.

screen mirroring using dr. fone 3

  1. Enjoy your game on a bigger screen.
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Final Words

With Bloons TD 5 being superhit among the tower defense games, many players of different age groups have joined the game. Here, we discussed some of the game's basic icons and features and provided some Bloons TD 5 tips and tricks for our new players so they can quickly advance in the game.

Dr. Fone Screen Mirroring can also be used to improve the game experience by playing the game on a bigger screen without downloading the game on your Laptop or PC.

Alice MJ

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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