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11 Apowermirror Alternative Applications

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

There have been a very diverse set of technical advancements observed throughout the world. With the introduction of smart devices in the market, there have been many associated applications and platforms that came into existence to improve the usability of these devices. Such an example of a platform can be observed in the mirroring applications. These platforms may sound quite simple and light; however, these hold a very important remedy of providing the user with a larger screen experience with serenity and ease. These applications drive for ease of use and look forward to offering the best services in screen mirroring in the lightest way possible. Platforms such as Apowermirror have presented enthusiastic solutions to screen mirroring; however, there are several programs that is available in the market, presenting their stature as an alternative to the consumer market. This article introduces you to the best Apowermirror alternatives with a coherent introduction to every platform. This would allow the users to have a more diverse overview of the best screen mirroring applications available in the market.

1. MirrorGo

You might come across a variety of screen mirroring applications in the market; however, you will never ever have experience in screen mirroring as progressive as with MirrorGo. Wondershare Dr.Fone is a platform that is available across both Android and iOS users. Its diverse system allows you to not only mirror your device but easily manage it all across the screen with the aid of a peripheral on the computer. You can easily cover major applications on your Android or iOS device with the aid of the platform’s impressive services. MirrorGo provides you with a very distinctive output quality for enjoying a larger-screen experience. The use of MirrorGo is quite diverse and effective, where you can simply copy and paste from your device onto the PC with the clipboard system.

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Wondershare Dr.Fone

Mirror your android device to your computer!

  • Play mobile games on the big screen of the PC with MirrorGo.
  • Record phone screen for a tutorial.
  • Store screenshots from the phone to the PC.
  • View multiple notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
  • Use android apps on your PC for a full-screen experience.
  • Transfer files with the aid of a drag and drop system.
Available on: Windows
3,240,479 people have downloaded it

However, when it comes to mirroring your device, whether it be an Android device or an iOS device, you need to follow the steps as explained below.

For Android

Step 1: Launch and Connect

Download and install the platform on your computer and proceed to launch it. With the platform turned on, connect your Android device with a USB cable. Over your smartphone, select “Transfer Files” as the USB connection setting and proceed.

connect android phone to pc 02

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging

With the device connected, lead to the ‘Developer Options’ from the ‘System & Updates’ section in the Settings of your Android. Enable USB Debugging with the available options and proceed.

connect android phone to pc 03

Step 3: Enable Connection

A new prompt appears on the screen, demanding a connection. Proceed by tapping 'Ok' and allow the PC to establish a mirroring connection with your Android.

connect android phone to pc 04

For iOS

Step 1: Connect Devices

You need to install MirrorGo across your computer and proceed with connecting your computer and the iOS device across the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2: Connect with MirrorGo

On your iOS device, you need to access the “Control Center” of your device and select “Screen Mirroring” in the available options. A list appears on the next screen where you need to select “MirrorGo” and establish a connection.

connect iphone to computer via airplay

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2. LetsView

Price: Free

Screen Mirroring has been quite a diverse topic of interest, with a series of developers presenting effective platforms that can be effectively consumed for catering to the needs of the user. LetsView is another platform that offers a very comprehensive set of features under a smooth interface. It allows you to have a mirroring experience with no expressive lags. With the availability of taking screenshots, recording the screen, and annotating the mirrored screen, LetsView can be regarded as the best free software that can offer mirroring services in the market.

letsview interface


  • Provides a very user-friendly interface.
  • Connects through three different methods.
  • Allows you to annotate while recording or mirroring.
  • Responsive platform with good video quality.


  • Has no USB connection facility.
  • Does not mirror a TV.

3. Mirroring360

Price: $15

This platform is quite similar to what you have observed in the above examples. Mirroring360 introduces you to a system where you can connect to any device with a very clear and crystal-clear result.

mirroring360 interface


  • Mirroring360 offers plausible video results.
  • A responsive tool with automatic rotation for ease in usability.
  • No lagging throughout the use.


  • No transfer of audio onto the PC.

4. AirMore

Price: Free

Users who are reluctant to install a mirroring platform on their device should definitely consider using this impressive web-based mirroring service. AirMore is another impeccable mirroring software that helps you organize and manage your files on the device with a very progressive reflector tool in its package. With easy usage and cohesive navigation, you can always go for a better screen experience with such platforms.

airemore interface


  • A free tool with easy browser access.
  • It can be used with no limitations.
  • Can act as an impressive file manager.


  • No USB connection is supported.

5. LonelyScreen

Price: $15-$30

This service is dedicated to providing effective mirroring services to iOS users. LonelyScreen manages in catering to both Mac and Windows users, making them an AirPlay receiver. This dedicated screen mirroring service stays quite expressive in its domain.

lonelyscreen interface


  • Allows you to develop tutorials and reviews with its recording feature.
  • Operates across Windows and Mac.


  • Not a free service.
  • Does not offer telephone support.

6. Reflector

Price: $17.99 (Universal License)

If you are looking for a more diverse screen mirroring system, Reflector presents you with such intuitive options in screen mirroring with the ability of screencasting Google Cast, Miracast, and AirPlay mirroring. With the ability to connect with all kinds of iOS devices, you can connect and record your mirrored screens.

reflector interface


  • Add narration during mirroring screens.
  • Stream mobile devices across the platforms simultaneously.


  • Quite expensive to use.
  • Features do not work across all Operating Systems.

7. BBQScreen (Android only)

Price: Free

This platform introduced itself as an Android mirroring service with a progressive mirroring service. With a real-time system, BBQScreen presented a very diverse feature set to the market with their mirroring service. While making it available across all kinds of Windows OS, it is necessary to install its Android application for establishing a connection.

bbqscreen interface


  • Lag-less connection.
  • Provides a remote system of connection.


  • Only offers service for Android devices.

8. VMLite VNC Server

Price: $9.99

This service operates quite differently as compared to the other mirroring services. VMLite VNC Server creates a virtual network on the computer that would allow the user to mirror their device from anywhere. With no root access and simple configuration settings, this application offers a very diverse set of mirroring experience to its users.

vmlite vnc server interfae


  • It can be powered up with no limitations of distances.


  • Application is not available for free.

9. X-Mirage

Price: $16

X-Mirage offers a wireless connection to the users with accessibility across all kinds of applications from the devices. This platform even allows you to mirror multiple iOS devices together and comprehensively offer a screen mirroring result that is both acknowledged and qualitatively approved by the users.

x mirage interface


  • You can easily record the screen of your mirrored device.
  • Can receive contents from AirPlay under the 1080p resolution.
  • It can also enable password protection for AirPlay.


  • Need to purchase application for complete feature consumption.

10. TeamViewer QuickSupport

Price: Free

Belonging from a very progressive developer, QuickSupport offers you a very convenient system of connecting your devices with the computer in an assistive environment. QuickSupport complies with an easy setup and offers a unique system to cover.

teamviewer quicksupport interface


  • It does not need to be installed on the computer.
  • Does not require administrative level access.


  • Does not offer a diverse set of features in comparison.

11. Sndcpy (Android only)

Price: Free

This progressive Android-only mirroring platform utilizes the command line in connecting the device for mirroring. This platform allows audio forwarding and performs operations with a very expressive result.

sndcpy interface


  • High-Performance platform
  • Does not require any root.


  • Requires the knowledge of command line.


This article has featured the best mirroring platforms that can serve as an impressive Apowermirror alternative in the market.

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