Mirror Anything from Your PC to Your TV

In this article, you will learn how to mirror all contents from PC to TV, as well as a smart tool for mobile screen mirroring.

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Television viewing has changed drastically over the years, from just watching your local analog channel to dozens of channels, streaming, and now you can mirror anything from your PC to your TV. There have been many ways on how one can mirror PC to TV. One of the oldest ways has been the use of HDMI to your HDTV. Though this has worked pretty well for many people, its biggest disadvantage was that your PC's location was determined by the length of the HDMI cable. Today all that changes with the ability to mirror PC to TV wirelessly through several tools, one of which is Google Chromecast enabling you to mirror PC screen to the TV from anywhere in easy steps to follow.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast has been rated as one of the top tools to wirelessly mirror PC to TV because of its many exciting features that include, ability to stream online videos, photos, and music to your television using not only your PC but tablet and/or smartphone, it supports several apps that include YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go, Google Play Movies and Music, Vevo, ESPN, Pandora and Plex, and its easy set up that we discuss below;

Casting Chrome Tabs

The first step is to install the Chromecast application which is available here:


Click the "Google Cast "button in chrome to mirror your tab,

Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV

On that button, it will display if you are having more than one Chromecast on your network, you will then have to select the Chromecast from the menu that will dropdown and your Chrome tab will display on your TV.

To stop, you can click the Cast button, then select "Stop casting".

On the Cast button, you can click "Cast this Tab" to mirror another tab.

While this procedure is very easy, you may get varying results though it works considerably well.

Video files can be streamed in the Google Chrome tab.

To increase the experience when streaming a video, you can select full-screen and the output device will also fill out the whole screen. You can also minimize the mirrored tab.

You might also find that some video formats are not supported, that can be dodged through casting your entire screen, the steps of which we list below;

On the Cast button again, there is a small arrow in the upper-right corner where you see other options.

Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV

Casting abs optimized for audio

Following the steps we set out above, you may have noticed that the sound is produced from the source device, of which the experience may not be as exciting. "Cast this tab (optimized for audio)" solves that slight problem. The sound is mirrored to your output device giving you an even better quality.

Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV

The sound is controlled on your app/webpage/TV, your PC volume becomes useless. The mute button on your webpage is what you will need to mute your audio from your device, as shown above;

"Cast entire screen" will help you mirror more than one tab or your entire desktop.

Casting your desktop

It is labeled "experimental" as it is a beta feature but it will work perfectly well.

You will need to use the "Screen Resolution" option on your desktop. This you get by right-clicking on the desktop.

Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV

On the Resolution panel, you can then choose your TV as your second or even third display.

This brings back the HDMI cable that limits the location of the PC though giving a perfect output.

Mirroring your whole screen should allow one to move their PC to where ever they want but still maintain the quality.

Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV

When you choose to mirror/cast your TV, you will see a warning screen displayed. You will have to click "Yes".(above)

After your screen is displayed on the output device, your PC will display a small control bar which will be at the bottom and can be dragged to anywhere on the screen or even hide it by clicking "Hide".

Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV

Casting can always be stopped by clicking Cast, then "Stop Casting".

To get an even better video quality, you can click the "Cast youtube.com" from the drop-down menu.

Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV Chromecast Mirror from PC to TV

This service can be done from other services like Netflix and is great because it streams directly to your Chromecast from your router, it increases the quality by eliminating the computer factor in the streaming procedure.

Casting or mirroring is a great service not only for home viewing but even for presentations at work or even at college, or when you want to view or show off that webpage. It also might not be of quality as connecting your PC straight to your TV but with a good PC, it should give you a considerably good quality.

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