Top 10 Ps4 VR Games in 2024

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Best Ps4 VR Games provide never-before live the game experience that every true gamer craves for. Virtual reality takes the games to a whole new world of fascination, where they unhooked from their daily life worries & stresses. Over the past decade, the list of PS4 VR games has expanded significantly, and the experience has gone to the next level. All you require are dedicated headsets, controllers, and a passion for setting on a V.R. game mission. Today, in this post, we'll be reviewing the top ten FREE VR games; before that, we'll also discuss key differences between paid & free V.R. games. So, let's find out:-

Difference Between Paid and Free Games

Be wary that the game developers are not there for social entertainment work; they also want to translate their efforts & knowledge into profits. That's why free games are free to play, but only to a certain extent. The more you play a free game, the harder it gets to move to the advanced stages without buying virtual in-game resources with your real money. These games very much rely on microtransactions, also known as the freemium strategy. Here, the game is marketed to be free, but you need to reach for your wallet to progress. Just link your debit/card with a free game, and boom in no time, your card will be empty.

But, this doesn't hold for all game developers; some must pay a nominal fee to maintain the game.

From the above, we can deduce which is better, Free or Paid games; you've to decide based on your expectations. But, one thing is for sure, when it comes to paid games, the options are plenty; you can play any game you want, be it a shooting game to a sports one. The ball is in your court, and you have to decide between free and paid games.

Top 10 Best Free V.R. Games

Here, we've curated a list of ten best PS4 VR games; let's find out:-

#1 Spider-Man: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience

Best Ps4 VR Games spiderman homecoming pic 2

This game presents you the opportunity to see the world from the eyes of the world's most beloved superhero, Spiderman. Suit up, and you'll feel like the real speedy. This V.R. game performs well on the front of visuals. Once you gain skills like Spiderman, you will get ready to face the vulture and good luck for the game. You can download this PS4 game from the PlayStation store.

#2 Dark Eclipse

Best Ps4 VR Games dark eclipse pic 3

Another top-ranked free PS4 game is a dark eclipse. Unlike most MOBA titles, no one hero is controlling the entire game. Instead, you'll have to juggle between all three of them. This game's concept is to understand the capabilities of your heroes and form a strong team to defeat the enemies. It is Free to play, but there are many microtransactions because of the in-play purchases.

#3 Resident Evil Beginning Hour

Best Ps4 VR Games resident evil beggining hour pic 4

Just imagine yourself waking up alone in a remote farmhouse. Add to that, the daylight is fading, and you'll have to make your way out. Isn't it a perfect mix of horror and adventure game, which makes it worth a try. Only the demo version of this PS4 game is available for free, rest you'll have to purchase it. The content is not suitable for small children.

#4 Epic Roller Coasters

Best Ps4 VR Games epic roller coaster pic 5

In your search for top PS4 VR games, Epic Roller Coasters is definitely way up there. It is a lifetime gaming experience, as the roller coasters put on display the true capabilities of virtual reality technology. The rail's experience and the shooting mode will keep you focused on the game without a dull moment.

#4 Robo Recall

Best Ps4 VR Games robo recall pic 6

The list of Free PS4 VR shooting games is limited, but this one is probably the best. Although the V.R. effects are average, it is a great action game with many twists and turns for an enjoyable gaming experience. The combat feel is truly awesome; you'll fall for it. In terms of modern weaponry, this game again better its market rivals. You'll have to have a complete sense of freedom to play on your terms; unlike other shooting, you won't be guided.

#5 Rec Room

Best Ps4 VR Games rec room pic 7

Rec Room is a social game played by gamers of all age groups; especially, the kids will love it. The cartoony visuals are quite colorful and impressive. The room is full of different games, such as Disc Golf, Paintball, or Dodgeball. The old-timers can relive their old days by playing the Rec Room. Plus, you assure you'll have good laughs at the end of this game.

#6 Accounting

Best Ps4 VR Games accounting pic 8

This P.S. V.R. game is way more interesting than it sounds. It is a fascinating, gripping game that asks you to grab things, but extraordinarily. If you love some kind of humor while playing the V.R. game, then accounting is a must for you. This game is ideally suited for both P.S. rookie gamers or a veteran.

#7 Google Earth

Best Ps4 VR Games google earth pic 9

When it comes to moving experience, the options are somewhat limited. But, Google Earth is one game that will see the world in high definition; it is an incredible experience not to be missed. If you turn off specific safety options, you'll get access to the streets, and you'll find your way into the local homes and offices. Plus, you can always test your fear of heights by zooming from the Alps' top. Isn't that awesome?

#8 Star Wars: Battlefront V.R. Mission

Best Ps4 VR Games star wars pic 10

First of all, this game is entirely for free, but it is such an impressive V.R. game that we had to list here. This game definitely pushes PlayStation's limits with traffic visuals that will leave a mark on your mind. This game is based on the theme of popular T.V. series, the Star Wars.

#9 Guns n Stories: Preface V.R.

Best Ps4 VR Games guns n stories pic 11

Put on your V.R. headsets and gear up for a thrilling shooting experience with Guns' n'Glory. Get into the old days of your grandparents, where the punty hunters ruled. Live the glories days of incredible adventure/

#10 A Township Tale

Best Ps4 VR Games township tale pic 12

It is a FREE multiplayer V.R. game that is an open-world RPG, delivering remarkable virtual reality experiences not to forget. Move around the world and master your craft.

In the end, if you've any game to add to the list of PS4 VR games, share with us via the comment section below:-

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