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The Answers about Ex Raid Gyms You Want to Know


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

A Pokémon Ex Raid is a special kind of raid in which you get invited to. You cannot get into an Ex Raid unless you have an Ex Raid Pass. This is gained by participating well in the normal raids that you find.

A Pokémon Ex Raid is a fight unlike any other that you have come across in normal gym raids. The bosses are so powerful and it requires a larger team of trainers to defeat them. Taking part in a raid requires expert experience and being invited to one is something that all Pokémon players dream about.

You might have to take part in an Ex Raid in order to get some of the Pokémon characters that are only found in such events. For example, Mewtwo was initially only found in Ex Raid events and nowhere else in the Pokémon universe.

Part 1: What are ex raids?

Pokémon Ex Raids are invite-only raids. These take place at a specific gym at a specific date and time.

When you take part in an Ex Raid, you encounter Pokémon creatures that can only be found in the Ex Raid an nowhere else, giving you a chance to get rare and legendary Pokémon in your Pokedex. The other Pokémon that you get are extremely powerful or have exemplary and exclusive moves.

The Pokémon that are found in Pokémon Ex Raids are rotated within the Legendary Pokémon Raid rotation, after being in the Ex Raid for a whole year. Currently, Regigigas is the Pokémon that is doing the rotation in Ex Raids. It will eventually be replaced by Genesect at any time.

Here is a list of Pokémon Ex Raid characters:

  • Mewtwo – the first Ex Raid Pokémon (Late 2017 to late 2018)
  • Deoxys – all four forms (Late 2018 to late 2019)
  • Mewtwo and Shadow Ball (Late 2019)
  • Regigigas – (Late 2019 to date)
  • Genesect – (Expected at any time)

Part 2: Where are ex raid gyms?

Pokémon Ex Raid gyms are those which can hold Ex Raid events. Most Pokémon Ex Raid gyms are found in densely populated areas such as parks; there are some which are sponsored events.

Since not all gyms can become Ex Raid gyms, you can find out if your local gym can hold an Ex Raid event by looking in top upper right-hand side of the phone screen. Gyms that can hold Ex Raid events will have the word “Ex Raid Gym” highlighted in blue.

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Part 3: Are ex raid guaranteed catch?

There is no guarantee that you will be invited into an Ex Raid event. There are certain conditions that you must fulfill.

To get invited to an event, you must take part in several raids. The more raids you are involved in, the higher your chances of getting an invite are. The invite is also known as an Ex Raid Pass.

When you have the following, you will have a better chance of getting invited to an Ex Raid:

  • You must hold a Gold Gym Badge at one of the gyms that are highlighted as Ex Raid possibilities.
  • Have a large number of raids under your belt.
  • You must have taken part in a raid on an Ex Raid eligible gym that has 20 or more players within the last week.

You can also level up your Gym Badge for an in order to improve your chances of getting an Ex Raid Pass. This can be done by placing a Pokémon in a gym that is eligible for an Ex Raid. Your team must be holding the gym, and you should compete in raids within the gym, give berries to the Pokémon that you placed in the gym at the time your team is still holding the gym.

Once you have achieved the Gold Pokémon Gym Badge, begin taking part in several high-level raids within the same gym location. This will improve your possibility of getting an invite. Being at the gym site physically rather than remotely will also increase your chances of getting an Ex Raid Pass.

You will get an Ex Raid Pass within a few days to one week in advance of the event. This will take into account the gym that you have used the most.

This advance time is given so you and your team can find the location of the Ex Raid event before it actually begins. This will help you to come together at a certain time so you can prepare for the fights. Remember that an Ex Raid requires a strong team made up of several players who have to work together in order to defeat the gym bosses.

Apart from earning rewards to qualify for an Ex Raid event, you can also get an invite from a friend. Here is how you can send an invite to a friend who you want to be part of your team in an Ex Raid event:

  • When you get an Ex Raid Pass, you will have the option to invite one friend to the event.
  • Choose the option “Invite” and then select the friend from the friends list. Note that only friends who are Ultra or Best friends can be invited.
  • When you send the invite, it will be sent to his or her bag so you can both attend the Ex Raid event.

You can only get one Ex Raid invite at a time. If you have more than one, you should decline the others. You may also wait for the countdown timer on the invite to expire.

Part 4: How does a gym become an ex raid gym?

Not all gyms have the capability of becoming Ex Raid gyms. In order to take part in a gym that has this capability, there are certain things to look for so you know how it will become an Ex Raid gym.

  • Ex Raids can only be hosted in gyms that are found in parks or those that are sponsored. Use the OpenStreetMap tag to find eligible gyms in parks.
  • The gyms must have Level 12 S2 cells. Each of the cells is limited to hosting only one Ex Raid per cycle.
  • Look for gyms that have hosted an Ex Raid in the past; these will always have the ability to host another Ex Raid in coming cycles.
  • Look at the gym activity within the last cycle since it hosted the last Ex Raid. There is a minimum activity threshold that the gym should achieve.
  • There can only be one gym that will host an Ex Raid within a certain area. Check these out within your region.
  • Players who get invites will be selected at random. The threshold for selection is taking part in at least one raid in that particular gym.

Part 5: Who is the next Ex Raid boss?

As mentioned above, Genesect is the upcoming Ex Raid Boss. Here are some of the characteristics of Genesect:


This is a large purple, metallic Pokémon, with an insect-like appearance. It has a large saucer-shaped head with two red eyes and a wide mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth; this makes it look like it has a perpetual smile, but do not be deceived by the smile.

It has a powerful laser canon on its back. The chest is made from powerful metal ah the arms and legs have metal protection in some parts. This is a Pokémon that came back after 300 million Pokémon years in hibernation.


Genesect has special drives that can be attached to the canon so that it can fire different elemental beams. This made it one of the toughest fighters in the past.

Part 6: Do ex raid gyms change?

Yes, Ex Raid gyms change from time to time, depending on how the members of the gym perform. Ex Raid gyms can only host one Ex Raid in a cycle. Although Ex Raid gyms are allowed to host other Ex Raids in the future, the exact time will depend on how the members perform within one cycle after their last Ex Raid event. If they do not make the threshold, they will have to wait for the next cycle.

Other gyms can become Ex Raid gyms as long as they meet the conditions discussed in Part 4 above.

In conclusion

Taking part in an Ex Raid event will give you the chance to boost your profile in the Pokémon world. This is a great way of going forward at a fast rate. However, you cannot get into an Ex Raid unless you are very active within the community. Make sure that you keep an eye out for Gyms that have the chance of becoming Ex Raid Gyms, take part in raids within the same gym and earn an Ex Raid Gym. You can be invited to an Ex Raid by a friend and you can also invite one even if the threshold to become an Ex Raid participant has not been met. Normal gyms can also become Ex Raid gyms as long as they have an active community. Take this into account when choosing a gym for your normal raid events.

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