How to Cast to Roku from PC?

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You can now view your smartphone and Windows PC screen on an even bigger screen i.e TV. Screen mirroring makes it possible to share PC screens to an even larger Roku screen and at times permits users to control the PC screen through the Roku. With this technology, you can now share pictures, videos, documents, webpages, and much more. You can even stream videos from apps like Netflix and youtube.

Individuals think that enabling the Screen Mirroring feature is tricky but if you search for some easy to follow and detailed guidelines that are specifically written for beginners then you can share your screens instantly without any trouble. For this purpose, here you will find everything that you need to know regarding casting your screen from PC to Roku.

To use this feature you are required to enable the screen mirroring feature on the Roku device and then connect your PC with the Roku device. And that's it, your screen will be shared immediately. Let's dig in deeper!

cast from pc to roku

Part 1. On Roku

The screen mirroring feature is still on the beta level, that means it is still under observations, developers are testing this feature, and it will improve over time. But for now, you have to bear the glitches and bugs. Even the Miracast can lag a lot, as devices you are connecting might have their Miracast bugs. However, you can check out the compatible devices on Roku's official website, but you can not entirely depend on that list. But don't worry, with time Miracast, is improving and solving its issues, thus becoming more stable with the latest devices.

Enable Screen Mirroring Settings on Roku:

  • First, turn on your Roku TV and enter the Settings menu, and tap on "System".
  • Next, from the list shown on the left-hand side, select the option of "screen mirroring (beta)"
  • After that, see on your right-hand side of the screen. Here, tick the box "Enable Screen Mirroring" to activate the feature.
enable screen mirroring feature

Part 2. On PC

Connect your PC

  • Now switch on your PC and from the home screen tap on the notification panel, which is usually located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • A small box with several options will appear, from there click on the option of "Connect".
  • Doing so will show you a list of devices available. Look out for your Roku device name and tap on it.
  • The pairing process will initiate.
tap on connect

For PC who does not show an option of Connect then they need to do so:

    • From the bottom right action center select the option of “Project”
tap on the project
  • Click on the “Connect to Wireless display” button.
  • Look for the name of your Roku device and click on it.
  • Finally, follow the on-screen instruction.

Part 3. Troubleshooting Tips

1. Problem: Miracast does not work with VirtualBox, VMware, or a similar virtual machine program installed because they disturb the networking signals. For Miracast to function properly, it needs a "clean wifi stack" without any interruptions.

Solution: if you are facing such an issue, then try uninstalling any virtual machine program or any other program that you think is hindering the networking.

2. Problem: Miracast can not work properly with Android custom ROMs

Solution: To solve this issue you must get your device checked by a professional to assure that you are using a device that is built officially by manufacturers.

3. Problem: if you think that Miracast is working inefficiently because both the devices are not on the same network connection. Then you are wrong!

Solution: Miracast connect devices using the technique of Wifi Direct and not through the existing wifi connection, but if you still think that is an issue try connecting both the devices in the same wifi connection. However, if the problem is still there, then it means that interference by the sources of wifi is the reason for this problem.

Mira cast is still under observation, it is continuously developing and seems like a fascinating feature that can make it convenient and easy to share screens

Part 4. You may wonder how to cast a phone screen to a PC

No one knew there would come a time that it would be possible to cast our smartphone screen to PC and continue making the rest of the presentations or finish any other task on the large screen with great ease, without any trouble or complication. There are many screens mirroring apps that help users to share screens. One of the most reputable and leading screen mirroring applications is MirrorGo, which is inaugurated by Wondershare.

MirrorGo makes it possible to manage the android device through PC by permitting users to Access mobile apps, view and reply SMS, WhatsApp messages, etc, and control the mobile screen with a mouse and keyboard on the computer. You can now enjoy working on a larger screen and get a better working experience. Not only this but you can play games. Just imagine playing Need4Speed or Counter-Strike on a large PC screen, seems quite exhilarating.

MirrorGo is a user-friendly software that is very easy to operate even for beginners. All you need to do is install MirrorGo software on your computer, connect your Android phone to a PC through a USB cable, and enable the USB debugging feature on Android. That's it! You are now ready to share your smartphone screen to PC.


Screen Mirroring is a very fascinating feature that allows individuals to share a small screen with a larger one and vice versa, hence enhancing the overall experience for users and giving them more versatility. Miracast is a new feature in the Roku device that is still developing over time, fixing the issues and bugs. As an alternative, if you are looking for reliable software to share the screen of a smartphone with a PC, then MirrorGo is a great option that you can choose.

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