Full Tutorial to Change Android Imei without Root

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An International Mobile station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a series of numbers used to identify a device that utilizes terrestrial cellular networks, i.e., your mobile data network provider---each device should have its unique IMEI number. You can even go as far as saying that it is your device's calling card.

There are several uses of the IMEI number:

  1. As the use of mobile devices increases, the statistics of stolen and lost devices have been increasing as well. Users can block stolen or lost devices for further usage if they know their IMEI number. All users need to call their network carrier and report that the device is stolen or lost. The carrier can block the specific device from running on their network and notify other carriers.
  2. The 15-digit IMEI number indicates the origin and model of the device. The first eight digits indicate the device's origin and its model while the last six digits identify the device's manufacturer.
  3. If you subscribe to a mobile tracking service, you can use the IMEI number to track the device---even if it uses a different SIM card.

Since its primary use is to identify a mobile device no matter where they are, many people are paranoid about secret societies watching over them. If you change IMEI Android numbers, many people believe that you will not have anyone spying on you.

Part 1: Reasons to change IMEI number

Like many other things out there, changing Android IMEI has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them:


  1. Make your Android untraceable. By constantly changing your IMEI, you will throw off the tracks of people using it to stalk you!
  2. Fix any invalid IMEI-related issues such as lost or invalid IMEI numbers. Once you change your IMEI, your Android device with the same benefits and features.
  3. Obtaining a completely new device ID.
  4. Sometimes, your Android device model may not get the newest OS updates because it is an older device. Changing the IMEI number to one that indicates it is a newer model, you will be able to enjoy new OS updates by resetting, repairing, and updating your Android device.
  5. Have you ever yearned for that cheap BlackBerry plan your network carrier keeps on promoting? The 15-digit IMEI indicates the origin and model of your device. Therefore, by changing your Android's IMEI number to that of a BlackBerry's, you will be able to subscribe to a cheaper mobile plan. 


  1. In some countries, it is illegal---so do check if it is legal in yours. As far as we know, it is legal in Africa and Asia, and illegal in Europe.
  2. The IMEI number is hardcoded into your device. Therefore, changing the numbers could damage your device in the process. 
  3. Legally, you have forfeited your ownership of your mobile device. When you purchase your device, the seller will jot down the original IMEI number on your receipt. So if you changed your IMEI and lost it, you may not be able to claim it. This is because authorities cannot see if it is truly yours. After all, the IMEI numbers no longer correlate with each other.

Part 2: Change Android IMEI Number without Root

Change IMEI Android numbers without rooting can be daunting if you have no idea how to do it yourself because it is a complex procedure. You can tell by the disadvantages of changing your IMEI numbers in the section above.

Here is how you can do it--- remember that this will erase everything from your device, so make sure you have backed up everything:

  1. Open your Android device's Settings module.
  2. Find Backup & Reset and tap on it.
  3. On the next menu, find Factory Data Reset and tap on it.
    change android imei
  4. You will then get a notification. Click on Create new (random) Android ID.
    android change imei without root

Part 3: Top 3 Android IMEI Change Apps

For a non-data-erasing procedure without rooting your Android device, you will need an Android IMEI changer. We have listed the Top 3 Android IMEI change apps below based on complexity and effectiveness.

1. XPOSED IMEI Changer Pro

This IMEI changer Android app is built to allow a user to change the series of numbers that make up their devices' IMEI identification. Randomized IMEI numbers will be generated every time the app is used. However, users can type in a new IMEI number in the text field if they have a specific number in mind. This no-ads app is really simple to use---to complete the change, a user will only need to click the "Apply" button and restart their devices. Its interface is also simple enough for easy navigation.

2. Mobile Uncle Tools App--Click here to download.


The app is a simple Android application that can retrieve your Android device's information, backup IMEI, change its IMEI, and search for its recovery files. It will also be able to assist you with any rebooting needs and many more!

3. MTK Engineering Mode--Click here to download.

mtk change imei android

It is like having multiple apps once you have this installed on your Android. It was specifically made for Taiwanese device manufacturers such as Tecno, Infinix, Elephone, Oppo, Chuwi, etc. While not fully recommended, reports have been that it works with Android devices made by non-Taiwanese manufacturers. Its clean interface makes navigating the app seamlessly.

Part 4: Best SIM Unlock Service

You will also need the IMEI number if you want to unlock your phone and use it on another carrier provider. There are a lot of SIM Unlock services out there. It is important to choose a trustworthy and workable service to unlock your phone. SIM Unlock Service is one of the best. It can help you unlock the phone permanently, and you can use the phone on any carrier provider in the world.

How to use SIM Unlock Service

Step 1. Go to SIM Unlock Service's official website, and click on the Select Your Phone button. Then select your phone brand among all the smartphone brands.

Step 2. On the following page, fill in your phone information, including IMEI number, phone model, contact information, etc.

Once your order is processed, the system will send you the unlock code and instructions to unlock your phone. The unlocking process does not require any technical skills, and everything can manage it.

By using the Android IMEI changer, you will neither lose your data nor need to root your device in your pursuit of changing your device's IMEI number. However, do remember that every situation is different, and there will come a time when you need to root your device before changing your Android's IMEI number.

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