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3 ways to record Clash Royale (No jailbreak)

Bhavya Kaushik

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

When playing Clash Royale, it’s highly advisable to spice up the game by recording it using a screen recorder. You can easily record Clash Royale using different screen recording programs available. I have a total of three Clash Royale recorders that I’m going to elaborate to you on how you can use them with different mobile versions operating on either Android or iOS.

Keep in mind that these three Clash Royale recording methods require no jailbreaking process on your phone. All you need to use them is an active internet connection or downloadable program and you are ready set.

Part 1: How to record Clash Royale on Computer

I believe you might want to record your Clash Royale escapades and adventures on your PC. To do so, you need a screen recording program that can easily do this for you. In a world where different programs have been developed, coming across a genuine one can be a hectic problem.

However, with Wondershare Dr.Fone, you don't have to look any further. With this recorder, you require no jailbreak procedures. And Dr.Fone allows you to record the most polular games (like Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Pokemon ...) on your PC easily and smoothly. I am sure you will get the smoothest iOS screen recording experience! With Wondershare Dr.Fone, you don't need to struggle with how to record your iPhone screen anymore.

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Wondershare Dr.Fone

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  • Support iPhone,iPad and iPod touch that runs iOS 7.1 to iOS 12.
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1.1 How to record Clash Royale on PC

So, how can we record Clash Royale with Wondershare Dr.Fone? Actually, all you need to do is to download the program, install and run it and you are ready to go. Below is a detailed procedure on how you can efficiently record Clash Royale on your PC.

Step 1: Download Wondershare Dr.Fone

The first step you need to take is to download Wondershare Dr.Fone on your PC. Install the program and run it. On your interface, you can find the instructions on how to mirror and record mobile screen to PC.

start to record Clash Royale

Step 2: Connect to WIFI

Using an active internet connection, connect both of your devices (PC and iDevice) to your WIFI. Once fully connected, swap your screen from the lower side of your screen to the upper side. This action will open the "Control Centre". Tap on the "AirPlay" (or "Screen Mirroring") option and follow the procedures as shown in the screenshot below.

record Clash Royale on PC

Step 3: Start Recording

Before you can begin the recording process, make sure that both of your devices display the same image. In simple terms, if your iPhone has the homepage apps display, make sure that your PC monitor shows the same apps. Once you have confirmed this, launch Clash Royale on your iPhone and tap on the recording button.

how to record Clash Royale on computer

Play your game as Dr.Fone records your each and every move you make.

1.2 How to record Clash Royale on your device

As for some users want to record Clash Royale on iPhone or iPad, we provide you the iOS Recorder App. You can follow the guide to finish the installation and record Clash Royale on your device.

Part 2: How to record Clash Royale on iPhone with SmartPixel

When using your iPhone, you can record each and every move you make when playing Clash Royale. In this case, you can use the SmartPixel Mini Clash Royale recorder from iTunes. To get started, follow these steps.

Step 1: Download SmartPixel

Download the SmartPixel app from iTunes. Launch the app on your iDevice. The interface should appear like the screenshot below.

recording Clash Royale

Step 2: Record Clash Royale

For you to record your game, you have to initiate the screen recording process. Tap on the "Screen Recording" option a shown in the screenshot below.

how to record Clash Royale on iPhone

Step 3: Choose Orientation

After you have started the recording process, a screen request asking you to choose your preferred orientation will be displayed. You can choose from Vertical, Reversely Horizontal, and Positively Horizontal displays. Once you have selected your best-preferred orientation, tap on the "Start Recording" option. Launch your Clash Royale game and play as you record your game.

record Clash Royale on iPhone

Step 4: Cease Recording

Once you are done recording, tap on the "Stop Screen Recording" option and save your captured video.

record Clash Royale with SmartPixel

Part 3: How to record Clash Royale on Android with Game Recorder +

The Game Recorder + app from Samsung is the ultimate Clash Royale screen recorder for gamers who operate on Android supported phones. With this app, you can record your Clash of Royale game in a very simplified manner. This is how it’s done.

Step 1: Download The App

Go to Google Playstore, search and download this app. Install the app and launch it. You will be able to see the interface displayed below.

download Game Recorder +

Step 2: Configure Settings

Tap on the "More" tab on your right-hand side to open the settings option. Under the settings tab, modify your video settings to match your preferences.

record Clash Royale on Android

Step 3: Launch Game and Start Recording

On your home interface, click on the "Red Record" Button to start the recording process. Head back to your games and open the Clash Royale game. Once you start to play the game, press on the record button to record the game. If you want to pause the recording process, simply press the "video camera" recording button.

how to record Clash Royale on Android

Tip: If you want to record the game automatically, go to "Settings"> Quick Record and set it ON. Each and every time you launch this Clash Royale screen recorder app, the red button will appear automatically.

Part 4: Clash Royale strategy guide : 5 strategy tips for the beginner

4.1 Be Wise on Gold

Gold will take you places and earn you points without even knowing it. The more battles you win, the more chests you get. Chests give out gold, and you spend the gold on what you want. When it comes to spending this gold, be wise on what you get. Some gold chests usually take as long as 12 hours before they can become active. So be wise on your spending.

4.2 Be Slow With Attacks

As a new player, many of us are usually tempted to attack. As an advice, and from what I have come to learn, constant attacks only expose you to more attacks from your enemies. As a good strategy, wait for your Elixir bar to go full blast before launching an attack.

4.3 Go for Skeleton Attacks

Use skeleton attacks when you want to distract your enemies. Why I'm I saying this? Skeletons are fragile and get killed easily by arrow strikes. The only way you can make use of these skeletons is only by using them as distracters just before launching a massive attack.

4.4 Make Use of Spells

As a beginner, spells are not available for use up until you progress further. Within a week or so of playing, you will get the chance to use the Freeze Spell. With this spell at hand, you can derail your enemies and attack them more efficiently. The Rage Spell, on the contrary, is usually available as from arena 3-4. Use these spells against your enemies.

4.5 Always Test your Decks

When fighting in multiplayer, always make sure that your deck is well equipped with a variety of weapons. A total of three decks are available for pickup. When assembling your deck, don’t keep too many 5’s as they are going to take longer to assemble, cost you more and slow you down. When testing your decks, always remember that variety is the key.

Whether you want to record Clash Royale on your Android, PC or your iOS device, we have different recorders that can do this for you. As we have seen above, the Clash Royale screen recorder method you choose solely depends on your preferences. Regardless of whether you are operating on Android or iOS enabled smartphone, the methods mentioned above will no doubt help you out when it comes to recording Clash Royale.

Bhavya Kaushik

Bhavya Kaushik

contributor Editor

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