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Dr.Fone (mac) -  Full Toolkit

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If you need it for a Windows, please go to Windows version .
A yearly license or a lifetime license is available for 1 computer.
A yearly license or a lifetime license is available for up to 5 devices.
Free software update and technical support are included.
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• 7-day money back guarantee.

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Dr.Fone (Mac) - Full Toolkit

1Y - 1 Year License on Mac
Includes all Dr.Fone features for iOS and Android.
$149.95 $554.40
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  • Yes, Wondershare provides free trial versions (partial features) for all modules of Dr.Fone so you can evaluate the product before purchase. Please download Dr.Fone software on our Official Website and give it a try!

  • Wondershare offers three types of pricing plans.

    If you buy a Perpetual License you will get lifetime access to the version of the software you purchased the license for, including updates.

    When you opt for the 1-Year license, you have the permission of Dr.Fone in 1 year.

    1-Year Business License enables you to use Dr.Fone for more than 5 mobile devices in 1 year.

  • It refers to that a license is available for up to 5 mobile devices and 1 PC(Win/Mac). You can only authorize your license to one computer and connect 5 devices to the program at most. If you want to use this software for more than 5 devices or on another PC, you need to get a new plan to continue the usage or you can buy a Business License.

  • Dr.Fone - Full Toolkit contains Dr.Fone - iOS Toolkit and Dr.Fone - Android Toolkit.

    Dr.Fone (mac) - Full Toolkit contains Dr.Fone (Mac) - iOS Toolkit and Dr.Fone (Mac) - Android Toolkit.

    Both of them are the all-in-one solution for Android and iOS users. Different licenses are for different platforms (Win/Mac), Dr.fone - Full Toolkit is only available on Windows, while Dr.Fone (Mac) - Full Toolkit is for Mac.

    For example, if you have an Android device and the operating system of the computer is Windows, Dr.fone - Android Toolkit or Dr.Fone - Full Toolkit will meet your needs.

  • Sorry. No. The licenses for Windows can only be activated on Windows computers and Mac licenses can only be used on MacBook. If you move from a Mac to a Windows PC or a Windows PC to a Mac, the license will be invalid and the software will prompt you to buy.

  • Sure.

    1-Year(Annual) subscription allows you to use this product for 1 year. Usually, you will receive an email from the payment platform that the subscription will expire within 7 days. You can follow the instructions to renew for another year or cancel the subscription.

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