Where Can I Know My WIFI Password?

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Wi-Fi is the substitute network of the wired network, widely used for connecting devices in wireless mode. Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. The wireless innovative technology connects computers, tablets, smartphones, and many other devices with the internet. It is the radio signal sent via wireless router to the access device and interprets the signal into data, which you can use and see on your respective devices.

When Wi-Fi was introduced, people used it without a password; however, with increased popularity, people have started protecting it via password so that no one can use the data they are paying the amount. Nevertheless, there are times when individuals put the password and forget it. Today we are going to explain how you can see your Wi-Fi password systematically on different devices.

Method 1: Find Wi-Fi password in iOS? [2 solutions]

Most smart devices are automatically connected with the Wi-Fi network once you have logged in. Therefore, it is very easy to forget your passwords these days. Additionally, iPhones do not have an inbuilt feature that can easily show your Wi-Fi password. You can follow the points mentioned below to find your Wi-Fi password seamlessly.

Solution 1: Check your iPhone

    • Open the settings on your iPhone- This is the geared shape icon that comes in your iPhone when purchased.
    • Then click on the Wi-Fi option.

click on the Wi-Fi option

    • Next, tap in the "i" present next to your Wi-Fi network name- it is the letter "i" inside a blue circle.

tap the i

    • Now, tap and hold the numbers next to the router and select then copy it- this is your router"s IP address, which is now copied in your clipboard.

tap and hold the numbers

  • Next, open a web browser on your iPhone that can be any like safari or chrome.
  • Then paste your router"s IP address in the search bar and now go on your clipboard, copy it, and then paste it into the search bar.

(Note: If you see the page with the text "This Connection is not private," then tap on advance and proceed. It appears because your router is your local network and has inbuilt security.)

    • Now, enter your Router's Username and password and tap on Sign In- Your wifi password is not the same as your router's Id and Password. You can find it somewhere on your router or in its manual

enter your Router's Username

Note: Commonly router usernames are "admin", "user", or leave it blank and the password are "admin", "password", or leave it blank.)

  • Then click on the wireless option, you can see the menu list on the left side of your screen.
  • Finally, now you can see your Wi-Fi password below the network name.

Solution 2: Try Dr.Fone - Password Manager

The Dr. Fone password manager guide enables you to unlock your mobile screen without losing any data. You can remove phone passwords, patterns, PINs, and even fingerprint scanners. Let us see how Dr. Fone - password manager works and what the steps are.

Step 1: Download and Install

The first step is to download and install Dr. Fone on your laptop or Mac Book. Once done, you must select the password manager tab as shown on the screen below.

df home

Step 2: Connect your iOS phone to the PC or Laptop

After selecting password manager, the next step is to connect your iOS mobile device to your PC or laptop with the connecting cord.

phone connection

(Note: After connecting, if Trust This Computer alert comment pops up, please select and tap the "Trust" button)

Step 3: Scanning

The next step is to start scanning your phone to begin the unlocking process. Click "Start Scan".
And a few minutes later, the software will detect the mobile password of your device and unlock it.

start scan

Step 4: Assess your passwords

With Dr. Fone - password manager, you can easily find all the forgotten passwords on your iOS or Android devices.

find your password

You can also Find your Apple Id and Passwords with the help of the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit apple.com in any of your web browsers.
  • Now, enter your apple id email address and then click on continue
  • Please select the option I need to reset my password and click continue
  • Next, select get an email or answer some security question, and then click on submit and lastly on Done
  • Now, open your email you will receive a mail from apple. It will be named " How to reset your Apple Id password
  • Click on reset now, and then enter your new password.
  • Enter the password again to confirm it
  • Then click on Reset Password. And it's done

Method 2: Know Your Wifi Password with iCloud

    • On your iPhone, search the Settings option and check the iCloud option.


    • Then, here you will find the Keychain option. Then Toggle it on
    • Then, again return to the settings and switch on the personal hotspot
    • Now, on your mac, you can hook up with your iPhone"s hotspot. Once the hotspot is connected to your Mac, you will open Spotlight search (CMD+Space) and the sortKeychain Access.
    • Next, press enters, and you will look at a Wi-Fi network that will help you understand the password.
    • A pop-up screen will appear on the window, which reflects the small print of your network. Then, Click on the option of Show Password. Your system then redirects you to your credentials as administrator users.

redentials as administrator users

  • Once the process is completed, you can see the password of your Wi-Fi network.

Method 3: Check Wi-Fi Password in Android Phones

    • Search settings option in android phone and tap on the Wi-Fi option.

Search settings option

    • Now, you can see all the saved Wi-Fi networks on Your Screen
    • Next, click on the icon or can say setting option present in front of the name of your network

click on the icon

  • Here, you can see the menu of QR Code or click to share your password option
  • Now, you have to take a screenshot of the QR code and now go on the play store and search the QR Scanner application, then download it on
  • Next, open your QR scanner app and scan the QR code generated (the screenshot you have taken)
  • Here you can see the name and password of your Wi-Fi network easily.

Method 4: See Wi-Fi password in windows check now

    • Click on the Search option available on the bottom left corner of your screen
    • Then type Wi-Fi settings in the search bar and tap on open

type Wi-Fi settings

    • Now, the new screen will be open, scroll down and click network and sharing center- you will see this option under the related settings
    • Next, select your Wi-Fi Network name- you can see this next to connections on the right-hand side of the window

select your Wi-Fi Network name

  • Then, select the option of wireless properties
  • Now, select the security tab on the top of the window just next to the connections tab.
  • Lastly, Click on the show characters box to find your Wi-Fi password- once it's done, the box will change the dots to display your Wi-Fi network password.

These are the simple steps to check your forgotten Password.

Method 5: Get a Wi-Fi password on Mac

Getting the saved Wi-Fi password on mac has two ways. Below both, the ways are explained systematically.

5.1 With the help of Keychain Access on Mac

    • Firstly, open the keychain app to launch a keychain. You can also launch it through a spotlight search.
    • Now, click on the system, and go to password under the categories option

go to password under the categories

  • Check the name of your network of which you want to access and then open it
  • Then click on show password
  • Now, you have to authenticate it. For, authentication you have to fill in your username and password. If you are not sure about your username, you can check by clicking on the apple icon available on the top left of your screen.
  • You can now view and show the password in the "show password" button.

5.2 With Terminal on Mac

  • Launch the terminal by using the spotlight search option
  • Type the Command which is given below

Command: security find-generic-password-ga WIFI NAME |grep "password:"

(Note: Please replace WIFI NAME with the name of your network)

  • Once you have entered the command in the right manner, then the new authentication slide will appear
  • Fill in the username and password there, and the authentication is completed
  • Then, your password is shown under the command, which you entered previously

There are some devices from where you can easily get your Wi-Fi password. I hope it will help you.

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