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Airplay Troubleshooting: How to Fix AirPlay Connection and Mirroring Problems

Alice MJ

Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

AirPlay troubleshooting usually entails a number of methods that can be used to solve AirPlay related problems. Since we have a lot of AirPlay-related problems, it should be noted that each and every method has been specifically designed for a particular AirPlay problem.

When it comes to troubleshooting AirPlay, various factors such as the main reason behind the problem should be considered. For the optimum troubleshooting guide, I have with me a list of the most common AirPlay connection problems as well as AirPlay troubleshooting methods to help each and every avid screen recorder to mirror their devices with no worries. Depending on the error on your part, I believe that you will be in a position to solve the error after going through this guide.

Part 1: AirPlay Troubleshooting: How to Fix AirPlay not Connecting Problems

I can term AirPlay as the "Brain" behind screen mirroring. The moment this feature fails to work, you can no longer mirror or record your screen. AirPlay may not be working due to various reasons such as a poor internet connection, wrong network configurations, and in most cases, using outdated iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV softwares.

To solve this long-standing problem, make sure that all your devices are operating on the latest softwares. Also, if your Bluetooth app is ON, please switch it OFF as it may be the reason behind the AirPlay connections problems. You can also restart your iPhone, Apple TV, router and your iPad. Also, make sure that you only have a single or two devices connected to your Wi-Fi at the same time. The higher the number of devices, the slower the connection, and hence the problem with AirPlay not connecting.

Part 2: AirPlay Troubleshooting: AirPlay video not Working

If your AirPlay video is not working, this may be caused by various problems. In such a situation, you must consider some factors such as; if you happen to be streaming, how good is your internet connection? Mirroring is all about using a robust and highly reliable internet connection. Streaming with a poor connection not only will your videos lag, but there’s a chance that your videos may not show up after all.

The next thing that you should consider to solve this problem is whether the cables used to connect your iDevices are genuine and working. Getting second-hand cables from roadside sellers’ maybe the reason as to why you can’t see your videos. Apart from faulty cables, make sure that the existing cables are well connected to each other.

Apple TV resolution is another reason as to why you may be having difficulties to see your videos. By default, Apple TV has an auto resolution that may hinder you from seeing your videos. To change this setting, go to "Settings" > "Audio and Videos", and finally select "resolution". Modify the setting from Auto to your best-preferred resolution.

AirPlay video not Working

Part 3: AirPlay Troubleshooting: Airplay Sound not Working

To solve this problem, you need to make sure that your audio feature on all your devices is not muted. Apart from this, also make sure that your iPhone is not in silent or vibration mode.

Airplay Sound not Working

If you are not sure about the sound status of your iPhone, toggle the side switch on your iPhone as shown above to activate the ringing mode.

fix Airplay Sound not Working

Part 4: AirPlay Troubleshooting: Lagging, Stutters and Dormant Videos

This actually happens to be one of the most common AirPlay connections problems. What I can say is that the quality and nature of the mirrored videos solely depends on the quality of the screen recorder. If you use a poorly assembled screen recorder, the chances are high that you are going to experience lags.

Another method of solving this problem is by making sure that the mirroring devices are only using the mirroring Wi-Fi. In most cases, if you have more than two devices using the same Wi-Fi connection, there’s a high possibility that you are going to experience lags. Make sure that when mirroring, the least used devices are off.

Another way of avoiding lags is by connecting your Apple TV directly to your Ethernet rather than using Wi-Fi. The reason behind this is the fact that Ethernet is much stronger than Wi-Fi. Unlike Wi-Fi, Ethernet doesn’t get distracted by walls or external bodies.

The least common solution though highly recommended is to check whether your Wi-Fi settings are in accordance with those stipulated by Apple. The reason as to why I’m terming this solution "least common", is because Apple mirroring devices come with fully configurable settings on all platforms. But don’t assume the problem. You never know.

Part 5: Dr.Fone:The Best Alternative Software for AirPlay

With the emergence of screen recorders making their presence felt in the world, it has become hard to pinpoint the optimum screen mirrors. However, I have good news for you. If you are looking for the best screen recorder that will solve your AirPlay connection problems, look no further than Dr.Fone - Wondershare Dr.Fone. It is a flexible tool which allows you to mirror and record your iOS screen on your compouter or reflector.

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Dr.Fone - Wondershare Dr.Fone

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Steps to mirror your iPhone to computer

Step 1: Download and Install Dr.Fone

You can download this awesome program from the official Dr.Fone website. Once you have done this, install the program and click on the "More Tools" option to open a new interface with different features. Click on the "Wondershare Dr.Fone" option.

Alternative Software for AirPlay

Step 2: Connect iDevice and PC

All you need to connect your devices and get working is an active Wi-Fi connection. Make sure that both of these devices are using the same data connection. The moment you connect both of them to different data suppliers, you won’t be in a position to mirror your screen.

how to mirror iPhone to computer

Step 3: Open Control Center

Open control center by sliding your finger on your screen in an upward motion. On your new interface, click on "AirPlay" and in your next interface click on iPhone and finally click the "Done" icon. Another new page will open up where you will connect your iPhone to Dr.Fone and toggle the mirroring icon to your right-hand side to activate it. Tap "done" to enable "AirPlay" recording.

mirror iPhone to computer

Step 4: Initiate Mirroring

The moment AirPlay is active, a new interface with the recording option will pop up. To record and pause your screen, tap on the circle icon on your left side. If you want to go full screen, tap on the rectangle icon on your right side.

how to mirror iPhone

Apart from mirroring, you can also use Dr.Fone to record presentations, games, apps and assignments for educational purposes. Apart from this, this program guarantees you HD quality videos with no lags at all. So regardless of what you are looking for in a screen mirror program, Dr.Fone has got you covered.

It’s pretty evident that AirPlay and screen recorders have completely revolutionized the way we used to view our iPhones. Though it’s fun to record our screens, we can’t assume the fact that AirPlay can at times stall. From what we have covered, we can conclusively state that regardless of the error we encounter when mirroring, different AirPlay troubleshooting methods are available to solve the problem. This, of course, gives each and every one of us the freedom to mirror and record our devices with no worries at all.

Alice MJ

Alice MJ

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