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How to Use AirPlay on Windows PC?

James Davis

Sep 01, 2023 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

AirPlay is one such application that has revolutionized the world with its unique features. It was widely appreciated when it was first launched by Apple Inc. The application allows streaming audio, video, photos, and screen mirroring. It was first developed exclusively for Apple users. We all know how often Apple tends to keep its best applications for its own users. That makes many wonder if AirPlay can be used for Windows as well. The answer is ‘Yes’, we can use AirPlay on Windows. In this article, we will provide you with easy instructions to use Windows AirPlay without any hassle.

Part 1: AirPlay for Windows

There are two main features of AirPlay – streaming and mirroring. Streaming allows you to play audio and video wirelessly while mirroring lets you display your device’s screen on another device. Using a basic version of AirPlay one can make streaming audio extremely simple on Windows. All you have to do is download the Windows version of iTunes on your PC and connect it to the same network. That is, you can stream audio to the AirPlay-compatible devices without any setback. But to stream any media using AirPlay for Windows, you need to download a few useful tools. Just go through this article to know which kind of software is the best one for AirPlay Windows.

For streaming any media on Windows, using the screen mirror option, or making your Windows as an AirPlay receiver, you need to download an added plug-in or tool. There are different software that can be used, depending on what you want to do. Below are a few of the best software for using Windows AirPlay.

Part 2: Windows Softwares to Stream Media to AirPlay

1. AirFoil for Windows

Stream any media from your Windows system all-around your network using this helpful tool. You can stream media to devices like Apple TV and AirPort Express as well. You can even stream media to iOS devices and other computers using this software. All your needs related to streaming any media would be met without any problem.

You can even play music on multiple outputs, and in-sync and listen to music freely all over your place. Everything will be in perfect sync, even between different speakers. Moreover, you can join the AirFoil satellite, which is a free companion for AirFoil. Receive audio and remotely control AirFoil on your Windows computer. The free trial version is available, however, you can buy the full version for $29.

airplay for windows-AirFoil for Windows

2. Tuneblade for Windows

Tuneblade is a simple tray utility that allows you to stream system-wide media to AirPort Express, Apple TV, AirPlay-enabled speakers, HiFi receivers, and also to AirPlay audio receiving applications. With this software, you can easily use AirPlay Windows and stream media simultaneously to multiple devices and can enjoy multi-room audio in perfect sync. The audio quality is completely uncompressed and only the purest of the music will flow from your speakers. The synchronized audio-video quality is one of the features which make it such a special tool. Moreover, you can remotely control your media through your Windows computer.

airplay for windows-Tuneblade

There is a free version of this software available, however, if you want to enjoy all the features you can upgrade to the full version for just $9.99. You can download it from here.

These are some of the handpicked software that is considered best for Windows AirPlay. With these tools, you can easily stream any media using AirPlay on your Windows and enjoy your music without any discomfort.

Part 3: Windows Softwares to AirPlay Mirror to Apple TV

After getting to know about streaming music, let’s figure out a few things about achieving the mirroring of your Windows screen on Apple TV. For enabling screen mirroring on your Windows, consider the software mentioned below.

1. AirParrot for Windows

AirParrot adds high-quality screen mirroring to your favorite Windows devices. Mirror your Windows screen easily to Apple TV using this comprehensive tool. It is a new and improved tool that is sure to provide a high-quality screen mirroring experience. Use AirPlay for Windows and beam media to the big screen. The best quality that separates AirParrot from other software is that you can mirror one program on your Apple TV while showing something else on your PC. This feature makes it unique and completely different from other software. You can also control AirParrot from your iPhone or iPad and remotely control the screens on Apple TV and computer.

airplay for windows-AirParrot for Windows

You can download AirParrot to use AirPlay Windows from here.

2. AirMyPC for Windows

If you own a Windows computer and an Apple TV, make sure you use the duo to full potential. Mirror your Windows screen via AirPlay to Apple TV using AirMyPC. This software is pretty powerful and brings almost every feature that is provided by big players like AirParrot.

Adding to the mirroring features, AirMyPC also has options like “send only audio” or “send only video” to your Apple TV. This software can also amaze you by giving you an option to mirror a specific application – that is you can mirror one window to your Apple TV while you can use other windows in the background. Moreover, you can connect this amazing little thing to multiple Apple TVs. The innovative feature which makes it even more special is called “Education Interactive Tools Suite”, which lets you draw, write, type, and annotate directly on any open window and of course, it is all mirrored on your Apple device.

airplay for windows-AirMyPC for Windows

This amazing application is available for 7 days of free trial and then you only need to pay $14.99 to enjoy the full version of it.

All the software mentioned above are handpicked and are the best options you have to enjoy AirPlay for Windows to its full potential. With this software, Windows users can have access to all the features that AirPlay provides. Enjoy the Windows experience on Apple TV with AirPlay mirroring and stream any media using AirPlay with the software mentioned above. The amazing developments of AirPlay and the enhancement of these amazing tools can certainly help you a lot to meet your needs. Bring a change in your life and make the most out of your media and music files. Stream it or mirror it without any hassle right away.


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