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How Can I Find Pokémon Go Magikarp?


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

In Pokemon Go, players are always after legendary Pokemon, and Mew is one of them. However, to find Mew, the players are expected to complete various challenges. And evolving Magikarp into Gyarados is one of them. And that's the main reason players are looking for Pokemon Go Magikarp Nest all around.

So, in this guide, we will learn about this feature and how it works. Moreover, we will discover some tools that can assist the players in locating and catching Magikarp.

Part 1: Why Does Everybody Want To Get Pokemon Go Magikarp Nest?

As Magikarp evolution is a critical challenge to find Mew in the game, players are after Magikarp Nest Coordinates. But the main challenge is that this water Pokemon migrates to a new location after a brief period. The more Magikarp you find, the more you can evolve. And this is the main reason why people are trying to track down Magikarp nest nearby.

The challenge comes with an extreme difficulty level. It might be one of the demanding challenges that you will have to face to get Mew in your Pokedex. The good thing is that Magikarp only needs to walk 1km to earn candy. And the bad news is that you have to collect 400 Magikarp Candy to evolve a Pokemon. It is the Magikarp's low walking distance that makes him the perfect buddy in your journey to find Mew.

If you want to find Magikarp, you should look for it near a public lake or other water bodies. Don't forget, Magikarp is a water-type Pokemon, and it is likely to spawn near water. And for every Magikarp you catch, you will receive three candies

Part 2: Top 4 Pokemon Go Map To Locate The Magikarp:

Here is a list of top Pokemon Go Maps that can locate Magikarp and other Pokemon as well.

1: The Silph Road:

The first map to be used for Magikarp nest coordinates is "The Silph Road." It is one of the best choices if you want to locate Magikarp near you. The map has a nest atlas so that you can pursue the nest whenever you want.

Along with this, the Silph Road also has a league map that contains local discord connections. By using this app, you get the chance to become part of the most active Pokemon Go community that will allow you to use the map and track the Pokemon you want to catch.

2: PokeFind:

With this tool, you will be able to locate Magikarp and other Pokemon as well. PokeFind has the map feature that works like a Minecraft. It means that it is always live and changing so that the players will always have a unique experience.

3: PokeHunter:

One of the best maps you can look for to locate the Magikarp Pokemon Go Nest is PokeHunter. However, you will see that PokeHunter won't be useful to find Pokemon in all areas or cities of the world. The application of this tool isn't spread to all corners of the world.

So, before you want to use PokeHunter, check the list of cities where it is available for use. It will also scan the live Pokemon raid hours to help you catch more Pokemon.

4: PoGoMap:

Another great tool that can help you locate Magikarp nest is PoGoMap. With this tool, you will be able to find the best locations to find pokemon nests precisely. The tool will also guide you to arrive at those locations. You will see arrows at various points that will take you to the Pokemon Nest lying nearby. It will turn out to be the best way to capture all the Pokemon that you want before they migrate to a new location.

Whether it is the PokeStops, Gyms, or other locations that serve as a hotspot for pokemon, you'll have access to all of them.

Part 3: Top 3 Pokemon Go Tracker To Catch Magikarp:

In this section, we'll talk about the Pokemon Go Trackers that can assist you in catching Magikarp and other Pokemon easily. Here is a list of top three Pokemon Go Trackers.

1: PokeTracker:

It is the best Magikarp nest tracker tool. PokeTracker will allow you to see exactly where the Pokemon is hiding in the game interface. The players can even use filters and background notifications to track the Pokemon of their choice.

PokeTracker will allow the users to view Gyms and PokeStops in the game. As you get suggestions, click on the pokemon to see its name, location, and you can also share the location with your friends. The tracker will notify you when a Pokemon spawn is nearby, even when the app is running in the background.

2: PokeSensor:

The next best Magikarp Spawn Pokemon Go tool is PokeSensor. This app can be used in real-time, and you will be able to see the location of the Pokemon whenever you want. As you scan the radius, the tracker will find a pokemon who is hiding nearby. Another advantage of using this tool is that you can expand the scan radius while you are looking for Magikarp. As the tool have a native interface with easy controls, you will be able to utilize the service in a commendable way.

3: PokeFind Tools:

PokeFind isn't just a simple interactive map for Pokemon Go. Instead, it is also a brilliant tracker for Magikarp and other Pokemon. It is a suite of tools that will come in handy when you are on the quest to find Mew. The tool can provide you the location of over 1 million Pokemon. So, if you want to find Magikarp, use this tracker, and you'll come across all the gyms and PokeStops around you.

If you look over the internet, you will find several other maps and trackers as well that can be used in Pokemon Go.


That's all on how you can find Pokemon Go Magikarp Nest locations. We have listed the maps and tracker tools you can use while you are trying to find Magikarp in Pokemon Go.

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